Volume 3, Extra: Claire Ridill’s Character Summaries!

Alright, this will be the third time I’m introducing characters that have become series regulars. And, of course, I’m Claire Ridill. I’ll be giving some brief summaries of each character in the series and adding in some behind-the-scenes stories as well.

As always, there are some spoilers for Volume 3, so be careful if you haven’t read it already.


[Leon Grances] Name in previous life: [Yuya Amemiya]

The first person I’ll introduce is my otouto-kun.

He finally, finally confessed to Alice. Alice was gifted to otouto-kun on his ninth birthday. Otouto-kun is fifteen years and nine months old at the end of Volume 3, so…it took him almost seven years.

He finally accomplished it nearly twenty years after being reborn into this world.

I’m a little envious, but…I’m also happy. Alice is my best friend and I wanted them to be together.

I just wish otouto-kun could be more honest about his desires.


[Alistair] Name in previous life: [Saya Amemiya]

Alice, aka ‘The Alice Cheat.’ She’s also known for her amazing spirit magic that’s exceptional for even a high elf.

This volume showed a little more of her phenomenal combat ability.

Her underbust size is 65 and her bust size is 85. She wears an E cup.

— It might sound strange pointing that out, but there seems to have been some confusion about it. Actually, the author originally wrote the size as 88 E but that was incorrect. So I felt the need to correct their error.

As a side note to that story, honestly, the author seems really confused about her bust size. In reality, a size C or D bust size would be rather large.

But looking at the recent illustrations, Alice seems to have an E or even an F cup. That’s why I decided to, hopefully, clarify things here.

Ultimately, the author seems to have settled on an E cup. The reason the author gave for this is, ‘it’s a more defining characteristic.’


[Claire Ridill Grances]

Me. The only one of the heroines that didn’t have her bust size revealed. Do you think I’ll lose to Alice? She is a tough opponent.

Even though I’m now seventeen years old, I still plan on growing a little more.

In this volume…. How should I put it? I found out about Alberto’s plan from the Marquis of Gramp and eventually confronted Alberto himself. I did my best to negotiate with Alberto and protect otouto-kun…. Did I work hard enough?

Nevertheless, because of this, I wasn’t able to spend much time with otouto-kun and, inevitably, I lost some ground on the other heroines.

Well, if my brother is happy so am I.


[Sophia Sfir]

Sophia-chan. This girl…she’s truly amazing. She has a D cup even though she’s not even thirteen years old. Not to mention how slim the rest of her body is…. She’s the exact definition of a big breasted loli.

Well, I think that’s enough talking about her chest size. Sophia-chan will be the main heroine of Volume 4.

Due to everything that happened to her family, she became unable to use her ability as effectively. She’s been gradually recovering since then.

She’ll use her ability more in Volume 4 and appear more as well. Anyone that loves Sophia-chan can look forward to Volume 4.



Otouto-kun’s mother. Because of her work at the school, she didn’t appear much in Volume 3. Well, now that the school year has ended she seems to have returned to taking care of him.

Don’t worry, Milli and otouto-kun are still on good terms with each other. Otouto-kun lost his mother in his previous life, so his desire to have a close relationship with Milli might be because of that.



She’s like a mother to me. Recently, she no longer felt the need to support her sister, Tina, any more and began to focus more on teaching at the school.

She told me she won’t focus on her own personal life until I’m happily married, but I just want her to be happy.

The fact that she plans on waiting until I get married just puts even more pressure on me.



Michelle’s sister and my current assistant. Whenever I’m out of the office, she handles any official business concerning the people of the Grances territory.

When I first took over as acting earl of the Grances family, the majority of the citizens were struggling so much that they felt the need to sell their own children into slavery. Tina hasn’t had to deal with anything that serious just yet.



Someone that most of you probably forgot about. A maid that was assigned to take care of otouto-kun when he was still locked away. I haven’t spoken to her recently but I’ve been told she’s working hard at the mansion.

Anyway, there are no plans for her to reappear as of now.

