Chapter 151: Preparation


As Qin Tian swirled in the whirlpool, an unknown aura enveloped him, making him unable to move. In a blink of an eye, he was back in the Black Pagoda.
Everything that happened in the Black Pagoda seemed like an illusion. The beautiful scene of the overly exposed women continued to play in his mind……
Only after a while later did he managed to bring himself together. Knowing that he was now within the Black Pagoda, he thought about increasing his proficiency, to raise his Emperor Purgatory.
However, the same Elder the brought him here appeared. “Mister Qin, it is time to go.”
Qin Tian looked at the elder and let out a sigh, following behind him unwillingly out of the pagoda. Turning back he thought, “You are mine sooner or later, hehe!”
It was deep within the night when he returned to the inn.
Meng Fanyi’s injuries were under control. With the Peiyuan Dans, his capabilities had recovered by about half, and would recover fully in less than three years.
Hei Yan had also woken up. He sat on edge of his bed in silence. His face was haggard with eyes in disarray.
Qin Tian walked into the room and felt that Hei Yan had aged by tens of years. His heart could not bear it as he sighed, walking towards him to comfort. “Brother Hei, it is all over.”
Seeing Qin Tian walking closer, Hei Yan turned slowly and smiled, bitterly and astringently, “Thank you.”
Hei Yan was no longer the lofty and spirited man. He now looks like a sick person, mentally and physically exhausted, lacking the will to fight.
The once iron blooded man turned into this in a few years……
Even when his twelve brothers died under the Violent gorilla, he was not dispirited yet he was now like this. Qin Tian’s heart sank as he stared at him, not knowing how to help.
Although Yao Qing died, the Fiery Soul Poison had already left an unimaginable mark on his soul. Walking every day on the brink of life and death, that feeling was ten times worse than suffering in hell.
The more Qin Tian thought about it, the greater his rage grew. If possible, he would have dragged Yao Qing out of hell to be tortured to death.

If Hei Yan wanted to recover, he himself was the only one he could rely on.
Qin Tian could not help.
He understood, but seeing Hei Yan’s haggard face, he still felt uncomfortable.
“Don’t worry too much, recovering takes time. Believe that Brother Hei can do it.” Meng Fanyi spoke.
Being inflicted with this kind of poison, furthermore for two years, who won’t have a heart demon?
Qin Tian laughed bitterly and changed the topic, “Brother Meng, we shall set off when you’ve recovered.”
Meng Fanyi replied enthusiastically, “Rest assured, my injuries are already roughly healed. We can set off anytime.”
“Your aura is still weak, don’t try to act tough in front of me.” Qin Tian said in return.
Meng Fanyi produced a forced smile as he questioned himself, “It can’t be that he can sense my aura inside of me?
“Let me go too.”
Hei Yan interrupted suddenly, looking at Qin Tian with great seriousness.
Qin Tian hesitated for a moment before agreeing.
Maybe only by killing could Hei Yan be washed anew. Qin Tian preyed silently, hoping that the trip to Jibei ocean would let Hei Yan forget the dark past and live afresh.
A tranquil night went by. The next morning.
Qin Tian went alone to the auction house and sat in the back row. The auction Elder just smiled when he saw Qin Tian. Soon after, a huge conning occurred and many hard-earned cores of cultivators were swept clean.
When there was no one left, the elder walked towards him, “You truly was impressive yesterday ah, even an ascension realm expert wasn’t your opponent. Talks about you could be heard around the city.”
He sat beside Qin Tian. The fact that he was summoned by city leader had stunned him more.
Only those that are powerful were summoned by city leader. As for one with a rank six spirit refining realm cultivation, Qin Tian was the first.
“I would like to buy two Water Avoidance pearl, give the price.”

“Are you really planning to enter Jibei ocean?” The elder frowned with a trace of pity flashing pass his eyes. City leader definitely summoned him to complete that ‘impossible to finish’ task. He was only a rank six spirit refining realm cultivator, going would just be courting death.
The elder kind of liked this lad Qin Tian, and was not willing to see him send himself to death,
“Give him 2 genuine Water Avoidance Pearl and 50 Thunder Pearls!”
A voice suddenly sounded within the elder’s mind. His expression changed as he spoke, “Wait here.”
The elder came back a while later holding onto the Water Avoidance Pearls, with someone pulling the other 50 Thunder Pearls.

Qin Tian was taken aback, “I didn’t ask for any Thunder Pearls ah.”
“These are a gift for you, hope it would be of help.”
To Qin Tian, Thunder Pearls were just aids. Since it was a gift, it was definitely Hai Ziyue’s that incited it, it would not be worth it to reject.
After bidding farewell to the elder, Qin Tian returned to the inn.

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There were two days left. He needed to make sufficient preparation.

The task was no longer searching for the mysterious flame, but much greater. What interested Qin Tian the most was that he had to find Ziyue’s younger sister and would get the black pagoda. A half-god tool, doubling cultivation speed. To him, the allure was immense.
At the Inn, Meng Fanyi was in the courtyard recuperating while Hai Yan was doing some recovering exercises.

Qin Tian smiled and took out 2 Water Avoidance pearls and 5 cores. “Brother Hei, you don’t have to be courteous to me. If not for your teaching in Kunlun mountain range, there would not be the me today.”
Hei Yan hesitated before accepting them. Immediately, he swallowed two cores and sat in a lotus position, refining the cores.
Seeing Hei Yan, then Meng Fanyi in the courtyard, the sense of fulfillment filed him. He quite like that feeling.
He sat on the bed and placed his spiritual sense upon his spatial ring. Secretly, he was stunned. Rebirth realm cultivators were indeed different. In just a day’s time, much of his rampaging aura had calmed, he was regaining his strength rapidly.
Qin Tian did not say much and gathered his attention to guide the rampaging aura of Yao Kong. Gradually, traces were being brought out of his body.

A large reason to why Yao Kong could recover so quickly was because of Qin Tian. If not for his law of aura’s guidance, Yao Kong’s body would have been destroyed.
As compared to Yao Qing, Qin Tian was thousands of times better. Hence naturally, Yao Kong was thankful.
The Rebirth realm Yao Kong was his trump card, his lifesaving talisman. If he doesn’t recover quickly and be used, how could Qin Tian face the experience points and Qigong value he would have gotten?
Other than helping Yao Kong, Qin Tian also took the drop of Undead Millenary King’s blood essence for the Demon baby to consume.
This was the last drop of blood essence. The demon baby was already rank ten and was currently changing slowly. Having received that blood essence, he was elated and showed a cute expression to Qin Tian. Greedily, he fed on it and his body glowed red……

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