Chapter 386: Token of love?


“Beautiful Miss Shaman, would you like me to release this wind blade? In any case, take this big wind blade as a gift from me.” Long Yi smirked behind the cyan colored protective screen. In a split second, the huge wind blade which was in front of him slashed towards the stunned Ou Yala.

At such a close distance, the huge wind blade instantly appeared before the stunned face of Ou Yala.

Long YI raised his eyebrows. This Winged Clan Shaman would be able to withstand at least a single blow right? Although his wind blade was big and powerful, its might was greatly reduced by the power of her Wind Domain. If she were to die by this wind blade within her domain, then that would be too embarrassing.

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However, Long Yi’s worry proved to be superfluous. The wind blade cut through Ou Yala without any resistance, no, it was her afterimage. The afterimage had a vivid expression on its face, and it seemed as though it was really Ou Yala. However, it dissipated into the air as the real Ou Yala appeared behind Long Yi a second later. Surprisingly, she failed to carry out a sneak attack on Long Yi like she had done in the beginning. Long Yi slowly turned around, and was surprised as he looked at Ou Yala and said, “Only relying on speed, it is impossible to make such a clear afterimage for a long time. What you used should be a kind of wind magic, isn’t that so?”

Although Long Yi could cast wind magic, all his wind magic spells were basically his own creation. It wasn’t strange for him to lack knowledge about Ou Yala’s wind magic.

“Yes, this is the Shadow Dividing Magic which is a type of wind magic. However, I have a question for you, how can you cast magic spells in my Wind Domain?” Ou Yala seemed to have no intention to continue her attack as she asked Long Yi, shocked. Within a magic domain, other than the caster, other people should be unable to use the magic elements in the domain to cast magic spells.

“As I said, I’m blessed by the Wind God. You simply didn’t believe me.” Long Yi smiled and shrugged his shoulders. As a matter of fact, the truth was very simple. He was using his magic element core which was situated within his sea of consciousness to cast the magic spell. As he wasn’t using the magic elements in the atmosphere, he was able to cast magic spells even within Ou Yala’s Wind Domain. As far as Long Yi was concerned, he knew that many magicians were able to do the same thing. However, they were only able to case some low leveled magic spells. It was basically impossible for them to cast such high-level defense and attack magic like Long Yi. The results shocked Ou Yala as she didn’t dare to believe that Long Yi was such a powerful being.

Ou Yala looked at Long Yi for a long time in a startled fashion her heart fiercely shook. Ou Yala was a loyal believer of the Wind God. With regards to the strange wind attributed magic spell and his strange abilities to be able to ignore the Wind Domain completely, Ou Yala believed that Long Yi had some relations to the Wind God even if he wasn’t blessed by the Wind God.

“No matter how you put it, the sacred object is the Winged Clan’s defining treasure. Even if you are blessed by the Wind God, you must go to our clan to give an explanation to all our clansmen.” Ou Yala hardheartedly said to Long Yi. She knew that she wouldn’t be able to drag him back by force, neither would she be able to defeat him and get the sacred object off him. In order to resolve the problem, she had to invite him to the clan itself to explain the matter of him taking the sacred object away. She was obviously no match for this bad fellow who was laughing while fighting her.

“Where is your Winged Clan located?” Long Yi asked curiously.

“A highly concealed place in the Hengduan Mountains. You’ll naturally find out if you go with us.” Ou Yala said.

“It’s not like I don’t want to go with you all. Before I follow you guys anywhere, shouldn’t you at least let me see your faces?” Long Yi’s eyes shone with lewdness as he said with a wicked smile on his face.

Ou Yala hesitated for a bit before agreeing to his request. The only reason they were disguised was because it was a method they used to conceal their aura. In order to get the sacred object back from Phoenix Matriarch, they had to hide themselves before ambushing her. She nodded her head and said, “That’s fine, I hope you will keep your promise.”

Long Yi nodded his head. He hoped that this Winged Clan’s Shaman who possessed a goddess-like voice wouldn’t disappoint him. However, in Long Yi’s heart, he thought that a majority of women that had an exceedingly attractive voice had bad looks to match. It could be said that there were only a few women who were favored by the heavens to be born pretty with a nice voice.

Ou Yala chanted an incantation with her clear and melodious voice. As if the gurgling sound of a brook, people would feel refreshed in both their bodies and their mind when they heard her voice.

The grey colored disguise on Ou Yala’s face slowly dissipated, and Long Yi’s eyes became bigger and bigger. When the true face of Ou Yala emerged in front of Long Yi, Long Yi secretly exclaimed with admiration. Even Phoenix Matriarch who was still tied up by the Wind Binding Magic involuntarily gasped in admiration.

Ou Yala had had a slender figure, had exquisite curves and her beautiful face was completely different from those other beast-men. It was white and unblemished. Compared to the women of the Blue Waves Continent, the outline of her body was a little profound. Her eyes were shiny like an emerald, and the bridge of her nose was straight. She had thin pink lips and the short emerald-coloured hair on her head gave her a refreshing look. Her short hair gave Long Yi a shock as it was the first time he had seen a woman with short hair on the Blue Waves Continent.

Long Yi’s gaze slowly descended. Ou Yala’s face didn’t disappoint him in the slightest. Although she was not lovely enough to cause the fall of a state, and she didn’t have the gentle demeanor of a woman, she had a different kind of feeling to her. The feeling she gave Long Yi was one of farsightedness and sensibility, both of which Long Yi valued highly

“Wow, so sexy, aren’t you afraid others may catch you before you find the sacred object?” Long Yi swallowed a mouthful of saliva as he thought about some improper stuff in his heart. Ou Yala was wearing leopard fur which was alternating between black and white. On that leopard fur, there was a dimly visible mysterious rune, and a large area of the snowy white skin on her chest was visible. Furthermore, the leopard fur she was wearing as a dress only stretched to her knees. She was bare underneath her knee with only two short boots on her feet. This style of dressing was not rare at all in his previous world, but he had never seen such fashion in the entire Blue Waves Continent.