Although, wouldn’t it be funny if she was incredibly talkative in private? At least that’s how I feel.



This girl. Don’t you think she’s the most unfortunate out of all the heroines? Even if she’s just a sub-heroine, it’s painful to see her interact with otouto-kun.

I wonder if the day will ever come when her love will be returned….



She’s the captain of the knights and otouto-kun’s guard…or at least she’s supposed to be.

Due to that position, she only really appears when otouto-kun is likely to be attacked…. Her appearing leads to otouto-kun being attacked… It’s quite the conundrum.



A girl that treated otouto-kun like a child when she first met him. Although, that was because she didn’t know his true identity.

She’s not actually supposed to appear in the series again, but if the author comes up with an idea for her she may return.


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[Crane Gramp]

The Marquis of the Gramp territory. He is a man that’s obsessed with big breasted lolis.

We were only able to accept a limited number of students from his territory, so we’ve been discussing plans to open schools in several other territories. The first of these was established in the Marquis’ territory.

…everyone, expect great things to happen in Volume 4.


[Patrick Rodwell]

Otouto-kun actually wanted it to be possible to reform him, but…this guy was too far gone. He actually tried to kill students of Muhle Academy.

This attack formed from an idea the author had. The students were just openly wearing such expensive clothing so it only made sense that thieves or bandits would look for an opportunity to steal the uniforms. In actuality, Patrick didn’t even need to be the mastermind behind this attack.

But the author decided to give him reasons to be the mastermind. In that sense, you could probably consider Patrick a victim of this attack as well.


[Trevor Relic]

Although it was only briefly mentioned that he is a noble, he’s actually the second son of the Relic family.

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He’s the same age as otouto-kun and was living a life similar to Leon’s childhood before becoming a student at Muhle Academy. It seems his reasons for coming to Muhle Academy are to open up his options for the future and to find a cute girlfriend.

Well…I’m not sure one of those is possible.

He will appear again in the fifth volume.


[Liselotte von Rizelheim]

The princess of Rizelheim. She’s the thirteenth in line to the throne.

To describe her in as few words as possible, big-breasted loli.

I was surprised when the Marquis of Gramp asked me to help a girl named Liz. Of course, Liz is Princess Liselotte’s nickname. It wasn’t hard for me to figure out who she was.

A majority of Volume 3 was focused on setting her up as a new heroine. As of Volume 4, she will continue to be active as a sub-heroine.

The author originally intended for her to be a shy yet elegant young lady. I wonder how she turned into the clumsy girl she became.

Based on events that have yet to happen in the series, this character change may actually be more fitting.


[Alberto von Rizelheim]

The first prince of Rizelheim. He’s the next in line to succeed the throne.

To describe him simply, a talented siscon. Not much more is needed to describe him.

When he first appeared, many readers misunderstood that he was the same as Patrick. Actually, in the original plot, that wasn’t too far from the truth.

In the original plot, he was third in line to the throne and wished to use his marriage with Liz to succeed to the throne.



Owner of Wells’ Clothing Shop.

He can’t possibly compete against Alice brand clothing, but his passion for clothing is real. His daughter, Amy, has now graduated from Muhle Academy and is hoping to improve her family’s business in the near future.



A girl around the same age as otouto-kun.

She only thinks about clothes. She only wished to join otouto-kun’s harem because of his connection to Alice brand clothing and Sophia easily accepted her.

Although, based on the information that was given to me, she was seen gazing longingly at otouto-kun….but that’s just what I’ve been told.



She’s one year younger than my otouto-kun. She’s a young girl with small breasts.

She has scarlet red hair that matches her eyes. And her breasts are small. For the first time in this entire series, a character was given small breasts.

She’s the daughter of the Cloud Company but I feel like this wasn’t given enough weight in this volume.

By the way, the Cloud Company is a trading company that deals primarily with nobles. Recently, her family’s business has fallen into crisis due to lowered sales…. They plan on returning to their former power once Akane graduates.


Well, that’s the end of the character summaries.

Let’s meet again in the next volume!

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