Chapter 114: Leaving only after making a mess.

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Shortly after our investigation began, we easily found the place where the person, we were looking for, was hiding.

“Is it here?”
“It seems that way.”

When I confirmed it to him, the old man nodded while gazing at that place. Though I wonder if it’s really here. I looked around the building, while still gazing in doubt that if it’s the same building we are looking for. Obsolete walls and roof and the population density was almost negligible. It looked like a place where a person would enjoy watching a detective or a horror drama.

“Hey, who’s this guy you’re looking for by the way? Is he a part of Yakuza? I can only imagine people getting kidnapped, tortured and killed in this kind of places.”
“Well, I heard that he is somewhat related to Yakuza, yet the concerned person is not.”

(ED: For those who do not know, Yazuka is the name a crime syndicate originating in Japan. It’s often used in literature, anime, drama, etc. to depict a crime syndicate.)

Having a relationship with Yakuza is more than enough to make this case dangerous. The old man made a puzzled face while trying to figure out how we ended up coming to such a place. There is definitely something happening inside it right now. If I were to take a guess, I’d say that the person we’re looking for was actually kidnapped and brought to this place. As both of us contemplated a plan about what to do next, Scala asked us from behind.

“Is there something here?”

I’m sure she doesn’t have any idea about the current situation. Is there even a meaningful reason for her coming with us in the first place? I unintentionally revealed an annoyed expression from recalling what she has done until now.

After searching for a while, Scala got tired and went to destroy some buildings in the surrounding. When the old man and I captured a few people for interrogation, Scala released all her killing intent on them, and when she got bored of that as well, she tried going to a completely different location than us. All that she did to us was causing troubles.

I’m glad I casted a magic on her to make her invisible to other people on her way. If I didn’t do that, the path she walked would have turned into a heap of corpses. After letting a sigh and feeling relieved for avoiding any unnecessary victims, I made my resolve and stepped into the abandoned building to search for the person we were looking for.

“Let’s go.”

I closed my eyes and concentrated all my magic energy into the building. Using【Space Magic (Extra Large】at these moments is the easiest way to know about the location and to know what is going on. I could have used【Presence Detection】instead, but that skill wouldn’t give me the exact location of the person we were looking for.【Presence Detection】doesn’t require concentration and can be activated immediately, however, it doesn’t allow the user to grasp the movement of the target which makes it not suitable to use in this condition. The fact that it’s simple to use is its biggest advantage.

I covered the entire building inside the radius of my Space Magic skill and snorted after counting the all the people inside it. 23 people were inside them, out of which 22 were heavily armed. Among them, there was one person who was tied from limbs. It looked like we found the person we were looking for.

“I found him. He is inside the building.”
“What?! He’s there!!”
“I can’t see his face, but it looks like he is tied to a pole.”

The old man couldn’t control his astonished expression on his face. Both of us didn’t expect him to be actually kidnapped. I believe that this person has gotten himself into some trouble with Yakuza. Grasping the situation of this abandoned building, I started contemplating a plan to save that person who was kidnapped when suddenly Scala stepped in front with a fighting stance.

“Alright, I get! Let’s destroy this building!”

I was taken aback by Scala’s ridiculous proposal, the old man made a startled face and stepped back from her. When I turned to look at Scala with a shocked expression, which was clearly showing on my face, I found out that she was about to launch her attack, I reflexively moved forward, and grabbed her arm, and silently pulled her back.

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“Stop it!”

Although I asked her to stop with a calm voice, the strength I pumped in my arm to stop her was significant. If I had not used that much strength, I couldn’t even stop her. Even with this strength, my arm was getting slowly pushed back by her.

“Why are you stopping me!?”
“It is because you need be stopped, obviously.”
“He’s right, Scala! Please do not destroy the building.”
“But it’s faster that way.”

What is this crazy woman saying? When I finally succeeded in stopping her, she made a displeased face. Of course, I couldn’t care less about her displeased face. She lowered her arm unwillingly only after the old man begged her to stop. I complained to her with a confused face.

