Chapter 58 (V2): Second Young Mistress Shi Returns Home

What really scared her was Second Old Mistress Shi. If not for Shi Lian and her servant appearing at the scene, Second Old Mistress Shi would surely make her be the scapegoat! At that time, the other three maidservants present were all under her, and sealing their mouth would be effortless! Shi Lian’s appearance at the scene made her uncertain whether she had seen it or not, and thus, Sang Wan was let off!

Sang Wan simply could not imagine, how Wang Shi would think if it were her who ‘pushed’ Second Old Mistress Shi into the pond, and Gu Fangzi would definitely make a huge fuss about it! After all, Second Old Mistress Shi held no grudge against her and she would not want to point a blade at her. Even so, there were no excuses that could be made other than her being careless. But such an excuse lacked concreteness which would require the listeners to use their imagination.

After today, she would absolutely never return to the flower garden. And even if she had to, there must at least be someone from her side! Sang Wan secretly thought to herself.

In no more than two days, Second Young Mistress Shi’s mother and sister-in-law arrived at the Shi family’s household. Seeing her family’s own daughter lying on the bed in distraught, Old Mistress Zhou felt extremely sad and cried while pointing accusations. The Zhou family’s daughter-in-law was also a good one, comforting her mother-in-law, while also pointing her accusations. The mother-in-law and daughter-in-law then scolded Second Old Master Shi and Second Old Mistress Shi until their faces turned red with embarrassment. In the end, Wang Shi had to come forward to mediate, saying a few good words to appease Old Mistress Zhuo, before using her authority as Old Master Shi’s wife to scold the second family. Only then did Old Mistress Zhou finally kept her tears reluctantly.

In a matter of course, Old Mistress Zhou demanded to have their daughter returned home to recuperate. Immediately, Second Old Mistress Shi because anxious and disagreed strongly. Having a son who ran away with a tavern lady was already embarrassing enough. Now to have her daughter-in-law return to recuperate, just what would the public say about them!

Was there any reason for Old Mistress Zhou to take into account Second Old Mistress Shi’s fear? She then began complaining about her own daughter’s grievances again, and questioned when her son-in-law would be back. Second Old Mistress Shi was at a loss for words and could only watch as Old Mistress Zhou ordered her servants to pack her daughter’s things. On the same day, together with her daughter, they left the Shi household.

Sang Wan heard it all from Liu Ya and could not help but envy Second Young Mistress Shi secretly. At the very least when she returned, Second Old Mistress Shi would no longer dare to treat her like before.

There was no such thing as a wall that could not be penetrated. Originally, the news about Gu Fangzi marrying in was not supposed to be publicly announced until Sang Wan took the initiative to mention it upon Shi Fengju’s return. However, in less than twenty days, the members in the household, from top to bottom, had somehow already knew of it.

Gu Fangzi met with Wang Shi and seeked for forgiveness, saying that when her father was in the household at that time, she should not have disclosed it to him for she did not think that he would openly come at her aunt for betrothal gifts so shamelessly until everyone in the household knew. She also apologized for not being careful and accidentally calling her cousin-in-law “Sister”!

Wang Shi never had any expectations of Gu Jin’s mouth. Gu Fangzi revealing it to him was only in hopes that he would stop from coming over, but who knew it would have the opposite effect?

Wang Shi had nothing left to say and sighed, “Enough! Since this matter is already known throughout, there’s no need to hide it anymore! Prepare what is needed to be prepared! When Fengju returns, we’ll just carry it out and end it without any more complications!”

Gu Jin’s ruckus was getting from bad to worst, and Wang Shi was struggling to come to deal with him. What she did not know was that everything was plotted by Gu Fangzi, to force her to make an early decision.

Gu Fangzi felt perfect happiness, although her face showed a sense of gratitude as she spoke well-behaved to let her aunt be the one to decide!

Wang Shi smiled and nodded before having someone call for Sang Wan to discuss.

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Sang Wan sneered in her heart. Of course, Gu Fangzi would certainly not be willing to let her do the favor for Shi Fengju, and not let her have the opportunity to show her “generosity and virtuousness!”. She had already expected a possibility of this arrangement being leaked.

Nevermind, sooner or later, things would still end up the same! However, if Gu Fangzi thinks she would just sit idly, then she was wrong!

Sang Wan face wore a natural smile and spoke gently, “Mother, there’s no need to worry as this isn’t the first time our Shi family has taken a concubine in! Everything will go accordingly with the customs! Although with the amount of time left, preparations may be done hastily, but I’m sure the difficulty isn’t huge and a certain standard will be guaranteed!”

Hearing those words, Gu Fangzi’s face darkened a little.

She was Shi Fengju’s sweetheart, her aunt’s blood niece, and also someone who grew up in the Shi household where everything was now under her control! She, Gu Fangzi, how could she be put the same as other concubines out there?

Wang Shi was surprised for a moment and seemed to have heard that those gentle words from Sang Wan did not seem quite right. But the thought of wanting to point it out was covered by the thought that she was just overthinking a little too much.

“What you said——isn’t wrong,” Wang Shi hesitated for a moment before speaking, “Our Shi family has many servants, no matter the time, this is not something that cannot be accomplished.”

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“Like Mother said!” Sang Wan smiled, “Our Shi family is one who follows custom. Even if time is of the essence, we’re still one to follow it, otherwise, our reputation will be joked upon!”

“Yes! Yes!” Wang Shi loved listening to such words and could not help but smile as she nod numerously.

With that, the foundation of the matter was settled! Just an ordinary setting when receiving the concubine! Gu Fangzi gritted her teeth angrily and could not help but regret a little.

