Chapter 35- PvP

Terrar smirked at KMega6KMegacharacter’s foolishness. A large weapon gave him range, but it cost him speed. He figured that this was a result of his armor not being penetrated. However, this was untrue because Terrar failed to realize that KMega didn’t aim for a kill shot, but for the pendant.

However, Terrar paused after seeing the necklace that KMega wore was also a drake fang.

He was annoyed as his own drake fang was put into his inventory, unequippable.

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“Are you ready? I’m tired of waiting.” (Terrar)

The only response he got was a nod, as KMega took an attack stance.


It was true that Terrar had a speed advantage because of his twin axes, but KMega was skilled in fighting all kinds of weapon users. As his time as a pirate, he commonly used a bow and arrow, then a one handed sword or dual wielding. During his time as a necromancer, he learned about blunt weapons. As a mage, he learned staves and wands, as well as magic. As a thief; he learned knives, daggers, and throwing weapons. As a knight, he learned how to use two handed weapons and the lance, but his favorite weapon to use now was a great sword.

Naturally, he also practiced his repairing and enhancement abilities in each of the weapon class trees when he could to give him further options in battle. The shield knight was just his warm up game.


KMega took a stance to attack in a wide arc with his sword, causing Terrar to feel weary. However, the die was cast because Terrar rushed KMega head on. Naturally, Terrar got out of the path of the wide attack before rushing in close to KMega. The brief moment he was open, KMega smirked as the arc of his sword landed in the stone arena behind him. He then jumped back to dodge the incoming axes as he leapt backwards, then KMega gripped his sword even harder. As it bent down, severely destroying the items durability, it rebounded and pushed KMega back up. Terrar was bewildered as KMega had let go of his great sword, only to take hold of his short sword. Terrar only had two choices at the moment, dodge or block.

He then smirked with pride because he knew that his armor would hold up, so he used the broad side of his axes to block the attack.


“Meteor drop!”

KMega announced, as his sword penetrated the thick metals of Terrar’s chest piece and weapons before piercing his heart.

“That’s magic though!” (Terrar)

He said, as his hp faded to under half.

Meteor drop wasn’t technically classified as magic. It’s a combat skill that increases the penetration and damage you inflict based on the height from when you use it. When used with a greatsword, an aoe stun effect occurs as well. Seeing his opponent stunned, but still standing, KMega went back to the bent sword buried in the ground and gave it a tug to remove it before turning back to the still stunned Terrar.

In one swift motion, KMega decapitated Terrar, finally bringing his health down to 0.

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The major things you think about in any vr game; skills, passive abilities, stats, crowd control, and items. All of these things except CC can be acquired in game through, time, effort, and luck. CC is a players natural talent and ability for combat. If you let ten people play for a week, their skills will naturally be different, even if they play the same classes, do the same quests, and play for the same duration. Since vr games take the physical limits out of the equation, the only limit that people will accept is put on themselves. For CC though, there’s a difference between natural talent and trained ability. A natural talent will be someone that appears skilled in their actions, but will in fact be sloppy and leave openings. A trained individual will remain calm when things don’t go their way. KMega’s been playing vr games over half his life, so his CC was rather average when he started, but after years of training and playing, he’s overcome his limitations. He even purposely created close calls on occasion to drum up views.

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