Chapter 25- Astrid

KMega6KMegacharacter laid down in his private room with his ‘little sister’. Over the week while they occupied the fortress, she had grown into a full teenage adult like he is. At a height of just under five and a half feet tall, red hair and crimson eyes with a size that made you think she weighed less than a hundred pounds. Even when she washes herself, the thought of them being together like his ‘dragon4dragonspecies’s wife’ title would suggest never crossed his mind.

During the week, the equipment that he got from the mercenary player he killed has been repaired, altered, smelted, or reconstructed into something of use to Eastguard standards. The young dragon was a big help during the crafting phase because her skill easily surpassed his own in that regard.


She was also an instant hit with the freed prisoners when she served them food.

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However, when one of the fallen noble’s sons thought about getting a little closer to her, KMega was there to stop it with a simple hand on his shoulder and a look.

Later on, he laid in bed trying to sleep as she sponge bathed and dressed into something clean before taking her side of the bed. She then snuggled in beside him happily because another day beside her big brother was enjoyable for her. Something caught her attention soon after.


A common trick of gamers is to log out when they’re sleeping in game so they can use the bathroom or eat then log back in. As he was doing that, a presence entered the room the two of them were in. The young dragon was instantly alerted as a humanoid figure with black scales in the same areas as her appeared. Her blood instantly told her to fear this individual with everything she had, but her loyalty to her brother kept her at his side and weary of the intruder. However, his presence instantly forced her to her knees in a bow.

Astrid7Astridcharacter, it’s great to see you in good health.” (Dragon King)

The young dragon was surprised when the dragon king called her by a name.

“Why is that my name?” (Astrid)


The intruder seemed a little surprised by her meager resistance as he looked at her closely.

When he walked closer to her, he noticed that she had potential. To his surprise, a strange alignment of her soul has happened, causing her potential growth to surpass his own.

However, the dozens of centuries it would take to achieve such a level made him consider her not a threat. In fact, it gave him something to look forward to. He was still weary of her for just a fraction of a second before turning his attention to the one beside her.


In fact, the intruder felt slightly insulted that the human didn’t even notice his presence. He decided that KMega’s blood link to his ancestors must be weak, but it was still there.

“Astrid, would you like to come home to your kin?” (Dragon King)

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Astrid blinked before shaking her head.

“I want to stay beside brother.” (Astrid)

The intruder was absolutely stunned from being refused in favor of a human. Even normal soul linked mates heed his requests. All he could do now is exhale and look at the human again.

“When the human you covent so much betrays you, and he will, come see me in the north and I will take you in and show you your true heritage.” (Dragon King)

After saying so, the intruder was gone.


The dragon king then appeared back in his sanctuary while thinking about how enjoyable it was encountering the youngling. He was both glad and annoyed that she wasn’t named yet; glad because no dragon worth any respect would be named by a lowly human, but annoyed because he had to do it himself.

It was considered a great honor to be named by him, but she seemed displeased by the gift instead.

In the end, he could only sigh and wait until he meets her again one day.

However, a day like that never came….

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