Chapter 116: Playing with Rouga.

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After finding a place where no one was around, I used my teleportation skill to teleport to a good place along with Saya and Rouga to play.

“We arrived.”

Once we teleported safely, Rouga happily started running around in the open field. Dogs like this type of vast places. Although, Rouga is a wolf. The place where we teleported was a vast green land continuing to the horizon. The weather was ideal and the wind was gentle; a perfect environment for exercising. Having such a scenery in front of her eyes, Saya let out a voice of admiration.

“Wow! This is amazing! Where are we?”
“I don’t know. I just teleported to a random location.”

Although I was sure that we were not in Japan anymore, I couldn’t tell exactly where we were. I could just look up our location if I wanted to, but I was not interested enough in knowing about it. The location doesn’t matter as long as I can just teleport anywhere I want.

“What are you going to do now?”
“Let’s see, let’s start by doing some warming-up exercises.”

I took out a rubber ball out of nowhere and showed it to Saya.

“That’s a normal ball, right?”
“Well, yeah.”

She sounded a little bit disappointed because I told her that we were going to play a weird game for dogs earlier. The ball that I was holding was indeed a normal rubber ball. Although, Rouga is originally a monster wolf, thus she would not be satisfied with a game that a normal dog would like. Once Rouga noticed that I was holding a ball in my hand, she rushed towards me.

“Alright, Rouga! I’m throwing it.”
“Hurry up! Hurry up~!”

As she fixed her sights on the ball in my hand, she waved her tail excessively while waiting for the moment I threw the ball. As she made sure that she was ready, I pulled my arm back and…

“Go fetch it!”

I threw the ball with all my might.


The ball flew with a speed that barely made it visible to the normal eye and went straight to the horizon after leaving a sharp sound behind. Following the ball, Rouga rushed towards it with nearly the same speed. As she is a monster who excels at speed more than the fighting ability, her speed could reach a tremendous degree.

No matter how far and strongly I throw the ball, she could fetch it without many troubles. A wind caused by Rouga’s rapid motion surrounded us which drove Saya to cover her eyes instinctively. The next moment she opened them again, both the ball and Rouga were nowhere to be seen.

“Eh? What happened just now?”

It looked like she couldn’t follow what happened. Saya was making an expression which showed that she was overcome by surprise. I only answered her saying that she will know soon enough and turned back to gaze in the direction in which I threw the ball. I would already see something rushing towards us from there.

“I’m back!!”

Arriving with an abnormal speed, Rouga halted her steps the moment she reached us. The ball was in her mouth, of course. I received the ball from her, patted her head and praised her, then gave the ball to Saya.

“So that’s what we’re playing. Here, take the ball.”

“What are you playing!?”

As I was handing her the ball, she exclaimed with a confused expression. She suddenly took the ball from me reflexively and switched her sight from the ball to me.

“You just have to throw it like I just did.”
“Um. no, don’t ask for the impossible!!”

She immediately refused saying that throwing it like me is impossible, but even I know that much. There was no way I’d ask an ordinary person like her to do something like that.

“Just throw it. Rouga is waiting for you, you know.”
“Woof!! (Hurry up!!)”

Urged by me and Rouga’s anticipating expression, she couldn’t refuse in the end and desperately threw the ball as far as she could.


She threw that ball like any normal girl would throw a ball, the ball drew a parabola in the air and was about to fall down after flying a few meters when — suddenly, it flew with an unbelievable speed towards the horizon.

“Eh!? How!?”

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Sara was left astonished from the obviously strange ball trajectory, but Rouga didn’t give pay her a mind and followed the ball. Maybe I pushed it a little too far. Guess I’ll have to work on my controlling abilities. The reason the ball flew away was that I used wind magic to push it further. I asked Saya to throw the ball like me because I was intending to blow away the ball just like I did now. Saya turned to look at me with her stunned gaze.

“See. I told you that it will be fine.”
“Don’t startle me like that!!”


After repeating the same game as well as trying some other games with Rouga, Saya and I took a little break.

“I’ve said this already, but Rouga-chan is amazing.”
“Well, she is a monster, after all.”

Both of us were sitting on the grassland, having an idle talk while watching Rouga running around with her ball, full of energy. She didn’t want to stop playing, so I’m currently moving the ball with my【Wind Magic】.

“That was fun…”

Unlike my casual expression, Saya was making an exhausted face. After we got tired of playing with Rouga’s ‘catch the ball,’ we used a frisbee instead and played inside a giant maze that I made. We spent a considerable amount of time playing.

“Rouga-chan; she doesn’t get tired…”

A short moment of silence followed my mutter, however, both of us remained seated and was relaxing. It felt nice to exercise in summer, honestly. It wouldn’t hurt to spend some days like this every now and then. I placed my elbow on my knee while thinking when Saya suddenly interrupted the silence.

“This feels strange.”
“What do you mean?”

I asked her back before turning to see her gazing at the distance her serene eyes.

“It feels strange when I think about my past self when I couldn’t even speak to a boy properly.”
“Well, the only boy you speak to all this time is only me though.”

While replying to her gloomy remark with a little joke, she puffed her cheeks and got angry at me saying that she will talk with more boys in the future. Well, she wasn’t wrong when she made that remark.

“Well, I do feel the same way as well.”

Even though I couldn’t predict in the past that I’d be this active today. I don’t think that anyone could predict that as having my entire class summoned to another world isn’t something that happens very often. Saya turned to look at me while I was reminiscing the past and continued.

“Thank you for what you did. Let’s continue to get along like this.”

She revealed a fine and clear smile. I almost fell in love with her, from the radiance that was emanating from her, but I quickly activated my skill 【Dense Protagonist】. I don’t know how this story would have progressed if I weren’t this dense. I joined my hands together, as I prayed to Gods above for making me dense, when suddenly Rouga got tired from playing around, and jumped at me.

“I know this! It’s called being a normie!!”
“Just where do you hear those words?”

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It was probably Karen who taught her this kind of vocabulary. Thanks to her, I was able to come back to my senses. I feel like something like this had happened already. I turned to take a glance at Saya. Apparently, she didn’t realize a thing. It’s scary to be an airhead. Let’s just be careful next time. When I nodded my head, deciding to stay on guard for the next time, Rouga started tapping me with her front leg.

“Chief! The ball!!”

I slightly shifted my gaze to where Rouga was pointing and saw the ball halting on the ground. It looks like my concentration got interrupted.

“You still want to play?”
“Yes! More! More!”

Rouga waved her tail while asking me to play with her for longer. Very well, it can’t be helped now.

“Alright, go fetch it!!”

I threw the ball once again and Rouga rushed towards the direction of the ball. After making sure that the ball and Rouga disappeared from my vision, I turned to Saya.

“By the way. I didn’t reply to what you said earlier.”

She didn’t get what I was talking about, but I didn’t mind her bewilderment and continued.

“I think the same way. Let’s continue to get along.”

Saya is one of my few close friends. When I replied to her with my feelings of gratitude, she smiled back and nodded firmly. I wonder when was the last time when I felt this way in the middle of the hot weather of summer. I dislike summer, honestly, but just for today, I thought that it wasn’t that bad.


Main Heroine

“I feel somewhat unsatisfied.”
“About what, Karen?”
“Only Saya-chan gets the good scenes.”
“What do you mean by good scenes?”
“The normie scenes.”
“Come on, that’s not the case.”
“Yes it is!”
“Think about it.”
“Think about what?”
“She’s the main heroine of this story.”
“Why can I not be one too?!”
“Do not worry, a harem story has multiple main heroines.”
“Does that mean I’m also the main heroine?”
“Yes, so am I.”

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