Chapter 2: Life Is So Melodramatic

“Su Le, I like you.” Zhuang Wei’s smile was as radiant as the morning sun on a winter day. He was wearing some designer clothes and standing in front of an expensive car, he was like prince charming from fairy tales.

Unfortunately, the owner of the BMW could be a prince charming but he could also be a scumbag. Su Le looked at the man from the corner of her eye. Her thoughts were dark because even in her dream, Zhuang Wei still appeared arrogant.


“Classmate Su Le, if you’re still not getting up then no breakfast for you.” Su Le sat up on the bed and saw Chen Yue holding a sandwich. Touching her messy hair, she spoke, “You can have it, I don’t want to eat.”

“Hey, are you going on a hunger strike because of a break up?” Chen Yue walked up to the bed and sat down as she spoke in admiration, “I say, Xiao Le Le, your appearance is not bad and your skin is also tender. How did Lin Qi, that little fox, manage to sneak in?”

After getting some clothing from her luggage, Su Le replied, “Maybe I didn’t keep a tight enough leash on him. Or maybe Zhuang Wei just wanted to escape. What can I do about that?”

Chen Yue shook her head and sighed, “Xiao Le, if Zhuang Wei heard that, he would spit blood out from anger.”

Su Le who was tidying her luggage paused and took out a photo frame. On the photo, she and Zhuang Wei were both smiling happily, she had simply never thought that they would arrive at this stage.

Seeing Su Le stare at the photo in a daze, Chen Yue bit her lips but didn’t say anything.

Su Le careful touched Zhuang Wei’s face on the photo before suddenly turning around to throw the photo in the bin. After that, she washed her face and placed her toiletries in the bathroom before letting out a sigh, “Xiao Yue Yue, uncle and auntie treat you so well, you work here so they brought a two-bedroom apartment for you. It really makes people envious.”

“Ok, ok, you can live here with me.” Chen Yue spoke while helping Su Le hang her clothes in the wardrobe, “Oh yeah, don’t you have work today?”

Su Le took some things out from her luggage and said, “I have already handed in my resignation.” Chen Yue didn’t ask for details and carried on helping Su Le to hang her clothes and shoes. “That’s good, you might as well come and work at my parent’s company. Recently, they have been recruiting new employees.”

Finally, Su Le found her toothbrush and toothpaste and she lifted her head after she heard Chen Yue and stared at her, “Then I would be like those who entered a company who has connections with the head .” Su Le smiled after she spoke and then went into the bathroom.

Chen Yue saw Su Le leave the room and Chen Yue’s smile gradually disappeared from her face. She knew Su Le was different from other girls, no matter what happens, she would not cry or scream. But the events that occurred for the past days was too much for an average person to handle. Losing one’s job, and getting cheated on… it would be hard for anyone to accept those kinds of things.


Su Le often regretted her decisions, such as agreeing to go shopping with Chen Yue. She watches as Chen Yue walked around comfortably while wearing 10cm high heels. Her lips twitched. They were both women, but when she wore high heels for an hour, both her back and feet hurt. She felt a little ashamed.

“Xiao Le Le, what do you think of this? Your figure is not bad, it will suit you,” Chen Yue pointed to a light-coloured coat and spoke to the shop assistant beside her, “Bring that coat over and let her try it.”

But Chen Yue was stopped by Su Le who was drained of energy, “Sister Chen, Empress Chen, I have already brought two pieces of clothing with the help of your great fashion sense. I beg of you, please let me off.”

Chen Yue gave the coat to Su Le and beamed, “My dear, I will have you show up beautifully at the reunion. Even if Lin Qi, that fox, and that bastard Zhuang Wei appears, you would still be in everyone’s attention.”

Su Le’s lips twitched and she walked into the changing rooms, resigned. The world was too cruel. First, it was her mind that was tormented, and now, it was her body that was being tormented.


“Mr Wei, for the collaboration this time please have a look …..” the person speaking discovered that the other party seemed to be somewhat distracted and followed the other party’s line of sight, but there was nothing there to see.

“I’m sorry.” Wei Chu smiled and took a sip at a cup of coffee before speaking, “Mr Wang, the price offered is somewhat low, it’ll making things difficult for me.”

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“The price can be discussed,” the person who spoke also smiled, “How about we review the product again.”

Wei Chu nodded but he continued glancing out of the window from the corner of his eye, and his eyes turned gloomy.


“My Empress, let’s take a break,” said Su Le after they passed by a coffee shop. She could finally not hold it in any longer and she hugged onto the lamppost with no intention of letting go. “I would rather wear rags to attend the reunion than carry on shopping.”

Chen Yue patted on Su Le’s head, “Be good. After one more store, I shall let you eat.”

“You’ve already said that sentence five times already!” Su Le accused.

Chen Yue’s smile didn’t disappear, “Then I’ll go and eat lunch by myself. Of course, you can stay and carry on hugging the lamppost.”

Su Le gave up, and let go of the lamppost, before following Empress Chen into a shoe store.

At the entrance, they saw Lin Qi and Zhuang Wei. Su Le felt like she was performing in a bad melodrama where every predictable and cliche scene would occur while she, herself, was the female lead of this drama ….

She watched Zhuang Wei crouched down to help Lin Qi change shoes. Eyes filled with tenderness, she suddenly felt pain in her stomach and knitted her eyebrows as entered the shoe store without thinking.