“Why do you always end up with those brain dead conclusions!?”
“If I destroy the building entirely, everyone inside it will die.”
“That means that the person, we came here to save and take him back with us, will die as well. Rather, don’t kill anyone!”
“If he dies from that much, that means he is not strong enough.”

This woman still doesn’t understand why we came all the way here. Her brain muscle thoughts never cease to amaze me.

“Anyway, don’t destroy anything. Got it?”

Scala agreed with me with a totally dissatisfied expression and attitude. The old man and I sighed in relief after she agreed with us. Even the old man understood well the dangerous character of Scala in this investigation and mutter to me, “You saved the day…”

“So, how are we going to save that person, Yato?”
“The faster way is to go save him directly, after all.”

When the old man who calmed down a bit asked me in nervousness, I answered him before letting out a sigh and taking another step inside the abandoned building. Let’s just get done with this already. After taking a few steps inside, I remembered that I didn’t warn Scala and turned around back to talk to her.

“Scala, remember this. Do not do anything reckless or without thinking about it… heh?”

I shifted my sight here and there, but she was nowhere to be found in the surrounding.

“Where did she go?”
“Hm? Did she disappear?”

The old man looked around him as well, trying to find out where she disappeared to. I kept looking at the building while trying to figure out where she vanished, however, a thought struck my mind, and I stiffened where I was standing. Furthermore, the old man came to the same conclusion as me and stiffened in his place too as well. We both glanced at each other.

Don’t tell me……


A shriek of someone came from that abandoned building, it was loud enough to pierce one’s eardrums. I had no idea about the person who was screaming so loudly, but I definitely knew who made that person scream.

“… This can not be good in any way imaginable.”

I immediately rushed inside the building without thinking the moment I heard that scream, it was too terrifying that even my thinking process stopped working. Why did something like that have to happen only because I let her out of my sight for a mere second, it’s too frustrating. If it continues at this pace, everyone inside that building will be turned into corpses if I don’t do something quick. I need to hurry up and stop Scala before she dyes the entire building in the blood red color. As I teleported inside the building, in the center of it, the first thing that came to my sight was Scala, who was surrounded by several grim looking people. When I shifted my gaze, I saw a person lying on the floor, screaming in agony while having his hands placed on his stomach.

“Just what do you think you are doing?”

I instinctively teleported near Scala, and asked her a question, only to get back a nonchalant answer.

“Well, I was about to save that kidnapped person and leave the place but suddenly that guy over there tried to touch me with his hands while making a disgusting grin, so when I shoved it away, he ended up like that…”

That makes sense now. That person got his ribs and arms broken when Scala pushed him away. I can understand that he misunderstood Scala, who was wearing a bikini armor, as a woman who sells her body; the poor guy. As I was feeling empathy for the person who was crumbling on the floor, the members of Yakuza that was surrounding Scala were in a shocked state while glaring at me.

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“H-Hey, this time a man showed up…”
“He seems to be an acquaintance with that crazy woman.”
“What should we do…”

It looks that they were all confused to see me appear out of nowhere. That is an expected reaction for someone who has never witnessed someone teleporting before. I will erase their memories later. As I was feigning ignorance to the members of Yakuza who were still stocked, I looked around to search for the person we came here for, I found him tied to a chair in the corner of the building. It looked that they have put a gag in his mouth to prevent him from speaking, however, he can still see everything, as he was not blindfolded. I could see in his eyes that he was begging for help. Now that I’ve made sure about his safety, I turned to Yakuza to negotiate with them.

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“If you hand over that person over there, we won’t be doing anything to harm you. It would be nice if you obediently hand him over, or else things might get ugly.”

I declared my intentions while pointing at the person who was tied to the chair. If they fail to make a proper choice, their life will be in a serious danger from Scala. However, it looked like they are not planning to give up either, as someone amongst them rushed towards us while holding a sword in his hand.

“Y-you better get the hell out of here!!”

