Chapter 60: Witness

Ye Jian’s progress could not be described using even the term godspeed. The more she was taught, the faster she absorbed. Deep down, Principal Chen and Old Man Gen both lamented quite a few times, and at the same time, they had more confidence in Ye Jian.

Opening a folding table and chair on the field, Principal Chen had indicated for her to take a seat before he began his theory lessons on being a sniper.

A sniper has a lot to learn. They need the ability to lurk in the dark, build advantageous shooting positions, and read aerial photographs of the area… Even how to enter and leave a position was a thing Ye Jian had to learn.

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A year and a half in middle school and it was enough to make Ye Jian crazy to obtain those lifetime knowledge!

“The moment you shoot a bullet, remember, there must never be a second shot. Never let the enemy have the opportunity to figure out the direction of the shot! Only shoot once and disappear, then as the sniper on the battlefield, you win.”

“The first shot determines life and death. You have to know your wind speed, weather, and visibility. When shooting from a long distance, both the wind speed and the weight of the bullet will change the path of the bullet. ‘A miss is as good as a mile,’ if your shot didn’t go in, your target will be alarmed, and your presence will be exposed. The one who will shoot the second bullet would most likely be your enemy.”

“Measure the distance accurately, and add the wind speed and the bullet’s trajectory. Then complete it with your gut feeling!”

While listening to the principal’s lecture, Ye Jian’s slender hands gently stroked the sniper rifle borrowed from the military. Her oil-painted little face had nothing but a cold expression.

The her now had already begun to have the cold expression a sniper should have.

Once night arrived, she followed Old Man Gen to the Arms Storage room to familiarize herself with the firearms and ammunitions, and to learn the technique of assembling a gun swiftly. At the same time, she would join the soldiers to learn Sanda.

Except for Sanda which Ye Jian could not win against due to her young age and poor strength, the time Ye Jian took for identifying guns and assembling them correctly from a pile of scattered parts was no different from those soldiers whose performances were the best.

“M16A3 assault rifle has the same shape as the M16A4, but the difference between them is the detachable carry handle sight that isn’t present in the Amaraite M16 series of A3. And so…” Ye Jian raised the M16A3 assault rifle that had already been assembled in her hands and smiled at the soldier who was competing with her, “And so, I win. The one on your hand is the M16A4 semi-automatic rifle and not the M16A3.”

Raising her hand, she took her aim before the loaded M16A3 semi-automatic assault rifle shot out its first bullet which hit the red circle that was in the center of the target.

The soldier who lost weighed the assault rifle that was in his hand and watched as the student shot the first bullet beautifully.

When the bullet was shot, the force generated did not cause the girl to move out of her shooting position. She indeed had precision that was above standard.

He put down the gun in his hand and admitted his loss. Even if he was not willing to, her performance had convinced him entirely!

A round of applause sounded, and he spoke to Ye Jian, “I lost. It’s a pity that you’re under eighteen. Otherwise, we can witness your performance in the largest military competition.

“I still have a lot to learn. Compared to all of you, I’m still far behind.” What Ye Jian was referring to was her ability to make use of her memory, but the soldier in front of her could prepare and assemble the firearm swiftly while blindfolded.

He was a top-ranking soldier picked by Old Man Gen. Every night when Ye Jian came to the military, Old Man Gen would not only let those top-ranking soldiers train her in Sanda, but also let Ye Jian understand the tenacity of their bodies.

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