Chapter 14- To War

They were severely outnumbered, they were outgeared and out magiced, and they had an ace in reserve. Kieser stood beside KMega6KMegacharacter with a smile on his face after praying to the gods.

It didn’t matter to him though, he’s survived through extreme odds time and time again because KMega was always at his side. KMega taught him how to run and fight, so at the very least, if he needed to flee, Kieser had a chance. They were stationed on the front lines with the common soldiers because they had to bolster their ranks in some way, so the squires were used.


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In an instant, it went dead silent and the block on the recording program was lifted.

It was then instantly turned back on as the armies started to come at one another.

KMega kept to the short sword and a shield during the charge. He didn’t have the room to swing a long sword, so he kept it on his back. Some of them looked at him oddly, but he knew there will come a time when he has to use it.

As the two armies of foot soldiers collided, almost in unison, the archers and magicians of both sides began firing.


More than once, KMega had to guard Keiser’s back, while more than once, Keiser had to save KMega’s. The two were a good team.

As they struck down one enemy soldier after another, they continuously started getting more and more breathing room. The two then noticed that the smokescreen that was made by the magics colliding had cleared up, which isn’t a good thing. All around them there laid bodies of both armies. Hovering over them were the empire soldiers looking at them coldly. There would be no reasoning or negotiating with them. KMega knew that it was now time to act.

“Kieser, I’ll make an opening.” (KMega)

It was a hopeful suggestion.

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“How many times have you stayed behind while I ran? Your asking me to do that again?” (Kieser)

KMega tossed away his worn away sword and shield, then he grabbed the one off his back.

He then passed his last potion over to Kieser before speaking.

“I’ll be back. You won’t.” (KMega)

Kieser wouldn’t hear it, as he charged forward to bait some unlucky soldier into attacking him, before succeeding in the counterattack and falling back while KMega took a wide arcing attack stance. This actually held them at bay even longer, but KMega wasn’t pleased.

“Kieser, don’t….” (KMega)

He then paused.

“We’ll do the trick with the drakeling.” (KMega)

KMega nodded after seeing Kieser nod.


Going back a week, Kieser and KMega were fighting a feral drakeling. This was his last test to become an official squire to Yirk.

They were at their limits, and the drakeling’s high intellect and defense made it hard to fight.

In the end, they beat it by someone pushing ahead and using the other as a vanguard. KMega used Kieser as a footstone as he took to the air and stabbed the thing square in the vertebrae. With such heavy damage dealt there, it didn’t one hit it, but it stunned it.

The attack stunned it long enough for the final kill blow to be dealt by Kieser attacking the drakeling’s eyes.


KMega released the built up tension in his legs as he swung his great sword from right to left.

As he went forward, he cut into the npc soldiers surprisingly easy because they averaged about level thirty. With a follow up, Kieser pushed into the opening, striking several more down as KMega dug his sword into the ground to halt his momentum. He then let it go and turned around in one swift motion. As he took off again, he grabbed his great sword and rushed toward Kieser. Kieser went to a knee, then KMega leaped onto his shoulder, using him as a foothold to jump even higher with his greatsword now pointing down from overhead with all his strength.


This was a combination technique that they learned after performing it called meteor drop.

It was a large aoe skill that did a lot of damage and stunned everyone around and in it’s epicenter. His sword caused an earthquake after he used the skill. Leaving his sword in the ground, KMega quickly turned around and helped Kieser up by grabbing his arm.

He then quickly turned around to slingshot the boy forward through the hole they just made.


[Notice! The god of war smiles upon your bravery.]


KMega didn’t care though, as he picked up his greatsword again while keeping an eye on Kieser. “Run!” (KMega)

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