As I was about to move to deal with him, Scala stepped in front of me and was about to punch him in the guts while I was left astonished in a daze to see her reaction.

“Bring it on you freak!!!”

Just what are you doing?

I immediately intervened between that person and Scala, who was about to give him a deadly punch in his guts. I hurriedly gave a blow to the neck to that sword person, and at the same time, kicked Scala’s hand away. The sword person lost his consciousness after receiving the【Neck Blow】, while Scala’s hand struck the ground, leaving a large hole in it, after causing a dull sound.

“It really hurts! Just what exactly are you trying to do, Yato?”
“That’s my line. I told you to not kill anyone!”

If I were even a second late to intervene between Scala and that sword person, he would surely have lost his life by now.

“Come on, I made sure to hold back just now!”
“Stop lying! Just look at the hole you left in the ground!”
“That ground was too weak!”
“That person is even weaker than that ground.”

Just what kind of excuse is that?

I silently gazed at Scala who was rubbing her both hands against each other, while revealing an awkward smile. The ground of this entire planet is weak for her. I started thinking of a way to convince Scala that what she was doing was wrong, while thinking about it, I suddenly felt an uncomfortable chill down my spine. The place suddenly turned quiet. I turned to look at the members of the Yakuza surrounding us. They were all dropping their jaws while staring at the large hole that was accidentally carved by Scala. Apparently, I can’t blame them to be in a shocked state. After all, this is not a manga where such a surreal thing would happen. Taking the advantage of the current situation, I raised my voice and declared my intentions.

“I hope you’re willing to hand him over now.”

The moment I spoke, all of them came to their senses and took out their weapons as quickly as possible.

“Don’t drop your guards everyone! I don’t know what they did just now but we should be able to win easily if we fight against them together!!”

All the members of the Yakuza put up their guards when they heard the call from their leader, who encouraged them.

Can’t they just give up already?

While I was feeling disappointed by their dumb decision of fighting against us even after witnessing our overwhelming strength. Scala looked overly excited on the other hand, and revealed a fearless expression.

“I didn’t even know that people who are willing to fight against me head on even existed. This planet is really amazing, Yato!!”
“They’re just a bunch of idiots.”

I responded to Scala with a nonchalant voice tone. However, I seriously doubt that anyone from any other world who knows about the【God of Destruction】 would be stupid enough to pick a fight with her. It’s only here on Earth-chan, apparently, where humans don’t have the ability to guess the power and abilities of others.

Well then, what should I do now?

As I started considering the option of letting Scala annihilate them all, one of the members of Yakuza took out something from his pocket and aimed it at us.

“Just die already!!”

With a rather shivering voice tone, that Yakuza member pulled the trigger of the weapon he was holding, it caused a blazing fire noise to reverberate in the place. The weapon he was holding was a handgun. However, despite knowing that he was brandishing a firearm, I didn’t lose my cool and remained in my place. As for the reason why I didn’t move from my place was because the bullet he fired was aimed towards Scala, and not me. That bullet made a perfect landing on Scala’s head.

“Huh? Did something hit my head just now?”

Of course, there was no way such a weapon would work against Scala. She reacted the same way someone would react when a bug bumps on their head. That Yakuza member with the firearm reached a level of fright that was overcoming his astonishment which resulted in him to continuously fire in random directions, manipulated by his fear.

“A monster. It’s a monster!!”

Sounds of shots reverberated in the place one after the other, however, none of them had the least influence on Scala. The gun eventually ran out of the bullets, but that person still continued to pull the trigger without stopping. It looked like he was being controlled by his fear. I kept on watching him hold his gun in a daze, before I came to realize something about Scala.

Is Scala not way too docile this time?

She seemed to be overly excited just a few moments earlier, but despite that, she still didn’t make a move. I shifted my sight to Scala, only to realize that she had her head lowered, and was casting her sights down while trembling. It was obvious that she wasn’t trembling from fear or despair, but from absolute delight.

“What is it, Scala?”

