Chapter 24- Momentum

KMega6KMegacharacter was mentally and physically exhausted. He intended to die in the raid and leave it behind him. However, circumstances lead to their victory with minimal casualties. His desire to stay grew even more when he learned that Yirk was still alive. With his senior knight in his corner, and the appreciation of the others he rescued and their loyalty, he was starting to have a real army on his hands. They still needed enough food and supplies to function though.

He considered going to the allied union nations for aid, but he then decided against this because they would use the situation for their own means.


He then activated his clairvoyance skill that he received before the start of the war to survey his surroundings and look at the condition of the Empire’s forces in relation to the unions.

As he was doing so, the young dragon4dragonspecies walked over and stood by his side.

“Big brother, those people are the ones that hurt mama, right?” (Dragon Girl)

KMega was startled as he looked at her in wonder. The girl was pretty strange.

She was easily the most skilled individual of the army when it came to chores and crafting.

Her fighting potential isn’t that light either.

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“I don’t know little sister. I only knew your mother for a little while. However, if she had a confrontation with the empire, that would explain the weakened condition of this fortress when we raided it and her injuries when we met.” (KMega)


He then saw her talons spread as if she was ready to strike.

“Do you hate them?” (KMega)

She looked at him in surprise after hearing his words.

“I’m not sure, but when I look at them I feel frustrated and annoyed.” (Dragon Girl)

KMega couldn’t help but rub the hair behind her horns.

“If you don’t have a justifiable cause to hate them, then you shouldn’t. If you don’t have a justifiable cause to fight them, then don’t.” (KMega)

She blinked in confusion before asking.

“Then why are you fighting?” (Dragon Girl)


He paused to think about that for a moment.

“To free the captured people and secure my place to live.” (KMega)

Something seemed to have clicked in the young dragon as her anger intensified.

He then put a hand on her shoulder.

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“Why are you so tense? You aren’t going to fight them.” (KMega)

She looked at him in confusion again.

“But…. the bad people hurt mom and took your nest.” (Dragon Girl)

KMega couldn’t help but nod at her when she said that.

He had also made a decision on what they were going to do.


A strike into the imperial army would be unwise with their numbers, while another garrison will come here when they learn that this place has fallen. Even if the empire is pushed back, they will surely use scorched earth tactics in their retreat. However, there is one big flaw in their plan right now. They have access to their flank. He gave the command to attack the empire in a daring raid, but the command was never carried out.


As KMega prepared to abandon the fortress, an ancient dragon was stirring from its slumber. Four smaller queen class dragons that he bedded before his slumber laid around him. He was well aware of all the strong dragon blood of his kind. With a level that reached in the thousands, he would be classified as one of the games final bosses. He was the undeniable ruler of the strongest species in the game. However, something strange disturbed him from his slumber. The fallen queen he was watching had laid an egg that hatched before her death and she entrusted it to a human.


If it was this matter alone, he would just send some lacky to retrieve the youngling so they don’t become influenced by the lesser mortals. However, the soul union between the youngling and the human puzzled him. Even if it was over a great distance, as the ruler of an entire species, he could check on anything he desired from one of his people. It surprised him that a young one such as her had already accumulated such skills and stats. Her looking like a human was another surprise, but the overall biggest surprise to him was that he could look into the human that was raising her.


Ever since KMega had a dragon ancestor added to his lineage, it made things weird.

In this case, the dragon king and ruler of the north began to move and left his lair for the first time since the games release.

In the game, an event like this is unheard of since the time of the ancients.

The systems reason for his actions is because the dragon king was curious and bored.

Except a few higher ranked dragons noticing his disappearance, nothing really changed though.

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