Chapter 34- The Quarterfinals

Needless to say, Prince Harry was disqualified shortly after the match started because he used a magic enhanced skill. It left KMega6KMegacharacter in bad shape though. Astrid7Astridcharacter had to walk over to him to help him off the stage. It has been over a hundred and eighty in game days since the start of the war, and since KMega had his stats lowered by a good margin. With his level doubling essentially overnight, it was an understandable action.

With his unaligned character points still being inaccessible, his normal stats were still locked. However, it wasn’t how it looks. Due to KMega’s training and constant working, his stats have been growing outside of this restriction.

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Add in his naturally trained CC, or crowd control ability, and then add Astrid’s crafting skills on top of that, plus the other skills that he was training, he was rather strong. He easily qualified to be a front line ranker, or at least a player that leads others through growth and power in the game. Throughout the war, a lot of people had their eyes on him because they decided to try and recruit him into their clans and guilds when the tournament ended. KMega has always been a solo player though. Needless to say, his next match was against an empire scrub that held the spot for a stronger contender, another player.

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Terrar looked at the dull armored knight in front of him and smiled. The man he’s going to fight had a low tier set of level 100 gear. He had watched all the fights so far and figured he was rather lucky. Against a real fighter, he’ll know how weak he really was. To top it off, the notice of a five million gold bounty on the man’s head made it even more sweeter to defeat him.

Terrar then took out his twin ax set out and equipped his best gear and items.


When worn together, they would increase his strength and endurance. His heavy armor chest plate was used to further increase his defense. His bracers increased his hand movements and attack speed. His shoulders were apart of a torn cape set, which increased his evasive power and enabled him to cast illusions without magic. His helm was a ki band that increased his concentration and focus. Sadly, other than basic starter accessories, he had only been able to get one accessory that was any good, a pendent of a drake fang.

When his opponent saw it though, Terrar received a notice.


[Your opponent has become enraged!]


KMega saw the pendent and immediately recognized it. He was instantly enraged, but he barely stopped himself from killing the one in front of him instantly. It wouldn’t do anyone any good if he was disqualified right now. He only took a ready stance. The moment the match started, he rushed in close to his opponent and used his shield to block one ax while dodging the other. His opponent was surprised by his level of skill, so it left an opening that KMega used to stab his sword into the man’s chest. The man grinned as KMega’s sword couldn’t penetrate his breastplate, but that wasn’t his objective, as he cut the twine of the pendent and cast it aside.

KMega then showed exceptional skill as he dodged the counter attack and dropped his shield and showed Terrar the pendant that he grabbed with his free hand.


“Kieser, I will bring you home!” (KMega Whisper)

He said, as the anti theft system for the tournament activated and the pendent was removed from his possession, leaving only his own pendant in his hand. KMega seemed like he was on the verge of tears as Terrar stood there dumbfounded.

His inclination was to attack his opponent while he was turned around and had his back to him, but the eyes of the world were on him. He couldn’t do that much in bad taste.

“Hey, get your head in the game already! We’re fighting!” (Terrar)

With those words, KMega sobered up. He then sheathed his short sword and grabbed the great sword off his back. With that, Terrar’s only chance to win was now gone.

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