When I asked her while feeling somewhat nervous, she replied with a slightly trembling voice.

“I never predicted that the day, when someone will reveal such hostility toward me, would come…”
“W-What do you mean by that, Scala?”

I called out to her again when I realized that about what her reasons were for her weird attitude, and then she suddenly raised her head and declared her delight.

“I have never felt this happy in my entire life!!”

She revealed an abnormal smile which showed the amount of intense feeling that was emanating from her. The reason she was feeling this way because it has been a while since someone showed hostility towards her. She raised her head even higher and started emanating a strange aura from her body. However, this aura – I’ve already sensed this aura somewhere before. I stiffened in my place once I remembered this familiar aura that was emanating from Scala, it was the same ambiance that she had when we were searching for that island where Germa was hiding, and she had to destroy the entire island. In other words, this place will be turned into a mountain of dust if I don’t do something quickly.

“Calm down Scala! Cool your head for a second. Everyone in this world is dozens of times weaker than me. They’re the same as a nonharmful bug. They’re just bugs. You don’t need to feel this elated from just facing insects.”
“I heard that when people fight together, they turn into an inestimable power, this should be what those words meant.”

No, that’s not what it meant. Give it a break already. I doubt they will win against her even if the humans of the whole world fight together. Rather, where did she hear those words? I wanted to comment on the convenient line she brought to keep the situation flowing to her fighting, but I had no time to do that. I need to do something rather quickly. What should I do? It’s too late to escape away with all the Yakuza over here. I also doubt that【Tension Magic】would have any influence on Scala at this time.

What should I do… what should I do…?

Time continued to flow as I tried to contemplate a plan about what to do next. Eventually, Scala’s tension reached its top peak. The Yakuza surrounding us could only watch over what was about to happen with their bewildered expressions.

“Alright! Let’s start the battle!”
“No way!!”

At the very moment, I saw a faint beam of light appearing from Scala’s body, I instinctively grabbed her and teleported her into the sky above. The faint beam quickly disappeared from the building as I teleported her in the sky. However, after a few moments of silence, the silence was interrupted by an earthquake of moderate magnitude. Everyone in the building was confused by the sudden appearance of an earthquake that took place. Nonetheless, no one could possibly predict the situation that we were about to witness the next moment.

The ceiling started cracking until it collapsed above our heads. When we lifted our sight up to see what happened, the first thing we saw was the ceiling turning into sand and Scala floating in the sky with a dazzling light surrounding her.

I wish if I had teleported her a bit higher than that in the sky. Although there was no damage, and we barely managed to avoid the calamity. The Yakuza members surrounding me kept on gazing at Scala in the sky while dropping their jaws. The beam of light that was emanating from Scala eventually vanished and all that was left was the ceiling that had turned into sand and the total stillness. I calmly turned towards the baffled Yakuza members and asked them to hand over the kidnapped person again.

“So, can you hand over that guy now?”
“”””… Yes!””””

All the members of the Yakuza raised both their hands, announcing their surrender. The person who was tied to the chair seemed to have lost his consciousness amidst the middle of action, however, it’s still much better than him dying in a vain. Alright, as that I’ve achieved my goal. It’s the time to put an end to all of this by erasing the memories of everyone around here. I quickly activated my 【Erasure Magic】and went to erase the memories of the people present in this place.

“Alright, so I’m gonna have your memories deleted now.”

They all replied in a confusion back to me when I told them that, but of course, I paid it no mind and used my skill. All the Yakuza members fainted once I used the skill on them. Eventually, the only person, who had his memories intact, was me. I had them sleep a little bit after using the erasure skill. With this, they should be able to return to their normal life and work normally when they wake up. Right when I let out a sigh after I finished dealing with the Yakuza, Scala came back.

“Wow, I didn’t control myself there… hm? Why are they all lying on the ground?”
“That’s because they’re all done for.”

When I replied to her with an exhausted voice tone, she replied with a startled face.

