Chapter 25: Li Clan’s Founder

The Li Clan’s Founder was also an Earth Realm expert and had a higher cultivation level than Guan Tong, being at the third level of the Earth Realm.

It was exactly because of the Founder that the Li Clan could continue to maintain their status. Had it not been for him, the Li Clan would be much weaker from the other three major clans and wouldn’t have been able to maintain their stand in Yunwu City.

The Founder of the Li Clan is Li Xuanfeng. After he knew of the reason why Li Tieshan and Li Shanhe were here, he stated, “Yunhai hasn’t lost a single match yet, I will review this again tomorrow.”

In fact, he actually preferred Li Yunhai. As an Earth Realm practitioner, he understood how demanding it was to breakthrough to the Earth Realm. He had a 2 star bone frame, and had stayed at the ninth level of the Origin Realm for 10 years. If he had a normal bone frame, the ninth level of the Origin Realm may have been the limit of his cultivation.

“Thank you Founder.”

Li Tieshan had a look of delight. With the words from Li Xuanfeng, this plan would have a success rate of 80%.


In the other room were Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist and his parents.

“Fuchen, with your ability, getting into top 5 is highly probable, but don’t get complacent now.”

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Even now, Li Tianhan’s heart was racing. Who could blame him, anyone who knew that their son would soon become a disciple of the Cang Lan Sect would definitely be excited.

“Dad, Mom, rest assured. I will make it.”

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Li Fuchen was determined, he had yet to utilize the sixth rank Red Jade Technique. With it, none could withstand even a few of his blows, with the exception of Yang Kai.


A night of silence passed by quickly, as the second day arrived.

Flooded with people, the atmosphere was roused up at the arena.

“The Genius Contest will now resume.” Shen Tu Jianhe announced.

The fourth round, Li Fuchen rode on the momentum from yesterday and defeated his foe with no surprise.

Li Yunhai didn’t enjoy the same fortune, as he met the North’s top ace, He Ping, in his fourth match.

He Ping’s combat skills was not any inferior than that of Yang Kai’s, and he had a good physical strength of 500 kg.

The two fought intensely for a dozen exchanges, with He Ping suppressing Li Yunhai.

“Shallow River Glide!”

Li Yunhai trained in the Drifting Sword Style, with a bend of his body and he executed one of the signature moves of the Drifting Sword Style.

“Eagle Sky Strike!”

He Ping utilizing his vast combat experience, instantly rose in mid-air and counterattacked.


An attack landed on Li Yunhai’s chest. He narrowly avoided fainting due the to huge force behind his strike.

“This He Ping is strong! He actually beat Li Yunhai who benefited from the Tempering Pool.”

“Amongst the minor clans, He Ping is undoubtedly the first in combat ability, with Zhu Hongxiu coming in second. Defeating Li Yunhai was within expectation.”

Following after Guan Peng, Li Yunhai was the second seeded contestant to lose. This gave hope that the seeded contestants who soaked in the Tempering Pool weren’t unbeatable. With excellent combat skills, one could still win against them.

This wasn’t the only match, in the fifth round, Zhu Hongxiu defeated Yang Hao who was second among the geniuses of the Yang Clan. She displayed a luxuriant sword play that made the audience raise their brows.

As such, three of the seeded contestants were defeated.

With the genius contest entering the sixth round, Li Yunhai was going against the Shen Tu Clan’s champion, Shen Tu Jue.

Shen Tu Jue cultivated the Shao Yang Luo Technique. With the technique at peak of the fourth rank, Shen Tu Jue’s valiant qi was one step higher than Yang Kai’s. How could Li Yunhai be his opponent? In just seven or eight moves, Li Yunhai was beaten down by Shen Tu Jue.

On the podium, a smile found its way on to Shen Tu Jianhe’s face.

As the city lord of Yunwu City, he cultivated the Cang Lan Sect’s mid-tier, mystic class, Scarlet Flame Technique. But due to sect’s rules which prohibited the impartation of sect techniques, the Scarlet Flame Technique wasn’t pass on to the Shen Tu Clan. The Shao Yang Luo Technique though, was found outside of the sect. It has a total of nine ranks and once cultivated to the fourth rank, it wouldn’t lack in strength when compared to a fifth rank high-tier, yellow class technique. The power of the Shao Yang Luo Technique was ferocious, once the cultivator hit an enemy with it, they would feel as if they were being scorched by fire and would experience an unbearable agony.

After six rounds, two contestants were knocked out as they only won one match each and loss a total of five rounds.

Round seven, Li Fuchen was heading up with Shen Tu Liang.

“Don’t think just because you won against Guan Peng, that means you can beat me too. I am stronger than him.”

Two months ago, Shen Tu Liang did not have the confidence to win against Li Fuchen, but that was before the Tempering Pool and combat training.

“Victory isn’t decided by talking.” Li Fuchen said indifferently.

“Smart aleck, see how I smash your teeth.”

Circulating his Shao Yang Luo Technique, the surroundings of Shen Tu Liang turned rampant. With the heat surfacing from the wooden sword, it appeared to be slightly bent due to the mirage. No imagination could prepare you for the consequence of being scratch by this sword.

After seven or eight bouts, Shen Tu Liang wasn’t as arrogant anymore. Li Fuchen’s sword was more dominant than his. The trajectories were very crafty and it made him uncomfortable.

Li Fuchen used the Shao Shang Sword Style to deal with Shen Tu Liang.

With the Shao Shang Sword Style at the completion stage, it was not only impeccable, but the sword qi was tremendous as well. Not including his physical strength, Li Fuchen’s sword carried a force of 1000 kg compare to others’ 700-800 kg. Even without the effects of the Tempering Pool, the explosive power from Li Fuchen was not any weaker than the seeded contestants’.

“It is almost time.”

Li Fuchen swiftly increased his sword’s speed, and with a swing, an ear piercing hum penetrated the air. Without enough time to react, Shen Tu Liang was struck on the chest and tumbled off the stage.


Shen Tu Jianhe crushed the tea cup in his hand, with his face ashened.

Defeating Shen Tu Liang, Li Fuchen shook his head. Too weak, be it fundamentals or combat skills, all his opponents were feeble. Up to this point, not mentioning the sixth rank Red Jade Technique, he didn’t even display 70% of his abilities. That is to mean, not even using the sixth rank Red Jade Technique, he was still breezing through.

With the eighth round, Li Yunhai lost again, this time to Zhu Hongxiu.

The physical strength of Zhu Hongxiu was far from Li Yunhai’s, but her sword skills were almost at the completion stage. With her vast sword qi, exquisite swordplay, and exceptional combat skills, Li Yunhai could only stand in front of a dozen blows before stumbling off the stage.

Li Tieshan started to get impatient with Li Yunhai’s loss to Zhu Hongxiu.

If Li Yunhai were to lose another two matches, he would be eliminated. Except for He Ping, Shen Tu Jue, and Zhu Hongxiu, there were still many geniuses that could triumph over Li Yunhai. People like Yang Kai and Li Fuchen; as well as Yang Hao and Shen Tu Liang who were on par with Li Yunhai, were threats tool. Whether Li Fuchen threw his match against Li Yunhai or not, would become a crucial key.

“Founder.” Li Tieshan referred to Li Xuanfeng on his side.

Li Xuanfeng nodded.

“Tianhan, as the Li Clan’s Patriarch, you need to think about the larger interest. What I am going to request next will involve the future of the Li Clan. As such, I ask for your understanding and resolve to enforce it.”

Li Xuanfeng spoke to Li Tianhan with a sincere and heavy tone.

“What does Founder want to request?” Li Tianhan was puzzled.

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