Chapter 62: A Person Worthy of Respect

Bear Bear~🐻

At the front of the town was the newly opened ‘Chunyang Grand Hotel.’ Several ladies wearing camisoles and miniskirts greeted several of the guests who alighted from a van.

Ye Jian’s eyes did not wander as she went past the hotel while carrying the food she bought. Swiftly, she headed to the direction of Principal Chen’s house.

A bowl of red braised pork belly, one braised carp, one bowl of stir-fried smoked bean curd with sausage, one bowl of tomato soup, and a bowl of green vegetables. Gleefully, the two elders took small sips of rice wine as they chatted.

By the time the meal was finished, the two were already tipsy.

Ye Jian cleared the table before carrying her school bag and a flashlight to leave for the recruits’ camp.

The recruits’ camp was nearly ten miles away from Principal Chen’s house. Walking past the ‘Chunyang Grand Hotel,’ several motorcycles sped past Ye Jian, and she instinctively switched off the light on her flashlight as she watched them stop at the entrance of the hotel.

The powerful lights of the motorcycle were not turned off, and they reflected off the glass door of the hotel which was glaring to the eyes.

The night breeze carried the pungent smell of diesel from the motorcycle. Added with a touch of a bloody odor, Ye Jian could not help but wrinkle her nose as she left the scene quickly.

During the day, several ladies in camisoles were giggling together as they came out from the hotel. Amidst the giggling from those ladies, the people on the motorcycles came down one after another.

“Out of the way!” a man yelled before blocking the path of one of the ladies as he got down from the vehicle. “Bring my food to my room, and have Liao Youde come over.”

Ye Jian’s footsteps slightly paused, but she raised her foot and walked even more quickly than before.

The bloody odor in the air had not faded. Ye Jian did not continue forward anymore, but instead took a shortcut towards the recruits’ camp.

Passing by a village’s pond, she heard a gasping sound coming from the pond followed by some struggling sound in the water. It sounded like someone had climbed out of the pond.

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The muddy smell carried a strong bloody odor which made Ye Jian pause in her footsteps, and she slowly lowered her body near the moist ground.

The sound of water splashing disappeared, and the heavy breathing could now be heard more vividly…

Ye Jian’s lips tightened. The person was injured. Is he a villager from town? No, that shouldn’t be possible. If that person was a villager, he could have just called out for help.

Staying cautious, Ye Jian did not move. Like the night, her breathing was light and controlled.

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In the darkness, the man struggled to stand before staggering towards the direction of the camp atop a hill, and the smell of blood became even denser.

Once Ye Jian was able to see the dark figure clearly, she quickly leaped from the ground without any hesitation and stuffed her flashlight into her bag as she ran to it.

“I’ll help you over. Come, put your weight on me!” Ye Jian rushed over to the figure and grabbed his right arm. Her other hand held the man’s strong waist tightly and she spoke, “I know Battalion Commander Yang. Don’t talk, we’ll head back and deal with the wound first.”

After staying in the military for some time now, the aura coming out from this dark figure was something she was familiar with. It was the might of a military soldier that was on the brink of death.

Wounded severely, the man who had lost too much blood had managed to survive until now thanks to his willpower. When Ye Jian rushed forward, his hand near his chest was already holding onto a loaded handgun.

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