Chapter 377 – Isn’t It Not Good To Get A Concubine First?

“This is Lady Lian Lian from the Shang Guan Clan, Lady Lian Lian had often visited the Ji Mo Clan and accompanied mother in discussions, she is a fine lady with a gentle character…”. A shy and slender lady stood up, she greeted Ji Mo Ya and became even more bashful.

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“Che’er, this is…”

Madam Ru introduced each of them one by one. Ji Mo Ya maintained his faint expression of smile while nodding at each of them lightly to express his acknowledgement.

It was considered as his way of greeting them.

As the young master of a great clan, his demeanor, poise, and behavior must be perfect.

However, whenever he lowered his gaze a flash of impatience and disdain would appear within his eyes.

He had also understood his mothers intention in holding  this banquet.

For his mother’s sake he stayed till the end of the banquet as proper host would have.But Ji Mo Ya didn’t bother to socialize and only focused on eating.When the end finally arrived, Ji Mo Ya merely stood up and bid his farewell.

Madam Huan invited the various well-bred young ladies to depart while asking Ji Mo Ya to stay.

“Mother misses you after not meeting for a long time. You’ve left to travel the continent for many a years without return, but i didn’t expect you breakthrough and reach the realm of Mystic Spirit Master so quickly.If your dear departed father were to learn about this, he would surely be very happy as well”. Madam Ru took out a handkerchief to dabble at the tears welling up at the corners of her eyes.

Ji Mo Ya tall figure stood upright while maintaining a lukewarm expression.

“I have caused mother to worry.”

“I am your mother, other than you who can I worry about? Since you were young, you have not made me worry.Everything that you did, you would always achieve the best results and come out on top, becoming the number one candidate for the clan patriarchy, becoming a True Spirit Master in your teens, breaking through and becoming a Mystic Spirit Master  in your early twenties. Not only are these achievements rare and so few within the history of the Ji Mo Clan, even if you look at the entire history of the human race there is also no similar examples. Mother is truly happy for you.” Madam Ru replied with a tone filled with pride.

Ji Mo Ya kept silent and waited for her to continue to the next part.

Madam Ru continued, “Now that you have reached the level of Mystic Spirit Master your bounty and rank offered by the demons would likely have increased greatly as well. This time a Demon King was sent to ambush and assassinate you, but next time there might be two or even three.If something were to happen to you, it would be the end of your father’s bloodline. The patriarch also would not want to see this excellent bloodline of your father’s branch end…”

Ji Mo Ya maintained a calm expression and did not speak.

Seeing Ji Mo Ya’s light expression, Madam Ru knew that it was pointless to continue.Since the soft approach was not successful her expression turned cold and her ‘tears’ dried up.

“Do not blame mother for being so nosy. You were kidnapped by demons when you were young and treated as blood food, your father also died while trying to save you… Since then mother has started to lookout for good ladies, their star talents cannot be low; they must be Walnut Stars and above, their backgrounds must also not be too weak; they must be descendants of the Eight Great Clans. Now that you are over twenty years old, these young ladies have also grown up…”

This matter had been brought up again, ‘your father died while trying to save you’ he has heard this phrase countless times ever since he was young.

His mother and father were a rare celestial couple who both reached the realm of King Spirit Masters, and were also blessed to have conceived a child together; thus attracting the envy of many people. However, a good thing doesn’t last forever, life has many twists and turns…

Ji Mo Ya lowered his gaze, “Mother, regarding this son’s marriage, didn’t the patriarch mention that there’s a suitable candidate already?”

“The people that your mother has chosen are naturally meant to become your concubines. Your marriage is an important matter, so it is only natural that the patriarch and elders are to discuss and decide.”

A dark glint flashed through Ji Mo Ya’s calm eyes and disappeared in an instant, “I have yet to marry, isn’t it not good to get a concubine first?”

On top of being a King Spirit Master, Madam Ru was the mother of Ji Mo Ya, a daughter of the Mu Rong Clan, and a daughter-in-law of the Ji Mo Clan, being a person of power she possessed an inherent pride and arrogance that was embedded deep within her bones.

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