What made Long Yi even more curious was that pair of spotlessly white wings on Ou Yala’s back. Currently, they were spread out and were slightly flapping, keeping her in the air. She appeared just like an angel, which gave Long Yi an indescribable feeling in his heart.

The ** gaze of Long Yi made Ou Yala somewhat unhappy. She felt as if she was stripped naked under his eyes which made her feel very uncomfortable.

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“Now that you have seen my true appearance, follow us back to our clan.” Ou Yala said with indifference in her voice. She had a sudden impulse to rush over and gouge out Long Yi’s eyeballs as he stared at her with his ** gaze.

“This… It’s not like I refuse to return with you, there is nothing more joyful than going on a journey with a beauty with you by my side to keep me company. However, I am truly tied up with many unfinished matters at the moment. Within the near future, it would be impossible for me to follow you back to your clan. How about giving me a method to contact you? When I have settled my business, I’ll look for you and follow you back to your clan.” Long Yi said while appearing helpless. However, he was telling the truth this time, he was indeed very busy. He had to go to the Yatesianna defense line, not to mention that he also had to accompany Wushuang to the Huangmang Plain. These were only the most important matters he had to handle, there were also many other trivial matters he had to take care of.

“You… your words cannot be trusted.” Ou Yala angrily criticized Long Yi. She was brought up in the Winged Clan which was hidden from the world since childhood. Other than her clansmen, she had never interacted with other people from the Blue Waves Continent. As such, Ou Yala had a simple mind. Against Long Yi, she was like a three-year-old baby.

“How am I not trustable? It’s not like I’m refusing to go to your Winged Clan, It’s just that I’m postponing my visit!” With an innocent smile on his face, Long Yi explained himself to Ou Yala.

In the air, Ou Yala hovered still as she thought for a little while. It was true that Long Yi had never mentioned when he was going to the Winged Clan with her. However, she felt as though she was eating a loss here, Patriarch was right, humans are truly fraudulent. Both the woman and man in front of her was the same.

Looking at Ou Yala’s face, Long Yi saw that her beautiful face had become pale from anger. In an instant, Long Yi became soft-hearted. It seemed as though bullying woman was his strong point after all.

“Beautiful Miss Shaman, it is impossible for me to go with you now. However, I’ll go to the Hengduan Mountains in the future, and if I have free time on my hands, I will look for your noble clan.” Long Yi said. He wasn’t lying. The entrance of the Huangmang Plain was at the northwest of the Proud Moon Empire. That wasn’t far from the Hengduan Mountains at all. Long Yi already had a plan in his head, he was planning to go to the Elven Forest to see that lass, Lu Xiya. However, he had yet to decide if he was going to go to the Elven Forest before going to the Huangmang Plain, or after returning from the Huangmang Plain.

Ou Yala saw that Long Yi was very sincere and her anger gradually subsided. It seemed as though Long Yi was telling the truth and he was really busy at the moment. In the end, Ou Yala decided to believe Long Yi and stopped pestering him to follow her back to the Winged Clan. However, losing the sacred object made her feel unpleasant in her heart.

Ou Yala took out a pearl with Wind Soaring Magic sealed in it and tossed it towards Long Yi. She said, “When you are in the Hengduan Mountains, crush this pearl to release the magic sealed within it. Someone will come and lead you to our clan.”

Long Yi caught the pearl and said with a smile, “This token of love is rather special, what should I give you in exchange?”

Long Yi’s words sparked anger in Ou Yala. However, she already knew Long Yi’s character after interacting with him for a while. She knew that Long Yi was a hoodlum and she wouldn’t be able to gain anything if she replied him. As such, she chose to remain silent.

Snap, Long Yi snapped his fingers and said, “I’ve got it, I know what I should give you in exchange.”

Long Yi stretched his hand out and a layer of cold qi began to condense in his hand. He had used the water magic core inside his sea of consciousness to cast Black Yin Ice Cold Qi.

With a single thought from Long Yi, the cold qi on his hand began to churn. Before long, it began to condense into Black Yin Ice. The moment it condensed, a trace of cyan wind magic element suddenly appeared among the cold qi.

Roughly a quarter of an hour later, an exquisitely carved rose was formed in Long Yi’s hands. The special thing about this sparkling and translucent rose was the threads of cyan mist circulating around it. It was an exquisite work of art by Long Yi as he presented it to Ou Yala.

“It’s a gift for you.” Long Yi wiped the sweat from his forehead and flew towards Ou Yala. Hovering in front of her, he handed this sparkling and translucent rose to her.

“It’s so pretty!” Ou Yala exclaimed with admiration. Although she was the noble Shaman of the Winged Clan, she was still a maiden in the end. She had always loved beautiful things. Looking at the rose in her hand, she was mesmerized by the wind magic element which was circulating around this ice rose. It gave her a sense of cordiality whenever she looked at it.

“Just take it. Even if you exposed this ice flower under the sun, it would only melt after a year.” Long Yi laughed. When he had condensed the Black Yin Ice, he had repeatedly compressed the magic elements in order to form this ice rose. This small ice rose contained an amazing amount of water magic elements in it.

Ou Yala happily looked at the ice rose for a long time before lifting her gaze. She eventually retracted her smile and pushed away Long Yi’s hand and said in stern countenance, “I cannot take this ice flower.”

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