Chapter 113: I have just let the two persons who should never meet actually meet each other.

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Summer holidays; the second biggest event for a high school student after the school sports event. Holidays where one could spend his days shutting himself in his room and not going to school. One free from homework, it becomes a blessing time of leisure. Right at the moment, I’m spending the perfect summer holidays.

“Aah. all I wanted was this life.”

I made sure to enjoy every second of this time while laying in my bed. I let out all the stress from my body and relaxed, letting the bed take care of my body. This is it; this is what I wanted for a long time. I’ve gone through a series of unfortunate events recently and I almost forgot about this bliss.

“You look happy, master.”

I heard Meru’s voice coming out from the phone I which kept near the pillow.

“Yeah, I missed this feeling too much.”

Watching reply with a blessed expression while relaxing in bed, she replied with a gentle smile. It feels weird to be looked at with those eyes by a little girl, but that doesn’t matter now. For now, I need to focus on healing my mental health that deteriorated from using that unpleasant magic.

Germa was taken back to the prison by Lina and Sara after that incident on the island. Luckily, they dragged Scala as well and took her away from me, but later, Lina passed me her verbal message saying that she will ‘come play with me again’.

I’d rather never meet her again in my entire life if that means that we will have another ridiculous fight to the death. I just don’t understand why I have to have a fight with death as a game. I wonder why she likes doing that to herself.

I need to use this opportunity to relax…

I can’t tell when that demon in the form of a god will show up again. If I don’t rest as much as possible before she comes back, this time I will die without a doubt. As I turned to the other side while still laying on the bed, I remembered the other verbal message I had from a different person.

This time it was Germa. I was told that he left the following message to me before he was recaptured and sent back to the prison: “I will surely come back to you again, Kamiya Yato. I will surely kill you one day. There should not be any human who could defeat a God, after all!!”

It would be nice if he would escape to another world the next time he decides to run away from that prison. Seriously, Gods with too much pride are really annoying. About the way he escaped from the Infinite Prison, it was apparently because of his own powers. He was apparently absorbing the hatred of the other prisoners inside while waiting to get enough energy to be able to escape.

That’s why this time around, he will be imprisoned in private jail where the chance he could absorb others’ hatred and escape is extremely low. With that, I don’t think that I will ever get to see Germa again, which is indeed a nice thing. All that’s left is Scala. I recalled the time I was ‘playing’ with her recently. Let’s stop thinking about it.

I guess I’m going to have to prepare some skill for the next battle…

I honestly don’t want to leave this room, but I also don’t want to die the next time we fight. The problem is that once I lay on the bed, moving my body again becomes next to impossible. As I kept laying on my bed and thinking about how I can motivate myself to move again, I heard my phone ringing.

Hm, a phone call?

I turned only my head towards the phone and Meru informed of the name calling.

“Master, it’s someone called Ishida Tesuji.”

Ishida Tesuji? … Ah, it’s that old man.

Since I always call him old man and didn’t meet him for a while now, I totally forgot his name. I requested Meru to answer the call.

[ED: Remember him? He’s that detective guy who knows about Yato’s secret.]

“Answer it, Meru.”
“Understood, Desu.”

Answering to my request with a lively voice, Meru answered the incoming call. Seconds later, a low, raspy-toned voice came out from the phone.

“Oi, Yato. I bet you’re laying in your bed right now just because it’s summer holidays.”
“What do you need, old man?”

Ignoring his nonsensical remarks, I asked him for the reason he called.

“Well, I just wanted to check on how you’re doing, you know, so yeah, I just wanted to hear your voice.”
“I’m hanging the call if that was it.”

He said that last part with a strangely clear voice. The moment I heard it, I moved the phone away from my ear and went to hang up the phone before suddenly…

“Ah, wait wait!! That was a joke! A joke! There is a reason for my call actually!!”

Then say it already. After listening to him desperately explaining his situation, I stopped my hand that was about to end the call. Did he really have to say something like ‘I just wanted to hear your voice?’ Don’t you dare say something like that with that raspy voice of yours. If it were not me who knew him for a long time now, I’d have immediately cut the call. I let out a sigh in the conversation before I heard Meru speaking.

“This person has a scary face, Desu!”

She probably used the old man’s phone camera to see his face and returned to me after she got scared of his grim face. The moment Meru spoke, I heard a ‘huh?’ coming from the phone.

“Did I hear the voice of a little girl just now?”
“Many things happened.”

When I wrapped his question with a single line because I was too lazy to explain everything to him, the old man seemed like he had realized something and spoke with an uncomposed voice.

“D-Don’t tell me! Did you fall for some grade schooler and brought her home with you…” [ED: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)] “I will be ending the call now.”
“I’m sorry.”

The old man constantly apologized after sensing the killing intent that was included in my voice. Seriously, why would I fall for a grade schooler anyway? Stop it with those jokes already. Getting already tired of his stupid jokes, I told him to speak about what he wanted from me already.

“So? What do you want? Is it help with some investigation?”
“Y-Yeah, about that—”

As expected, the old man seemed to hesitate to talk about the matter, but to put all that he said together, the current case is about finding someone. The person he must find is suspect in an important case who disappeared all of a sudden and because of that, the investigation of the case is delayed.

Thus, the old man came to ask for my help. I did understand the importance of the matter, but even I also have a mission to heal my mental and physical exhaustion I accumulated all this time. I feel bad for him, but I’m going to have to refuse his request.

“So, can you help me out?”

