Chapter 26: Left in Shock

Li Xuanfeng softly explained, “With Fuchen’s skills, even if he loses one match, he still would have a good chance to grasp a spot in the top 5. For the future of the Li Clan, I hope he can lose one match to Yunhai.”

“This is not possible.” Li Tianhan rejected on the spot, “With the Cang Lan Sect outer sect elder observing this genius contest, if Fuchen throws a match on purpose, he will lose the qualification to continue.”

There were precedents in the past, a certain clan wanted to get more spots in the contest and ordered the contestants with absolute strength to throw their matches. The Cang Lan outer sect elder noticed it and immediately disqualified the contestants who threw the matches.

And trust that the Cang Lan Sect will do it. With countless cities under their control, they have endless amounts of geniuses flocking to them. They will not bother if you make it or not, as those disciples with real potential were already invited into the sect.

“Then we have to forgo one of them. You are the Patriarch, you should know who to give up on.” Li Xuanfeng knew throwing the match wasn’t the way, but if it was legal, he wouldn’t need to personally request it.

Li Tianhan put on an unpleasant face and said, “Founder, you want me to forsake Fuchen? This is definitely out of the question. Even if Fuchen agreed, I will object to it.”

He isn’t this impartial and selfless, so what if he is the Patriarch? If it was because of this Patriarch status that he had to forsake his son’s future, then he was willing to give up the Patriarch position.

Li Xuangfeng narrowed his brows, “I understand your feelings as a father. But you need to accept the fact that you aren’t just Fuchen’s father, but you are the Li Clan’s Patriarch too. If you can’t even make a contribution to the Li Clan, who else can be counted on to make the sacrifice.”

“Contribution? Giving up what belongs to my son is called contribution?” Li Tianhan questioned.

Li Xuanfeng gruffed, “Tianhan, I do not know if your are really muddled or pretending to be. Fuchen’s normal bone frame is a fact everyone knows of, but Yunhai has a 2 star bone frame. How can a normal bone frame be placed on the same topic line? Giving up on the normal bone frame and choosing a 2 star bone frame is the best choice for the Li Clan.”

Li Tianhan disagreed, “Founder, I beg to differ. Even if he has a 2 star bone frame, in this world, there are plenty of 2 star bone frame individuals. But only a selected few can progress to Earth Realm. A normal bone frame cannot be denied the chance to achieve the Earth Realm. Three thousand miles2miles1 Chinese mile = 500 meters away is Chaoyang City’s lord, who began with a normal bone frame, yet he still obtained the title of city lord.

“That is an exception, how many of them are there? One out of every five 2 star bone frame cultivators could produce one Earth Realm practitioner. But even a hundred normal bone frame may not be able to produce one Earth Realm practitioner. This probability is of 1 in a 100, it’s almost negligible.”

“Founder, do you truly believe Fuchen is an average individual with a normal bone frame? Since our Li Clan established ourselves 60 years ago, have you ever seen a normal bone frame with such an exceptional performance? He could very well be the next Chaoyang City’s lord.”

Li Xuanfeng had a change of mind, ‘It seems Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist cannot be treated as a normal bone frame. This performance is even more dauntless than the Chaoyang City’s lord during his youthful years. But a normal bone frame has too many unknown variables to take such a risk.”

Denying the words of Li Tianhan, “The clan has invested too much on Yunhai, he can’t be abstained. I hope you’ll think for the larger interest and not neglect my expectations of you.”

Shen Yuyan couldn’t hold back any longer, “Founder, previously Fuchen gave up the spot for the Tempering Pool for the sake of the Li Clan. Now you want him to give up the opportunity to enter the Cang Lan Sect. In the future would there be a time where Fuchen has to give up his own life? Isn’t it too unfair for Fuchen?”

Shen Yuyan felt an unbearable ache in her heart.

“Shen Yuyan, you are just a woman, how is this your turn to speak? Li Tieshan rebuked.

Li Tianhan infuriated, “Li Tieshan, Yuyan is my wife, the mistress of the Patriarch, when did you have the authority to reprimand her? Who gave you the rights?”

Li Tieshan didn’t back down, “Li Tianhan, you abused your authority as the Patriarch, but you aren’t taking the responsibility of one. In your view, the Li Clan’s future isn’t as important as your son’s. You are unfit to be the Patriarch.”

“Li Tieshan, don’t make a fallacious argument. I, Li Tianhan do not know about the responsibility you speak of. A martial artist needs to have their own backbone and fight for what belongs to them. Yet, your son requires handouts from others? Just seeing this makes me think he can’t achieve much in the future. Whereas my son, Fuchen who only has normal bone frame, produced all his current achievements on his own without any alms.”

“All his own efforts? What a joke. Had it not been the Scarlet Snow Pill, could your son progress to the sixth level of the Qi Realm?” Li Tieshan mocked.

“The pill was a gift from me as his father. Is there something wrong?”

“Sure you can, you are the Patriarch, the Li Clan belongs to you. You would even utilize all of the Li Clan to help your son. What can I say?”

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“You…” Li Tianhan was enraged with wide eyes.

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“Enough.” Li Xuanfeng gave a cold look to Li Tianhan.

“Tianhan, you disappoint me. It seems it was my mistake to choose you to be Patriarch back then. From now on, you are no longer the Patriarch of the Li Clan. As for your son, Fuchen, I will speak with him personally.”

He trusted that a Li Clan’s descendant would never dare to disagree with the Founder.

“Founder…” Shen Yuyan spoke with dismal.

As Li Fuchen was spectating from below the stage, as a voice came through to his ear.

“Fuchen, it’s your great grandfather, Li Xuanfeng.”

Li Fuchen frowned as he turned to look in the direction of where Li Xuanfeng was seated.

“You are a descendant of the Li Clan and have the obligation to contribute to the clan. Now, I want you to lose to Yunhai, and I know you will not betray your great grandfather’s hopes. I will reward you handsomely afterwards.”

Li Fuchen heard all of Li Xuanfeng’s request without divulging a word.

Li Fuchen was expressionless but drooped his eyelids.

As if fate was teasing, in the tenth round, Li Fuchen went up against Li Yunhai.

“Li Fuchen, I hope you make the right choice. When I become an Earth Realm expert in the future, I will not treat you unfairly. When you look back to your decision today, you will be proud and honored that you did so.” Li Yunhai spoke softly.

“Relying on others to give you the opportunity, do you have no qualms in doing so?” Li Fuchen asked.

Li Yunhai laughed, “What qualms should I have? In this world, the strong rules supreme. As for how one became strong, who bothers about it? The process isn’t important, the results are. And without a doubt, I am the hope of the Li Clan, not you.”

“What a clear conscience you have.”

Li Fuchen lifted his eyelids and gave a severe gaze at Li Yunhai.

“Since I, Li Fuchen came to this world. I will not be restricted by anyone. No one can obstruct my path, not even the Founder… Li Yunhai, get ready for defeat!”

Li Fuchen didn’t plan to lose to his opponent, because he isn’t worthy.

Swish, swish!

The wooden sword thrusted at an shocking velocity towards Li Yunhai. This thrust was the best attack executed by Li Fuchen in this contest. With a flash, only the shadow of the sword could be seen.

Li Yunhai startled, “Li Fuchen, you are too outrageous! You are the sinner of the Li Clan!”

Li Yunhai only had enough time to raise his sword for a block.


The wooden sword in Li Yunhai’s hand broke as he felt the pain on his chest, he was sent soaring out of the stage as if he was carried by a hurricane.

At this moment, the whole arena was left in shock.

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