Chapter 48: Hell-like Training

“Understood?!” His last sentence was nothing but a ruthless command.

With almost no hesitation, Ye Jian stood tall and answered powerfully, “Understood!”

Under the world-class sniper’s hell-like training plan, this day became the beginning of the most difficult step Ye Jian had to take forward. After ten minutes of warming up, she stood still motionlessly.

The training was not just to have her stand, but to make her answer the numbers that were flashed to her on the training ground.

And as she answered, her body must remain absolutely still. A little movement and an ant will be placed on the side of her neck…

“34, 27, 870, 994…” All the number plates were all controlled by a system. With only three seconds, four to five plates will be flashed at the same time, with a maximum of seven.

From a single digit to hundreds, Ye Jian would have to answer within the brief amount of time.

This was to train Ye Jian’s observation and reaction time to the surrounding environment, and at the same time nurture her willpower and attentiveness!

“A sniper rifle generally takes 0.002 seconds to fire a bullet. And after that 0.002 seconds, it is either your bullet which pierces your enemy’s skull, or your enemy’s bullet taking your soul away with it. If you wish to survive, training your foundation would be the first step you will take.”

In the end, the fact that Ye Jian was still a child had to be taken into account. Principal Chen did not treat her like a “real recruit” and send ants crawling up her neck because those may result in a negative effect on a child. However, such things would be encountered by real soldiers on a battlefield.

Standing for already an hour, Ye Jian’s attention did not waver but became more and more attentive.

She was so attentive to the point that when the plate appeared, she would already start announcing the numbers clearly from the start to the end, “Left 187, right 591… Complete!”

Not only was her concentration level outstanding, her reaction was also at a good level.

Principal Chen was suddenly holding a file and jotting something down onto a paper. He was recording Ye Jian’s performance on her first day of training.

The basic training and sniper training were done simultaneously. After two months of intensive basic training, he would let Ye Jian touch the real guns, guns which were loaded with bullets!

From Tuesday all the way until Friday, Ye Jian was an ordinary student during the day.

At night, she became a trainee sniper, constantly learning and constantly strengthening herself.

In just a few days, the changes on the inside and outside were obvious. The gentle and delicate aura around her faded. She was no longer a bud but a pine which can endure stormy days and fierce heat from the sun.

Such a change was not one that can be noticed with just a glance, but a gradual one where the people around would already be accustomed to Ye Jian.

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Ye Jian who had returned to the village during the weekend was running down a mountain. From quick to slow, then a few steps of walking until she reached Old Man Gen.

“Better than last week. You’re quicker by three minutes. Not bad.” Old Man Gen took out his water pipe before placing the stopwatch back into his pocket. Looking at the lass who was diligent, the old man spoke kindly, “No need to rush, let’s go about slowly.”

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Ye Jian wiped off her sweat. It must have been because of the exercise, but her pupils were like polished opal; they were even more brilliant than the stars. “Grandpa, I’m in no hurry. With you and Principal Chen, I’m not in a hurry. I just have to learn well and learn them diligently.”

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