Chapter 13: Alliance Camp

The three arrived at the army camp and looked at the common soldiers and players running around. By KMega6KMegacharacter’s educated guess, there were about ten thousand soldiers.

For a kingdom the size of Eastguard, that was about the right number for a quick action force.

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In a previous game, he led a band of pirates about that large so he could tell at a glance.

When they arrived at a tent with Yirk’s coat of arms on it, they dismounted from their horses and went inside. Traditionally, squire deal with the mundane tasks of their senior such as cooking and cleaning. While typically the cleaning part is realistic, KMega was thankful that he had his adult setting off when he started the game. Of course, if he wanted it on, there was a small fee and waiting period. He was at the age where he could be interested in girls, as he has been for a while, but not enough that he would have to deal with serious gore or another man’s jockstrap.


After settling into the camp, it was the start of several quests. There was all kinds of quests; lowly ones like fetching certain items, general missions, and full blown killing.

Naturally, KMega did a few to help out his own pocket and contribution points.

He also took to minding the other squires and knights as well, especially those of higher standing than Yirk.

He knew his place, and he kept to it.


Like him and many other squires, Kieser went around the camp and was cautious with what he was doing. However, unlike KMega, he was the legit son of a knight. He had to maintain his father’s honor a little more carefully.

At the end of the day, combined with KMega, the two of them did nineteen fetching quests, thirty-three crafting quests, four construction quest, nine blacksmithing quests, and eleven others. This enabled Kieser to take a better blade than a common one for a level fifty.

KMega opted for potion ingredients and a leather headgear for the two of them, which KMega insisted on Kieser getting the better of the gotten gear.


As KMega logged out, Kieser looked at his father holding his sword with a sad look on his face. With his Clairvoyance, he could see what was coming.

“Father, what’s wrong?” (Kieser)

Yirk kept quiet. His farsight then returned to the  room.

From his pouch, he brought out two skill books.

“One is for you, and the other is for KMega. From this day forward, the two of you are brothers in arms.” (Yirk)

Keiser looked at the books in surprise. These were skill tomes.

“To think that I was supposed to be training the two of you.” (Yirk)

Kieser was worried as his father laid down. Neither of them could get to sleep.


As KMega was logging out, he announced a live stream at an undefined time tomorrow.

While he was doing quests, he could read the mood. If nothing short of a miracle happened, they were going to die. They’ll be engaging an enemy army that outnumbers them three to one on an open field. They even have better gear and magic.

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To top it off, they’re also bringing a giant which is probably over level two hundred and fifty. Yirk was only level one hundred and sixty, and the elite guard of the king wasn’t even level two hundred.

In short, they‘re only there to die and buy time for the union to mobilize.

As KMega leaned back in his chair, only one thought crossed his mind.

He hoped Kieser survives….

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