Chapter 36- Self Check

Astrid7Astridcharacter came over to her brother after the match like last time and helped him out of the ring and instantly got his armor off of him to begin the repairs. This is something she’s done over and over again, over a dozen times over the months they’ve been looking for Kieser and the other prisoners of the war. However, she rarely had good material to work with for the repairs. She understood the armor better than any other. The ‘shamble knight’ set became the ‘poor knight’ set after it was repaired before his raid of Jork Fortress. During the months when they raided prison camps, it’s been repaired so many times and worn down during the fighting with the empire, the set has been renamed a few times until it finally stopped at the ‘just knight set’. Nothing special has happened yet, but as Astrid repaired the armor, it seemed to start emitting a glow, as the drake pendent around KMega6KMegacharacter’s neck started to glow as well.

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After his match, KMega laid down tiredly and decided to take a small break from the game and use the restroom after logging out.

After getting a drink of water, he logged back in the game and woke up to find that a list of things had occured.


[The penalty from the blessing of the gods is now over. Your stat points have now been unlocked.]

[The penalty from the blessing of the gods is over. Your characteristics are now normalized.]

[The ‘just knight’ set has evolved into the ‘justice knight’ set. Common -> Epic. Your drake pendent has been added to the set. This set is now soulbound.]

[Your companion Astrid is amazed by the evolution of your set. Her skills as a blacksmith and enchanter have increased.]

[Title ‘Seeker of Justice’ has been acquired. Your sense of justice is high. You do not condone the unjust acts, like the strong bullying the weak. You also endlessly seek freeing your enslaved comrades.]


Name(s)- KMega,

Level- 136

Main Class- Knight

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Second Classes- None

Unused Stat Points- 435


MP- 11,222/11,222

Strength- 286

Agility- 269

Endurance- 241

Intelligence- 155

Wisdom- 192


Luck- 30

Karma- +644/-133 (A Gentle Heart)


Titles: Dragon’s Wife (B), Dragon Ancestor (L), Blessed by the Gods (L), Last Knight (L), Fallen True Knight (E), Seeker of Justice (R), Hero of Eastguard (R), Knight of Charity (R), Heart of the People (R), Liberator of Eastguard (R), Champion of War (R), Church Devotee (U), Drake Slayer (U), Eager Noob (U), Squire Tutor (U)….


Skills: Meteor Drop Level 2 (17%), High Jump Level 2 (11%), Cleave Level 4 (37%), Parry Level 3 (66%), Sword Thrust Level 4 (81%), Holy Strike Level 1 (71%), Fire Strike Level 4 (59%), Warcry Level 2(38%), Prayer Level 3 (8%), Heavy Strike Level 3 (87%), Shield Bash Level 4 (32%), Clairvoyance Level 2 (4%)….


Buffs: Knight’s Oath- Class Buff. Increases attack and defense by 5%  and stacks with equipment.

Dragon’s Wife- Bound Title Buff. When advanced upon by the opposite gender, you will immediately appear near your companion. All debuffs and penalties are removed for 15 seconds.

Dragon Ancestor- Race Title Buff. You hold the blood of a dragon4dragonspecies in your veins. Fire element attack and resistance increased by 5%. Damage taken and received by draconic races increased by 5%

Blessed by the Gods- God Title Buff. Effects from god blessings increased.

Last knight- Class Title Buff. Increase all stats by 5.

Fallen True Knight- Class Title Buff. Increase all stats by 5, doubles attacking power against sworn enemies. Alters your mental state.

Seeker of Justice- Title Buff. Enables unique quest lines, increases all stats by 5, and Karma stat rewards will also be doubled.

Champion of War- War Title Buff. Increases strength by 10, agility by 5, and charisma by 15.

Church Devotee- Religion Title Buff. Increases passive hp regeneration by 50% and increases holy magic by 5%.

Drake Slayer- Racial Title Buff. Increases damage against drakes. Drakes will also more easily agro.

Squire Tutor- Class Title Buff. Learning knight class skills and stat growth rate has been increased by 20%.

Fang of the Brother- Set Equipment Buff (1/7). Fang of the Brother can not be unequipped. Increases two handed weapon skill damage by 10% and increases one handed weapon skill damage by 5%. When three items of this set are worn, it increases the previously listed skill effects by an additional 5%. When five pieces are worn, it increases all skill effects by an additional 5% (stacks with three piece effect). When full set is worn, increases all effects by an additional 5% (stacks with three piece and five piece effects). Increase hp by 25% max base, increase all stats by 10, and the effects for knight skills and titles are doubled. (stacks with three piece and five piece effect. Doesn’t stack with full set effects)

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