After all, she was not in the position to mention any requests. Gu Fangzi could not help but think to herself if her big cousin were here, she could just privately tell him whatever’s been kept in her heart!

She secretly felt a sense of regret for pushing the marriage. But thinking about it, her big cousin? He even wished for her to “believe” in him until god knows which monkey year it may be! Compared to that, it was better accept the benefits now than to call quits!

Sang Wan then laughed, “Although the household had always been managed by Sister Fangzi, something like her own marriage shouldn’t be handled by herself! If word got out, it’ll be terrible! Mother, if you believe in Sang Wan, Sang Wan shall lend a helping hand!”

“Good! Good!” Before Gu Fangzi could refuse, Wang Shi was pleased and nodded again and again. She could not help but smile at Sang Wan, “My child, Mother was worried that your heart might hold some ill intentions! But to think you are so unexpectedly generous and virtuous! Then, for this matter, I shall leave it to you——”

“That wouldn’t be good, right!” Gu Fangzi anxiously spoke without care, “Sister Sang Wan has never done it before, will she be able to do it? If the slightest mistake were made, wouldn’t our Shi family lose face? Moreover, if Sister Sang Wan is doing so much for me, I will definitely feel in debt!”

Wang Shi did not hesitate to ask Sang Wan after hearing Gu Fangzi, “That is also so, Sang Wan, will—— will you be able to handle it?”

Nanny Li had never liked Gu Fangzi’s frivolous behavior because behind it was definitely something sinister. She secretly sneered and smiled, “Old Mistress, there’s no need to worry about that! Whatever Young Mistress doesn’t know, with just a call, this old servant shall do it! This old servant wasn’t able to witness Young Master’s marriage, but now that he will be getting a concubine this time around, this old servant will be more than happy contribute! Miss Gu, there’s also no need to feel in debt at all!”

Gu Fangzi’s heart turned gloomy, but she could only follow with a smile. “For Nanny to be so caring, Fangzi shall give her thanks!”

Nanny Li waved it away and spoke bluntly, “Miss Gu, there’s no need to thank an old lady like me! This old lady only wishes to be of use to Young Master. This is something this old servant ought to do! This old servant doesn’t deserve Miss Gu’s thanks!”

Her meaning was clear. What she does has nothing to do with Gu Fangzi. Even if Shi Fengju were to receive someone else as a concubine, she would still do the same for her!

Gu Fangzi’s smile was grim and she glanced at Wang Shi to show her grievance.

Wang Shi returned a comforting look. Of course she could not reprimand Nanny Li, and she smiled, “Since that’s the case, then it’s settled! This matter will be handled by Sang Wan, if there are any problems, just seek Older Sister for help.”

Sang Wan quickly affirmed, “Mother, no need to worry. Nanny is experienced. I will humbly seek her advice and discuss everything with her!”

“This old servant will also fully support Young Mistress!” Nanny Li affirmed right after.

Gu Fangzi’s immediately felt dizzy after hearing those words.

Unexpectedly, something which gave her even more of a headache happened right after when she heard Nanny Li asking, “Old Mistress, there’s also a matter which this old servant may be speaking too inappropriately! The hierarchy of the household cannot be put into chaos. When Miss Gu enters the Shi family, she would be the concubine! The household already has a Young Mistress, there’s no sense to make a concubine manage the household. Old Mistress, ——”

Wang Shi could not help but glance at Sang Wan. The thought of Gu Fangzi’s matter had already brought about injustice to her daughter-in-law. What’s more, her daughter-in-law’s performance in the Zhuang  household already displayed how capable she was. And with Nanny Li and the household department, letting her manage the household would definitely be more sensible.

Besides, letting a concubine manage the household was indeed unpresentable!

And so, she nodded and smiled, “I have almost forgotten if you hadn’t mentioned it! So be it, Sang Wan, you shall be the one to manage the household from today on! If there’s something you do not understand, seek advice from Nanny Li and the household department! Oh, there’s also Fangzi! She’s very familiar with it, so you can ask her too! Fangzi, I hope you won’t hide it all to yourself!”

Gu Fangzi felt so nauseous that she almost vomited out blood! Just what was this? She hadn’t even entered the Shi family yet and she was already left with nothing!

“Aunt Wang!’ Gu Fangzi was so furious that she could almost breathe out fire, but on the surface, she showed a happy smile and acted flightily, “Fangzi wouldn’t dare! From today on, we’re a family! Even without Aunt Wang saying it, Fangzi will definitely give my fullest support and help Sister Sang Wan manage the household!”

Wang Shi somehow did not hear Gu Fangzi’s implied meaning and nodded with a smile, “Hearing you say that, I’m relieved!”

What a shameless woman, how did the young master fancy such a person! Nanny Li sneered secretly and spoke, “Old Mistress, since everything has been settled, this old servant thinks that picking a day to send Miss Gu home should be done as quickly as possible! The sedan chair must be carried out from the Gu family house in any case!”

Gu Fangzi was taken aback by her words and became speechless.

“You’re very right,” Wang Shi straightened her brows and smiled a little, “Thankfully, you’ve reminded me again. Otherwise, I might have forgotten about it! This matter doesn’t need two people to handle; for this matter, Sang Wan!”

“Mother, rest assured. In two days time, Sang Wan shall arrange for it to be done and have a carriage ready to send Sister Fangzi home! The chamber in the household should also hurry with the cleanup!” Sang Wan smiled.

Nanny Li then added, “Miss Gu, do remember to hand over the keys before leaving so that everything can be done smoothly. Otherwise, things might get troublesome.”

“That is of course!” Gu Fangzi squeezed out those words from her mouth. The smile on her face exposed a little of her dissatisfaction.

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