Chapter 24: For the Larger Interest


The metal orbs were clenched out of shape. Guan Tong gave out a grunt accompanied with killing intent.

He implored repeatedly to Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist, but didn’t expected him to turn a deaf ear.

“Guan Peng lost?”

Guan Yue and Guan Tian have yet to regain consciousness as they could never have anticipated Guan Peng losing the match to becoming one of the top 20.

“Wretched little bastard, you actually ruined my son’s future, I’ll make you pay.”

Guan Tian face twisted and gnashed his teeth in anger.

Guan Yue furrowed his brow. He initially thought of nothing about Li Fuchen, but now it was nothing but hate.

On the podium, Guan Hong and Guan Yan looked like they just ate a fly and appeared extremely uncomfortable. Before the contest, they didn’t even bother with Li Fuchen and presumed that with their guidance, Guan Peng could totally advance to the top 3. But now he didn’t even achieve top 20.

On the contrary, Li Tianhan and Shen Yuyan were thrilled. Li Tianhan’s face was filled with euphoria and the previous pent up stress caused by Li Hongkai was relieved. At the same time, Shen Yuyan seems to as though to be glowing, and became youthful again.

“The Guan Clan’s people really are shameless.” After sending Guan Peng off the stage, Li Fuchen stared at the elder, seated beside Guan Yue.

This elder was precisely Guan Tong, the Guan Clan’s only Earth Realm practitioner, who was at the second level.

Earth Realm experts were remarkably powerful. It doesn’t mean if one has 2 star bone frame, he/she could become a Earth Realm expert, it just means a higher probability.

But Earth Realm practitioners not only have great combat skills, they also possessed special skills and sending concealed messages was one of those skills. The ability to send a concealed message through space right into the target’s ear. With a high cultivation level, the distance can be extended further.

As the spectators cheered on, Li Fuchen stepped off the stage.


After 20 matches, the top 20 were crowned.

The Yang Clan is left with 4 contestants. The Shen Tu Clan with 3, the Guan Clan with 2, and Li Clan still with 2. A total of 11 from the major clans, with the rest from the minor clans, and among them there were 4 that were outstanding. They are the North’s ace, He Ping. South’s demon, Si Fei. East’s beauty, Zhu Hongxiu and West’s best, Sun Di.

For the rest of the contest, it would be a ranking tourney.

Compared to the previous elimination matches, it is much more fair as there will not be an elimination right after losing 1 match.

But a cumulative loss of 5 matches, will result in elimination. In the end, this genius contest is to decide the top 5, who will enter Cang Lan Sect, the 6th to 20th place,isn’t as important.

In the first round, Li Fuchen met the West’s best, Sun Di.

Sun Di did have strong combat skills, but only when compared to average individuals. In the eyes of Li Fuchen, he is around the same level as Yang Qi, thus he didn’t expend much effort to win the first match.

In the second round, Li Fuchen easily won against the Shen Tu Clan’s third strongest contestant Shen Tu Hai.

In the third round, Li Fuchen went up against the South’s ruthless genius, Si Fei.

“You have good skills, but the one to win will still be me.”

Si Fei’s quick swords had a way with people. Until now, he has yet to be defeated too and is riding the momentum.

“I’m afraid, it will not be like what you wish.”

Li Fuchen knew Si Fei’s sword was fast and vicious. He has ample combat experience too. But in this world, not only are your experience and skills important, talent for combat was a factor too.

“Arrogance comes with a price and I will be the one to make you pay for it.” Si Fei smirked as he wielded the Si Clan’s 36 Stance Quick Swordplay, attacking Li Fuchen.

Si Fei’s sword was too quick, one move after another, one blade after the next. Each attack was aimed at Li Fuchen’s fatal spot. If it were anyone else, they would have fallen in a few moves.

But Li Fuchen wasn’t just anyone. Up till this point, Li Fuchen had yet to make an all out effort, at least not exposing his sixth level Red Jade Technique yet.

Activating the fifth level Red Jade Technique, Li Fuchen used his Clear Breeze Sword Style to welcome the 36 Stance Quick Swordplay.

Clang clang clang….

The swords resonated like the rain hitting upon the banana leaves in an endless cycle. The pair’s swords clashed at least four to five times in just a blink of the eye.

“Take this. Gale Storm!”

Within the many moves of the Si Clan’s 36 Stance Quick Swordplay, Gale Storm was one move that was of extreme velocity and sharpness, like the wind whistling through the grass.


The sword split open the air and let out a trembling sound as it rushed toward Li Fuchen’s chest.

“Give it up.”

Li Fuchen’s Clear Breeze Sword Style had long attained completion and could brandish 6 blades in a bat of the eye. Si Fei’s Gale Storm can only be considered as an average fast speed.

Aiming at the trajectory, Li Fuchen’s counter took the initiative and striked the opposition’s sword hilt.

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With his hand numbed, Si Fei lost grip of his wooden sword.

With a flushed face, Si Fei who was reluctant to admit defeat, leapt up and attempted to kick Li Fuchen on the head.

“Child’s play.”

With a turnaround the likes of a cyclone, three kicks landed on Si Fei’s chest, causing blood to trickle down the edge of his mouth, as he violently fell off the stage.

“Li Fuchen, you dare injure me?”

Falling off the stage, Si Fei yelled with animosity while pointing at Li Fuchen.

The Si Clan was utterly infuriated and protested again at the judge.

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Li Fuchen stepped down the stage with a snort.

“This Li Fuchen is too ruthless. Elder, shouldn’t we give him a warning, and if he acts out again, then disqualify him.” Guan Hong said to Chen Zong Ming.

Chen Zong Ming shook his head, “Si Fei blamed others for his own weakness, it is not Li Fuchen’s fault.”

Even if he thought highly of the Guan Clan, it didn’t mean he doesn’t have his own stand. In his eyes, who has potential, he’d favor that person and not be biased.

Hearing Elder Chen, Guan Hong and Guan Yan’s faces alternated multiple times but still couldn’t come up with a follow up rebuttle.


With the third round of matches completed, the sun had begun to set. City Lord Shen Tu Jianhe announced that the matches would resume the next morning.

That night, everyone remained in Yunwu City.

“Yunhai, are you certain you can beat Li Fuchen?” Within the tavern room, Li Tieshan asked Li Yunhai.

Li Yunhai grinded his teeth, “Dad, I will do my best.”

Seeing Li Fuchen winning Guan Peng again, his initial confidence was lost. He can’t imagine how Li Fuchen had such combat skills, as he didn’t even receive any teachings from Li Shanhe.

Li Shanhe who was present in the room too, “We can convince Li Fuchen to intentionally lose to Yunhai when it is their turn to fight.”

Being Li Yunhai’s cousin uncle, he definitely was on closer terms with Li Yunhai. At the same time, he disliked Li Fuchen too.

“Losing to Yunhai on purpose?” Tempted by this plan, Li Tieshan said, “I don’t think he will accept this plan.”

Li Shanhe laughed coldly, “This isn’t up to him. A normal bone frame will still be a normal bone frame, without any prospective future. Giving the chances to Yunhai is the correct action, he should think for the larger interest. The Li Clan did feed him for so many years, it is time for him to contribute to the Li Clan now.”

“If he is willing to think for the larger interest, that will naturally be the best.”

Li Tieshan nodded his head and decided to look for the Li Clan’s Founder to negotiate.

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