Chapter 61: Until Next Time

In the evening, the soldiers ran and gathered at attention. Morning practice at 5:30 in the morning was Sanda… In here, Ye Jian was like a real soldier blending into the army.

When it came to inspecting military equipment, Ye Jian was like a model soldier, making those veterans feel that they should try harder, too.

Stand like a pine, sit like a bell, and move like the wind. From her body, one could see just what the best posture would be at attention—the most qualified posture.

“You ah, all you’re lacking is a military uniform!” After the morning training, a young soldier gave a smile at Ye Jian, like one would towards his younger sister. Pointing at her school uniform, he said, “That school uniform doesn’t suit you oh.”

With the strong military aura around her, wearing a school uniform…indeed was a little weird.

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For it to be giving off the stench meant for a military uniform, isn’t it weird?

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Beads of perspiration were still rolling down Ye Jian’s face, and she wiped it with her sleeves before smiling, “Once I turn 18, I’ll definitely put on a military uniform!” Her goal was to be accepted into the university affiliated with the military…The University of Science!

“That’ll be four years later. Four years later, we would have all left the army.” The soldiers laughed, but they were slightly saddened by the fact. The iron-clad barracks with flowing soldiers. Four years later, the batches of recruits would have changed four times.

Ye Jian looked at them. Her dark eyes were like diamonds reflecting off light from the sun, and she shook her head as she spoke warmly, “No, in my heart, you will all be like the unrelenting sun as soldiers always in the military. Even ten years later, you will all be in my memory as soldiers who wore the military uniform, as good men with an indomitable spirit!”

Under the sun, she was beautiful and her voice was clear. Her smile was like the flowing water in the mountains, and it broke into the hearts of the good men.

“We shall all look forward to that day, to see you…four years later wearing the military uniform. Come, let us huddle and stack our hands together!” The one taking the initiative was the squad’s leader. They were recons trained with Sanda. Their faces when performing their duties were cold and dark, but on their breaks, they were like brothers to Ye Jian.

After a series of huddles and palm stacking, Ye Jian ended her holiday in the military.

When summer vacation comes, she would come again to join those lovely and respectable soldiers, and again another unforgettable camp experience.

Returning to town, it was almost five o’clock in the afternoon. Principal Chen smiled and took out a fifty-dollar note and told Ye Jian, “Go, buy a pound of pork belly. We’ll drink with the old man tonight.”

He was happy, much happier than finding a box of treasures.

Ye Jian received the money and spoke cheerfully, “Red braised pork belly and braised carp… Both your and Grandpa’s favorites.”

“Good lass, your memory sure is good. Go quickly,” Old Man Gen also laughed. He rarely came to town, but because he was in a good mood today, he kept his word.

The town’s marketplace was not large. At four or five in the afternoon, there were only a few stalls set up.

While picking the dishes on the menu, she heard the stall’s hawker discussing with others about the mayoral elections that was coming up. One of them spoke about how the deputy mayor’s wife chased her niece out of her house and that he would definitely not be a good official. Ye Jian’s lips curled.

If that matter affected his career, surely Sun Dongqing’s and her daughter’s days ahead would not be good.

At five o’clock in the afternoon, Fu Jun Town slowly began to quieten down. Even the number of passing vehicles became much less. Once in a while, some motorcycles would drive through, leaving behind a trail of black smoke.

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