With a voice clinging to the faint hope that I’d accept, he asked me again. When I was about to refuse him, he added a few words that completely changed my mind.

“I’m sorry, but I’m gonna have to—”
“If you help me out I will treat you to a first-rate sushi.”
“Let’s do it.”


I messed up again.
I regretted my decision this late in the game while walking under the blazing summer sun.

“Man, you really saved me! You’re such a reliable guy!!”

In an empty parking lot, the old man was patting on my back while laughing on his own. In the meantime, I was cursing myself for the decision I took a few seconds ago. I got baited. Moreover, I even used the teleportation skill to come to him. I shouldn’t have lost control of myself just from overhearing first-rate sushi. I can’t believe I got baited by this guy again. It seems that he got used to the way of dealing with me in this kind of situation.

“Luring you with prizes is the easiest way, apparently!!”

It pisses me off how I can’t deny what he just said. I can’t take off the feeling that I’ve been played with by this old man from my mind, but it can’t be helped at this point. Let’s just finish this case and receive the reward.

“Let’s get going with this already.”


The old man replied with an energetic voice to my gloomy comment. Well, this is better than having Scala dragging me in her crazy fights at least. The moment I tried motivating myself by thinking optimistically, my motivation got hopelessly crushed when I saw a magic circle appearing in front of me.

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“Alright! Nice!! I did it this time!”

The person who summoned from that magic circle properly this time shouted from delight. I know that this Earth doesn’t have a God, but let me say this… curse you, Gods. I was about to cry from watching that person appearing before me while on the other hand, that person got even more delighted from noticing my presence.

“Oh! Yato! I came to play with you!!”

With her ruffled deep crimson hair and bikini armor, Scala approached me while waving her hand. The more I stared at her happy and pleased face, the feeling of despair in my heart grew stronger. That’s too fast! A God should not come play with humans this often! As I was complaining to myself, the old man near who was clearly bewildered from Scala asked me.

“H-Hey, Yato. what’s up with that pretty woman? You know her?”
“Careful of what you say. Despite her looks, she’s still a God. If you act disrespectfully, you may even die.”

When I warned him with a serious face, the old man muttered ‘G-God?!’ with a totally confused face and stiffened in his place. Even though he knows about my ability and all, not anyone could stay calm and composed while facing a God. Freezing in his place and nervous, his eyes wandered aimlessly until he was noticed by Scala who then tilted her head.

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“Who is this person, Yato?”

That was a natural reaction coming from her. I introduced the old man to Scala.

“This is the old man. He’s my wallet.”
“Who are you calling your wallet? Introduce me with my name at least!!”

The old man reacted to my introduction with a nervous yet impatient voice. It’s not like I got anything wrong. Keeping the same nervous expression and attitude, he turned to Scala and introduced himself once again with his back straightened.

“N-Nice to meet you! My name is Ishida Tesuji!!”
“I’m Scala! Nice to meet ya!”

Unlike the nervous old man, Scala introduced herself with a broad smile. But still, why did she come this early? I didn’t stop sweating from the current emergency situation. While gazing at the old man and Scala having a conversation, I contemplated a plan to get myself out of this. I need to do something in order to avoid that death battle again. If I don’t, I will surely die this time.

[Few Minutes Later]

…… How did we end up like this…?

“AHAHAHA!! Looks like we’re getting along here!!”
“GAHAHAHA!! I know dude!!”

Scala and the old man called while holding each other’s shoulders. Just what were they talking about while I was thinking all this time? Where did all that nervousness go? I held my head from this unpredicted change of event. Oh my God…

I have just let the two persons, who should never meet, actually meet each other. Both of them kept laughing like fools without any particular reason which made me even more amazed than before.

“Just what happened..?”
“We’re just getting along, that’s all!! Right, Scala!!”
“That’s right!! Tesu!!”

The old man called the strongest God in the universe by her name while Scala called him by a nickname. Just how far are they getting along. I got a faint feeling of alienation from watching the both of them laughing like that, but more importantly now is not the time for all this.

“What about the investigation, old man?”

“Oh yeah, about that.”
“What? Investigation?”

The old man seemed to have forgotten about the reason he was here in the first place while Scala seemed to get interested in the word ‘investigation’.

“We’re looking for a certain person right now.”
“That sounds fun! I’m coming with you!!”

Listening to his short explanation, Scala decided to join in on our investigation. Wait a second, wait! If she were to come with us, I can already imagine the result of the investigation. I glanced at the old man in an attempt to transmit a message to him of refusing her, but such a message had no chance to reach him of course and he ended up accepting her with a broad smile.

“That sounds good!! Nothing will be scary if I had a God by my side, after all!!”

The old man spoke with a delighted mood. Of course, he would say so. I placed the hand on my forehead after hearing his totally predictable answer to Scala. Well, if he were to refuse her now, that will only end up ruining her mood, so it can’t be helped. Once that was decided, both of them started walking already as if they are going to strike the iron while it’s still hot.

“What are you doing, Yato? Hurry up!!”
“C’mon, move already!!”

All I get is bad feeling from this situation, honestly. Urged by both of them, I moved my heavy legs towards them and walked with a gloomy mood.


Leaving a letter behind.

“Hm? I wonder where Scala-sama has gone.” ⇐ Lina
“Apparently she left somewhere.”
“Where did she go?”
“She left this letter behind for you.”

I’m going to play with Yato.

“Eh? Does that mean she’s on Earth now…?”
“……” ⇐ Lina had fainted.

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