Chapter 52

Madam Chen immediately stretched out her hand and pushed her daughter behind her. Ning Meng Yao coldly and elegantly looked at her action. After she protected Yang Cui at her back, Ning Meng Yao ridiculed: “This is the last time, Madam Chen. Don’t think that having a scholar as a son makes you forget your own surname. If you pair of mother and daughter provoke me once more, then you can try and see what happen.”

Seeing whether or not she was good at speaking, just don’t cry too badly when the time comes.

Madam Chen stupidly trembled, but did not want to end it this way. She gritted her teeth and balled her fist as she walked to Ning Meng Yao: “I am the mother of a scholar. What can a lowly b*tch like you can do to me?”

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“You want me to o do something to you? Fine, then why don’t we go? Just don’t regret it later.” Ning Meng Yao indifferently said, as if the whole matter was not related to her.

Madam Chen’s face changed. How could she not understand what Ning Meng Yao meant? She wanted to take this to the court? No, this could not be done.

“Mother, what is this?” At this time, a sound travelled from outside. Hearing this voice, Madam Chen was as if she had found her backbone, immediately pounced away.

“Son, you must help mother. This lowly b*tch actually said that she wants to take mother to the court.” Madam Chen held Yang Huai’s hand as she clenched her teeth.

Yang Huai frowned, turning his head to look at Ning Meng Yao. Beside her was a middle aged man kneeling, his face was filled with wounds, his body was trembling greatly. “What is happening?”

Coldly laughing, Ning Meng Yao mockingly stared at Yang Huai: “Are you talking to me?”

Yang Huai choked. Before, the things Madam Chen did to Ning Meng Yao made him felt he had no face. But today, seeing his mother like this and his little sister unstoppably bitter as if something big happened, so he inquired about this scene.

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“Lady Ning, where it is possible to let people off, one should spare them. Even if my mother did something bad, but she is older than you, and is also your elder. How can you be like this?” Yang Huai looked as if he was thinking for Ning Meng Yao, helplessly said: “This is also not good for your reputation.”

“Elder? I, Ning Meng Yao, can never be able to bear having someone who spend money to tarnish other’s innocence as an elder. Yang Huai, don’t you be shameless when someone is giving you face. Do you think that a scholar is something amazing?” Ning Meng Yao coldly laughed. This Yang Huai had not seen things clearly? Really made one disappointed.

Yang Huai’s face changed, looking at his mother in disbelief: ” Mother, is what she said true?”

Madam Chen’s face turned, quickly shaking her head: “No, how can mother do this kind of thing? This is all her slandering me.”

“Chen family’s sister-in-law, when you say those words, don’t you touch your conscience? We all heard what you said outside. Wang Lai Zi also acknowledged. You spend money to let him tarnish Ning girl’s innocence. And now, you said it like that, are you not afraid of being struck by lightning?”

“That’s right, that’s right. You said it yourself just now. Do you think that now your scholar son is back, you become amazing? Actually saying these kind of words, really too much.”

“Yeah, yeah. I see that it is good to let the maidens in our house to distance themselves from Sister Cui. So they won’t be clueless if they got harmed.”

The crowd was you said I continue, angering Yang Huai until his face turned White. He looked at his mother in disbelief: “Mother, I only ask you whether what they said is true or not?”

“Yo, why are you still asking? She even said that she was the mother of a scholar, what can you do to me? Aiyo, I’m really scared. That is a scholar’s mother, you know.” A voice with biting sarcasm sounded in the crowd.

She was Madam Chen’s sister-in-law, Madam Du, although they had already separated their house and now providing for the old man, but because Madam Chen had two outstanding sons, she was haughty.

Now that there was a chance, she would not let it pass.

Madam Du’s words attracted the crowd’s sympathetic response: “Right? She has a scholar as a son, what about us? We are only commoners, how can we afford to provoke her?”

Yang Huai was angered until his whole body trembled. He knew that Madam Chen usually used her status as the mother of a scholar to be haughty and arrogant.

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