Chapter 23- Reunion

KMega6KMegacharacter was drained and exhausted from the battle. He was glad he won though.

Especially when he saw that were some knights and the nobles’ children of Eastguard among the prisoners. Technically, every knight of Eastguard was a noble, but many of them, like Yirk, had no true authority behind the title because their claims were too small and not worth much.


With the fortress secured and the dead cleared away, many of the newly freed and more experienced knights and nobles took over. Still, KMega was the leader in name at least.

He had to think about what to do next.

“What’s wrong brother?” (Dragon Girl)

His gaze suddenly turned toward the young girl at his side. She no longer looked nine or ten.

She looked like she was in her younger teens and starting to develop into a woman.

“I’m just tired.” (KMega)

The girl smiled at him before speaking.

“Then get some rest silly.” (Dragon Girl)

KMega blinked tiredly, wanting to argue.

In the end, he did as he was told.


KMega entered a unique case in the beta settings that were added into the game, features that were still imbalanced and conflicted each other were occuring. The biggest of which was his companion. A normal companion should have skills and abilities similar to their partner as the system looks over an accounts history from their previous games to come up with the values. However, this is only true for a person who constantly uses similar classes.

At the age of nine, KMega started his first Green corporation game as a female space pirate that dual wielded weapons and wore light armor while commanding a force of over ten thousand people before the game servers were shut down. He then played his next game as a lich necromancer because he missed his pirate friends and didn’t want to be alone.


He became a top tier player in this game too before his family sold the account. Due to his lack of self power and because he enjoyed using magic, he played as a master wizard in his next game. While not being one of the top ranked players of the game, he killed many higher ranked wizards in duels and battles and won more than he lost. He then sold this account so he could escape out from under his neglectful families thumb. As a bandit in his next game, he stole and pillaged to a great degree so he could secure his own independence. His greatest accomplishment was when he stole a scroll from a master ninja while they were on a mission.


KMega is a naturally skilled gamer with a great ability that lets him adapt to any character he plays. In turn, his past translated into his companion in the best way possible. Mainly in the area of trading crafts, as he never shied away from doing those as well. Now that he was a knight with healing powers, good agility, and a tanking ability, his companion could be even stronger! His current account filled the categories that his companion was lacking in now.

Other gamers would later call her one thing, broken!


KMega has always had the policy in games of treating the npc’s rather well unless they do something to him first. He would either ignore them at the very least, or go out of his way to help them. When Yirk appeared among the prisoners though, he personally helped clean him up.

“Senior, it’s good to see you alive.” (KMega)

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Yirk had a cold look in his eyes.

Everyone around them was bewildered though. They only knew KMega as a great knight that lead them into battle. They didn’t understand what was going on when he called a male prisoner senior.

It then took a moment for the system to pull Yirk out of his trauma state.

“By the gods! KMega, it’s you!” (Yirk)

Yirk hugged him before continuing.

“We thought that you withdrew from this world eternally when you didn’t come back.” (Yirk)


KMega gently patted the man on the back.

“Ah, that’s right! Do you remember when I told you about that dragon4dragonspecies attack?” (KMega)

KMega mentioned it so he could settle this issue early.

“A dragon egg that was nearly dead was stolen when her mother sent me back to IRL. In that moment, our souls became connected. Her mother told me that I was her soulmate. This is why the young one looks more human than dragon. She’s been drawing on my life to restore her own.” (KMega)

KMega continued to try and explain all he could in one go about the lore and the situation he was currently in with the dragon girl.

Afterwards, he went into detail about what happened to Yirk.


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He decided to manipulate some of the small details though, but they would later come and give him lots of headaches but large gains. He then finished his tale after giving a warning to every man around. If they so much as suggest anything to his little sister that could be perceived in a bad way, he would do terrible things to them. He didn’t actually explain in detail though because she was standing right there, but every man not in her line of sight held their groin while imagining what could happen to them. The others had to tough it out though.

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