Chapter 32- First Match


The tournament bracket tried to be as fair as possible for every participant. With the empire with an understandable advantage in numbers, a reserve bracket was also made. When one nation would had a matchup between two of it’s warriors at the same time, someone can yield their spot to another. The one that yields will then move to the reserves.

When someone that yielded loses, the reserve takes that spot. The union could also do this if they want to, but KMega6KMegacharacter figured that they’ll go for personal glory and profit rather then actual teamwork. He would ask them to yield out of courtesy, but that was it.

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This is also how he was thinking the empire would save their strongest fighters.


KMega was in the fifth match. The first match had two imperials in it, so one naturally yielded. The second match was between a pikeman of the Northguard and a swordsman of the empire. Naturally, the empire won because they’re better equipped and trained. The third and fourth match had similar outcomes. As KMega stood up for his match, Astrid7Astridcharacter came up from behind him and hugged him before going over his shoulder and giving him a love peck on the cheek. There have been a few small changes in her ever since the full release of the companions IRL pack a week before.


For starters, she’s been a little more clingy to KMega. Add to the fact that her stats went down a considerable amount, then were quickly built back up due to her own efforts, it made KMega feel slightly inadequate. Lastly, KMega thought that she might be showing signs of passions.

KMega, who has never even looked at a woman like that before, just treated it as childish play. Sadly, it was the right way to play it in his case. His viewer base instantly ripped in two.

There were viewers of his that wanted KMega and Astrid to be together because they found his ignorance amusing and cute. There was also viewers that wanted to murder him for having such an attractive non human be head over heels for him.


KMega walked slowly to the stage. The atmosphere he gave off to the footsoldier he was fighting in his first was much different then what he expected. As the remnants of a fallen kingdom, they expected it to have nothing good left, but KMega was the last knight and a fallen true knight.

He was the last man to run from the battle with his sworn enemy. KMega’s cold eyes looked down at the footsoldier after the match began. This told the footsoldier one thing, death awaited him. He then grabbed his sword tightly while screaming, as he tried swinging the blade at KMega’s shoulder, but something hit it with a clang. The man laughed in relief for a moment before he noticed that he didn’t even break through KMega’s should pad.


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Before the man could react, KMega grabbed his hand that was holding the sword.

While he did so, the loud popping sounds of bones being broken could heard.

“The beast of blood plains!” (Footsoldier)

The man said, before he screamed.

“Withdraw and I shall let you live.” (KMega coldly)

KMega squeezed his broken hand even harder as tears filled the footman’s face from the unimaginable pain.

“I yield! I yield!” (Terrified Footsoldier)

KMega then let the man go and started walking back towards Astrid. There was a large ding in his sholderpad and he could feel blood on his shoulder. His hp dropped by twenty percent from the strike. He then used his healing magic and healed himself to peak condition by the time he arrived in front of her.

Because his first match ended so crazily, he had become the talk of the tournament.

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