Chapter 63: Rescue

Hearing that the missy was an acquaintance of Battalion Commander Yang, the man quietly put away his handgun. His voice was weak and inaudible when he spoke, “Missy, go over and tell Battalion Commander Yang. Tell him that the target is now on alert.”

“We’re reaching the camp soon, don’t speak anymore. Keep that energy to see Battalion Commander Yang and then tell him.” Ye Jian’s expression was cold. The weight of the soldier who was almost 180cm was leaning on her, but she kept a steady pace.

Once the battalion commander answered the call and listened to the voice from it, his expression turned unexpectedly imposing, “I see, I’ll send the soldiers out to search! I’ll report to you immediately once I receive any news!”

“The target is a number one spy from the southern province, please be careful!” The low voice of the man from the phone sounded chilly. “I’ll arrive at Fujun Town ten minutes later!”

When Ye Jian appeared at the outpost, the face of the two soldiers who were on duty instantly darkened.

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One went to notify Battalion Commander Yang, the other carried the injured in.

Inside, Battalion Commander Yang brought a medic with him as he rushed out and met with them.

“A gunshot wound at his left shoulder. He’s lost too much blood and is now unconscious. There’s a possibility that there’s an infection in his wound, and it needs immediate anti-inflammatory treatment.” Seeing Battalion Commander Yang, Ye Jain quickly informed him of the know details. “There’s also a problem at Chunyang Hotel. Five foreign men had arrived. One of them had a Hongkou accent and was injured!”

*Hongkou = Shanghai

Hongkou accent! Isn’t that… Battalion Commander Yang’s eyes glanced deeply at Ye Jian and he spoke, “Lass, tonight, you might need to exhaust yourself a little.”

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“Return to your quarters first. The medic will deal with this soldier’s wound.”

Ye Jian’s eyes slightly tightened and she whispered softly, “Uncle Yang, is there only one medic here? I’m afraid one medic might not be enough. I’ve got a bit of knowledge on how to treat gunshot wounds. Let me come along.”

When the lass spoke, her attitude and way with her words always made those around her inexplicably convinced. Battalion Commander Yang nodded without giving a second thought, “Good, then you’ll assist the medic.”

Being in a medical school for more than a year, her knowledge in the profession was much better than the students there, so how could she only be assigned as an assistant?

Of course, that could not be helped since she was just a 14-year-old who had never come into contact with gunshot wounds before. The only knowledge she had about it was just theories taught in the military.

Once the antibiotic drip was put in, the wound must be cleaned and the bullet removed before cleaning the wound again… Whatever the medic needed, she would be able to hand it over immediately. She would even use a sterile cotton to wipe the perspiration off the medic.

When Xia Jinyuan came in, he saw a slender figure standing by the operating table. Like a guard, when she heard his footsteps and with her back facing him, she immediately took a scalpel and turned. A cold glance shot towards him.

“It’s me, Xia Jinyuan.” His voice was low. He took off his helmet, revealing his handsome face.

He was wearing his combat uniform which made him lack the elegance he had when he wore his military uniform. He brought along a chilly aura around him when he entered which filled the entire infirmary with a steel-like murderous feeling.

Ye Jian gently let out a sigh of relief. So it turned out to be him.

The medic was about to do a thorough cleanup on the wounded area on the soldier’s shoulder. Without turning to look at Ye Jian, the medic spoke, “Left area, prepare the disposable wound debridement instrument for use.”

After only taking a glance at him, Ye Jian swiftly and accurately grabbed a forceps and gave it to the medic while preparing the disposable wound debridement instrument at the same time. The moment the bullet was removed, the wound was immediately washed to prevent anaerobic infection.

Xia Jinyuan’s presence did not affect Ye Jian at all.

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