Chen Yue spotted Zhuang Wei and Lin Qi, but she did not want to deal with them so reached to Su Le’s side while grabbing a pair of shoes, “Xiao Le Le, try this pair, your legs are so white you would definitely look good in it.”

“It might look good, but does the a certain someone have enough money to buy it though,” Lin Qi stated as she looked at Su Le in disdain, “With only a few thousand yuan a month as salary, it’s better to save up otherwise you won’t have enough to prepare a dowry when getting married.”

Both Chen Yue and Su Le put their hands on their forehead at the same time. This woman, did she have to act like those evil side characters in those 3rd rate idol dramas. Using those methods … it really leaves people speechless.

Su Le covered her face and wanted to express that she did not know that woman.

Unfortunately, Lin Qi clearly felt like she did not act enough and continued while resting her hand on Zhuang Wei’s arm. “I heard there would a reunion tomorrow night, that’s why Wei is accompanying me today to buy shoes… Could it be that both of you are also going to attend the reunion tomorrow?”

Zhuang Wei stayed silent. He only lifted his head to look at Su Le but she never looked at him like as if he was not even there.

As usual, Su Le didn’t pay attention to Lin Qi and tried the shoes Chen Yue had passed to her. The shoes felt pretty comfortable and nodded, “Let’s take this pair. My Empress, may I eat now?”

Chen Yue patted on Su Le’s head, satisfied, and replied with, “You may.”

Lin Qi saw that her speech did not receive any appropriate response from Su Le and immediately felt embarrassed. Her face heated up and could not help but said angrily, “Su Le, your boyfriend dumped you, don’t you have anything to say.”

Su Le scoffed and looked at Lin Qi with ridicule, “Were you blind last night. It was me who dumped him. A squander and a mistress, aren’t they fated to be a pair. I magnanimously gave the both of you my blessings, what are you still dissatisfied about?”

The customers in the store around them heard what Su Le said and they all turned to stare at Lin Qi and Zhuang Wei. They expressed a lot of curiosity at the mistress and the two-timer, after all, it was usually the mistress that gets shouted at. But this was not a drama.

Zhuang Wei’s expression turned ugly and he stood and faced Su Le, “Su Le, stop creating a scene.” What Su Le said was hard to swallow down.

Su Le shook her finger, “Zhuang Wei, I didn’t create a scene, it was Lin Qi who made the announcement. I didn’t want to, for a guy like you, to lose my dignity in this kind of situation.” After speaking she turned to Chen Yue who was besides her and said, “Chen Yue, let’s leave.” If they do not leave now, she was afraid she might imitate those female lead in idol dramas on how they dumped people. Honestly, she hated those drama plots because it would be a nightmare if she had possessed those female lead’s intelligence.


Exiting the shoe store, Chen Yue glanced at Su Le worriedly, but Su Le’s expression was normal and it did not reveal any signs of unhappiness. Chen Yue sighed and walked near to a Chinese restaurant, “Girl, it’s my treat today, what would you like to eat?”

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“Ginseng, shark fin, abalone, swallow’s nest.” Su Le stared at Chen Yue, “Can I have them?”

Chen Yue smiled widely, “When you run into a wall, hit it three times.”

“Does that wall have a spirit that can grant wishes?” Su Le asked blankly.

Chen Yue replied while smiling, “No, like that, it would just be a hallucination.”

“Empress Chen, your family is rich,” Su Le complained, “Shouldn’t you be comforting a pitiful person like me who just broke up?”

Chen Yue expression remained the same, “That’s why I’ve decided to treat you spare ribs and not pak choi*.”

(pak choi*: white cabbage)

After entering the restaurant, Su Le put down the things she was carrying and then said resentfully, “Empress Chen, you’re really stingy.”

“That’s why I’m rich,” Chen Yue said proudly.

Su Le silently ate two melon seeds that was free on their table.

The dishes quickly came out and placed on to the table. Even though, there wasn’t any ginseng and abalone etc., the food was not bad and Su Le quickly picked a meaty spare rib to eat.

“Su Le, you’re such a foodie,” seeing Su Le like this, Chen Yue who was originally worried for her was now calmed. When other people broke up, they would be drinking and crying, but Su Le was acting completely normal.

Chomping on the rib, Su Le’s expression turned dark, “My family’s Empress had told me before, if a woman live their life for a man then they have lived for nought”

The expression on Chen Yue changed slightly and she remained quiet as she put another spare rib into Su Le’s bowl.

Su Le smiled as she looked at Chen Yue, “Yue Yue, you don’t need to worry about me, it’s only a man. I, Su Le, have not reached to the point where I cannot live without Zhuang Wei. What I need to do is live even better than before.”

Chen Yue’s eyes widen, “When did this lady worry about you?!”

Su Le carried on smiling, even her eyes went crescent shaped. If Chen Yue was not worried about her, then Chen Yue wouldn’t have taken a day off from work just to accompany her. Having a friend like this was her’s, Su Le, fortune.


“Mr Wei, it is not early now. There’s a Chinese restaurant nearby, would you like to go there and have lunch?” The driver asked with concern.

Wei Chu shook his head and wind up the car’s window and said, “Return to the company first.”

The driver nodded and the car turned around to join the long traffic ahead.

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