Chapter 156: Groups of Huge Man-Eating Fish

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In the ocean region, rank five and above ocean monsters are common.

When met with them, Qin Tian would use Sky Piercing Lightning art to destroy them.
When met with a lone ocean monster, it would be surrounded by the trio and killed mercilessly.
There was hardly any difficulty.
However, the deeper they went, the stronger the monsters were.
The trio slowly felt the pressure. Their advancement speed decreased.
After tens of hours of continuous killing, Qin Tian reached rank seven spirit refining realm and was not far from rank eight spirit refining. His level upping speed could be said as unbeatable.
Even more abnormal than a freak!
A rank six ocean monster fell.
Seeing a deep wound on Hei Yan’s arm, Qin Tian frowned. “Let’s rest for a while. Brother Hei, take this ‘Peiyuan Dan’ “.
Meng Fanyi sat on the seabed breathing heavily, extremely tired.

Hei Yan leaned against a rock with a pale face. He did not reject and swallowed Peiyuan Dan.
The medical efficacy of Peiyuan Dan took effect quickly, Hei Yan’s deep wound started to close up. Peiyuan Dan is after all a grade nine Dan, with great recovering strength.
“I’m afraid we are already tens of thousands of metres deep in the ocean region. Take care of your Water Avoidance Pearl, without it, we would turn into dust instantly by the water pressure.” Qin Tian pointed out.
Being more than ten thousand metres deep in the ocean region, without the protection of Water Avoidance Pearl, the pressure would be so terrifying that none of them would be able to last for even a second.
This was also the reason why he got each of them two Water Avoidance Pearls.
While the three of the rested, Qin Tian was also on guard.
At this point in time, changes occurred at the seabed. A dense amount of sand was floating, blocking one’s sight, making them able to only see less than twenty metres of distance. Such distance to high rank monsters was like nothing.
All one could rely on now was feeling the movement of the water around.
However, if one’s body could not move as fast as his brain, only death awaits.
“There’s danger!”
Qin Tian’s law of aura felt a strong movement of water particles and he immediately stood up. With no hesitation, darkness force shot out.
When the man-eating fish as big as a small hill appeared a kilometre away, Qin Tian had sensed it already, but its speed was too fast.
Huge Man-eating fish, rank six, powerful attack and very fast speed. And, what was more terrifying was that it lives in groups.
A Man-eating fish attacked. Seeing that the attack failed, it shook its huge tail and swam away. Sand flew and it vanished.
Now, the sand floating about was as dense as clouds.
“Fanyi, at your left……”
“Brother Hei, above you……”

“We really are surrounded this time, there’s at least 200 rank six Man-eating fishes……”
Relying on Qin Tian’s judgment, Meng Fanyi and Hei Yan withstood attacks that came one after another. Their hearts grew anxious. If not for Qin Tian, they would not be able to react.
The speed of the fishes was just too fast. If bitten, one would probably separate into halves.
“Rank two berserk.”
“Emperor Purgatory.”
“Get the f**k out!”
Qin Tian roared inwardly and the power of the sea of purgatory was released.
There were just too many Man-eating fishes, Qin Tian could not inform the others of where the attacks would come from. Even if he could, Meng Fanyi and Hei Yan would be unable to react fast enough. The only way to get out of this situation is for them to regain their scope of sight.
‘Shua’. A white light filled with the Dragon-Elephant force shot out of Qin Tian, dispersing the sand.
With the surroundings clear of sand, Qin Tian felt his hair stood.
Those huge Man-eating fishes were just too ugly. Teeth grew without restraint and were covered with spikes which had small creatures hung.
The two hundred plus fishes surrounded the trio with saliva dripping down their teeth. Greed shone from their eyes.
“What…what to do?”
Meng Fanyi took a step back and stood beside Qin Tian.
Qin Tian could feel Meng Fanyi trembling. Facing such a huge amount of Man-eating fishes, even Rebirth realm experts would shiver.
“We can’t run. Their speed is many times greater than ours.”
“So what do you mean?”
At the next instant, Qin Tian’s aura changed and a boundless might filled him. Purple flame aura rose and an ancient fierce god condensed behind him.
Raising his speed to the limits, he dashed……
“Let’s stake it all!”
“Kill ah!”
The killing intent of the trio aroused the fishes, making them attack more frenziedly. Seeing Qin Tian rushing towards them, tens of fishes went to meet him……

“Come, all of you.”
Qin Tian threw out five Thunder Pearls and retreated. Not waiting for him to rest, more of them moved towards him, wanting to have a bite of him.
The five Thunder Pearls released a great explosion.
Although the Man-eating fishes did not die, they were injured. Much of their teeth were broken and blood flowed out of them.
Five more Thunder Pearls were thrown.
Two hundred Man-eating fishes are equivalent to about 20 million experience. That would allow him to reach rank eight spirit refining realm, so how could Qin Tian let them off?
By relying on his 8 times increased speed, Qin Tian did not feel that it was too strenuous.
However, Meng Fanyi and Hei Yan were in a completely different situation as dangers were all around.
“Seven Lore Formation.”
Seven huge swords filled with boundless power strike down, killing a few fishes which helped Meng Fanyi avert disaster.
At the same time, he shouted, “Don’t attack, just protect yourselves. Leave everything else to me.”
“Are you crazy?”
“Leave to you?”
Although Meng Fanyi and Hei Yan were in a dangerous situation, they’ve helped to share some of the pressure. If two hundred Man-eating fishes attacked together, not to mention a rank seven spirit refining cultivator, even a Rebirth realm expert would be killed.
Hei Yan swallowed some Dans and carried on attacking.
Meng Fanyi brought Taixu swordsmanship to the limits, every strike of his would injure some fishes.
Seeing them attacking so fiercely, Qin Tian frowned.
It would not be a great idea to let this last for long, the two of them would definitely not be able to take it.
He passed a Water Avoidance Pearl to Mao Mao. “Mao Mao, share some of the pressure with them.”
“Hengji, hengji”
Mao Mao revealed an expression of excitement. He immediately entered his battle form and joined the fight.
Meanwhile, Qin Tian shouted inwardly, “Demonic mode!”
“Ge ge……”

The bones inside him started to produce some cracking sounds and his body turned reddish. In less than half a breath, it was complete.
Just like his speed, the heavenly demon body is much stronger than the human body. His body was filled with much destructive power. Killing intent spread.
Immediately, the Man-eating fishes were stunned. However, seeing Qin Tian’s powerful heavenly demon body, they rushed towards him even more frenziedly.
“All of you, die!”
Qin Tian roared and his eyes radiated a red glow, “Blood shadow arts, explode!”
Under the effect of berserk, more than ten thousand blood shadows appeared, rushing into the bodies of every fish. “Burst!”
Instantly, blood covered the surroundings.
None of the Man-eating fishes were let off.
“Eight times attribute increase, truly amazing.”
At the same time, the system prompted him about his experience points gained and a drop of blood essence occasionally.
“Congratulations to player ‘Qin Tian’ for breaking through to rank eight spirit refining realm……”
Level upped.
He was now two ranks away from ascension realm, haha……
The pungent smell of blood spread out towards the surrounding. With two hundred of them killed, probably even monsters a thousand li away could smell.
“Stop digging for cores.”

He quickly kept Mao Mao and shouted again, “Quickly run, or it will be too late.”

Meng Fanyi and Hei Yan, seeing Qin Tian’s expression, knew that extremely powerful monsters were coming and escaped as fast as they could.
“F**k, that was more than two hundred rank six cores.”
Qin Tian ran while feeling his heart dripping blood. He sighed and ran……

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