“C’mon. What am I supposed to do with all my motivation now?”
“I don’t care! Do something about it alone.”

I’m no longer in the mood to deal with Scala for today. I just want to her to leave this world as soon as possible. Just go back where you came from. I purposely acted as if I were done with all her troubles, but surely, she didn’t notice any of my irritation and switched her target from the Yakuza to me.

“You fight me then!!”
“No, in fact how did you end up with that conclusion?!”

I just wish to go back home and relax on my bed after eating my first-rate sushi reward. The moment I was about to refuse her challenge, she had already taken a fighting stance and prepared herself to fight against me.

“Aight! Let’s do this!”
“Ha? No W-Wait!!”

Astonished by the sudden start of her battle, I tried to stop her with a flustered expression, but of course, such a weak attempt would never work on her. She lifted her hand with a clenched fist and rushed toward me.

“Take this-”
“Hey there, Scala. What are you doing in my world!!”

Her fist halted the instant she heard Metron’s abrupt angry voice. I couldn’t catch up with the situation immediately, but I could guess what was happening when Scala frowned and touched the bracelet in her right hand. The bracelet projected Metron’s angry face when it got touched.

“Y-Yo, Metron. What’s up?”
“Don’t talk to me so casually now! What are you doing slacking off your work!? You’re even making a mess in my world!! What are you gonna do if something had happened!?”

Scolded by Metron, Scala made an awkward face. The reason for that face is the fact that something already happened at this place. I shifted my sight to the ceiling and the ground that were destroyed by her. Metron who noticed Scala strange reaction of averting her eyes guessed the situation and stared at her.

“Scala, did you perhaps already destroy something?”
“N-No, nothing.”

“Are you sure…?”

Scala averted her eyes again from Metron’s doubting stare. She is pretty bad at lying after all. I kept watching Metron trying to find out what Scala has done.

“Let me move the screen a little bit.”
“Well then! I will be taking my leave now!!”

Scala interrupted Metron with a loud voice declaring that she will be leaving.

“Yato! Thanks for today!! I will come back again!!”
“Hey, wait, Scala, I’m still talking here!”

Scala took out her usual teleportation ball thing out of nowhere, threw it on the ground, and vanished in the midst of the smoke that came from that ball. Watching her leave like a storm, I looked around the surrounding while feeling a bit dumbfounded.

“What should I do to this place now…”
“Looks like everything is done here.”

The moment I muttered something to myself the old man stepped into the place where I was standing in. He was probably hiding all this time and waiting for the chance to come out. He looked around the place and let out an amazed voice.

“Hyaa… This is quite the disaster.”
“It’s all Scala’s fault.”

She left only after making a huge mess. Now the abandoned building looked even more worn out than before. I think the angels will probably fix it soon or later, but it should fine even if they don’t as nobody really comes to this place anyway.


“Let’s go.”
“What should we do with these guys?”

When I stepped toward the exit, the old man asked me. Well, I guess I’ll move them somewhere else. I moved to each Yakuza member and teleported them randomly in the city. The old man carried the person we came here for and we left the abandoned building.

“Alright! Let’s go now!”
“Don’t forget your promise.”
“Don’t worry!! I will treat you to the best sushi in the city!!”

The old man replied with a delighted mood. All that’s left is for the angels to care for the rest and restore the building back to its original form. I left the place with such an optimistic thought in mind, but the next day I received a mail from Lina saying “Don’t make my job any worse…”

Even though it was only a written mail, I somehow felt a strong emotion coming from it driving me to feel sorry for not teleporting Scala somewhere higher in the sky.


How to reduce the scope.

“Well then, where should we search first?” ← old man
“The best idea would be to reduce the scope of our research.” ← Yato
“Reducing the scope?” ← Scala
“Yeah, that’s right.” ← Yato
“Then leave it to me!!”← Scala
“Eh? What do you mean… wait, why are you raising your hand?”← Yato
“The first step for reducing the scope is crushing a certain extent-”← Scala
“Stop it!”← Yato

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