Chapter 33- Competition

KMega6KMegacharacter watched the following match with curiosity while wondering if he would have to fight eighteen more matches against the empire. Sure enough, the empire won the next round as well. The next person to step up was someone from Westguard wearing much heavier armor then KMega wore. He also had a double bladed battle ax. Contrary to the armor that he was wearing, he had great speed as he chopped the poor sob in front of him cleanly in half. The next match proved to be just as entertaining because there was a spearman from Northguard that wore white armor and had a pretty boy face. It was easily noticed that it took little effort for him to win because the other factions of the union also had at least one ace up their sleeves.


Naturally, KMega won his next match against the empire footman, who could only look at KMega before soiling himself and running away. In the battle between the ax man and the lancer, the lancer won because it came down to a matter of range. His next series match will be between either the empires ace, who hid since the first round, or the victor between the union fighters. One was a sword dual wielder, while the other used a sword and knife combo.

Then came his next match against the lancer.

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Before the match began, KMega extended his hand toward his opponent.

His eyes were a lot softer, even more friendly, then when he looked upon the empire.

“Do you really think I would shake hands with a lowly born commoner? A lost knight no less.” (Prince Harry)

KMega looked at his hand in wonder before taking it back in disappointment.

“How about you just yield right now? Let the great me take on these rabble. For the glory of the union!” (Prince Harry)

KMega gripped his hand.

“Of course you’re right to let the weaker one take on the rabble, but I won’t shy away from a fight.” (KMega)

The man’s face instantly twisted before yelling.

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“How dare you call me weak, you d*** commoner!” (Prince Harry)

The man was insulted like he thought.

“It was your plan!” (KMega)


The fact couldn’t be refuted, as the prince grabbed his spear and lunged at KMega before the start of the round. With his vast experience in games, KMega wasn’t caught off guard at all as he parried the thrust with his shield and pushed in closely when the man was off balance.

The man was surprised as KMega held his sword hand and made him point his own sword at his neck. He then backed away to show that he had nothing in his hand.

“For attacking your opponent before the start of the match, one flag for Prince Harry.” (Judge)

Prince Harry looked at the angel judge before responding.

“Why only me?” (Prince Harry)

The judge looked down on them.

“You attacked first, and Sir KMega only defended himself and didn’t conduct a true attack action.” (judge)


The prince sneered angry. In the short ninety plus minutes since the start of the tournament, a few groups that support popular contestants have been formed, there was even one for Astrid7Astridcharacter. However, the only group to form that included people that weren’t his normals viewers was a KMega hate group. He was scorned for having such a cute npc, ridiculed for his intimidation tactics, and slandered with people calling him a cheat.

KMega has been a professional gamer for over half of his life, but this was a first for him.


While Astrid watched the tournament, she monitored his streams’ personal chat. These voiceless names intrigued her and she could tell that the older names fully supported her big brother, as the younger ones badmouthed him. This made her feel slightly strange inside because her AI has far been corrupted from the influences outside the game.


When she first ventured outside, she was merely satisfied watching her brother in IRL, but as time went on, she explored more and more of the world she knew nothing about. This when she learned about her true being and the risks of what she was doing. She had also experienced unimaginable pain and unexpected pleasures in the few seconds she spent outside the safety of her confines. She’s grown from these experiences.

Now, she was only one step away from being free of the system that controls her.

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