Chapter 112: Someone more annoying than a last boss is standing in front of me.

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Germa, who managed to survive Scala’s total destruction attack, was making an angry expression while facing me. Meanwhile, I was still in a shocked state to see him alive.

“So it seems you’re still alive.”
“I sensed a terrible presence on the island, and my instincts told me to escape the island as quickly as possible. Despite that, I was not able to fully escape. Though I barely managed to survive.”

Germa shifted his sight to his left hand while speaking. His entire left arm was missing from its place, as it had been brutally axed. I can’t see his face from behind the mask, but I can tell that he was making an angrily painful expression. He clenched his left shoulder with his right arm and glared at me.

“I wasn’t expecting you at all to destroy the entire island. I was honestly baffled when you did that.”

Germa spoke with a voice brimming with hate and malice. His tone and way of speech didn’t change, but somehow, I could sense that he was blaming me for the destruction of the entire island. However, it’s far from the truth. In fact, it wasn’t me who destroyed the island. I tried to solve his misunderstanding and clear away my false accusation by telling him the truth.

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“No, it wasn’t me who destroyed the island. It’s her.”

I pointed at Scala while trying to explain him the truth. Germa took a quick glance at the direction where I was pointing at while keeping his vigilant appearance. Did he perhaps forget about Scala being with us from his intense persistence of killing me? The moment he noticed Scala’s presence, he flinched and kept staring at her for a short while before he shifted his gaze back to me.

“W-Well, it is impossible for that wounded Goddess of Destruction to come up with such a bright idea. I assume you were the one who came up with the plan at the very least.”

It seems he caught on to me. However, I’m more than certain that he said so to hide the fact that he forgot that Scala was present here as well. Rather, he has been treating Scala as an idiot nonchalantly for a while now. As I was feeling impressed by Germa who could call Scala an idiot as if teasing some of his friends, Lina who was standing behind us came up to the front and warned him.

“Germa, there is no chance for you to win now. Just give up.”

Despite receiving Lina’s firm warning, Germa didn’t seem nervous and instead started laughing on his own as if to make fun of her warning.

“Do you really think I would give up just because you told me to do so?”

Apparently, Germa was still refusing to give up even at this late in the game. Germa started emanating a black mist from his body.

“I did indeed lose my left arm, but I still have this power. Goddess of Destruction, your turn will come after I kill this human.”

The sinister aura he was emanating gradually spread in his surroundings. While he kept releasing the black mist, and kept on talking in a voice tone full of confidence, I observed him silently with a serious face. Shifting my gaze downside, I saw Scala still admiring the result of her destruction and making carefree comments about it. I decided to ignore her for the time being.

This is no good. She still didn’t realize that Germa has survived. Knowing that I can’t rely on her help this time around, I was slightly disappointed, but soon I remembered that I didn’t need her help anyway. But before we start fighting, I had to correct a certain mistake in Germa’s proclamation.

That is——

“It is time for my revenge!”
“Such a time doesn’t exist.”

——- it will be me who will kill him.

I teleported behind him instantly and grabbed hold of his head with one hand. With his left hand lost and his poor condition, he couldn’t react properly since it took him too long to notice that.


My body still feels heavy because of the after effect of the Full Blast, I feel like my blood was replaced with lead. Resisting that heavy feeling, I chanted the spell that would put an end to this fight once and for all.

“God Hand.”

Just right after I cast the spell, my right hand began shining with a bright golden light. The light gradually increased its radiance and eventually warded off all the black mist surrounding us and started to invade Germa from his head.

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“Guu!! Gyuaaaaaaaaa!!!!”

Having a holy light invading his body, he screamed louder than ever from pain and agony. I even heard a sound from his head as if it were burning from the purification. He grabbed my hand with his right arms and tried taking it off while wriggling from the pain, however, with his current weak condition, it was impossible for him to separate my hand from his shoulder.

The ‘God Hand’ is a skill that allows me to purify anything I touch. It is also the natural enemy of Germa whose main ingredient of energy is hatred. It is the best skill that I can use to put up an end to this fight even with my worn out condition.

The golden shining light continued to purify Germa’s hatred until a black mist left from all the parts of his body. Ignoring his agonized groans, I didn’t loosen the vividness of the light and kept purifying while glaring at him with sharp eyes.

“Ah, aah, AAh, aaa… aa… aa… a.”

I can’t afford to show any mercy to him after what he did. Just scatter like any Fallen God would do. Letting out strange groans, Germa gradually lost the power to resist and eventually dropped down his hand after having all his hatred extracted. This should be enough for now. After making sure that he stopped moving, I stopped casting the purification magic.


Silence. He didn’t even twitch a finger. I wasn’t sure if he died or if he were just unconscious, but either way, I turned to ask Lina to take care of the rest.

“Lina, what are you going to do with him now?”
“… Eh? Eh, aa, yeah, uum, we will take care of him.”

Lina took a short while before she could reply to me, while carrying unconscious Germa. As for Sara, she was still absentmindedly gazing at the place where I was purifying Germa.

“T-That was fast…”
“I was already fed up here, so I had to wrap up everything quickly.”

I was already at my limit after my fight with Scala. I thought I’d be able to go home after having her destroy the island, but I ended up making more efforts, sadly. Let’s just go home and relax now. I’m tired both physically and mentally.

“I want to go home already…”

When I finally took a breath of relief, Scala came back from the water’s surface.

“Wow, I found myself gazing at my destruction for too long, haha.”

I unintentionally glared at Scala who came back with slight killing intent, but unfortunately, I didn’t have enough energy to do more than that. When she noticed that Lina was carrying Germa, she was clearly surprised.

“Ah? Germa!? Why is he still alive?!”

I didn’t know how to answer this question of hers. Scala took out her large sword out of nowhere and suddenly went to kill Germa without realizing that he was unconscious.

“How dare you call me an idiot earlier!!”
“Just stop it already!!”

I grabbed Scala from the nap of her neck before she could wing down her sword and shouted in a furious voice. I was totally tired of all this. There was no need to overkill him.

“Leave me!! I’m gonna kill him!!”
“I already did that!! Just go back home already!!”

I forcibly stopped Scala from going berserk again. Lina and Sara watched the both of us obstinately pushing each other in different directions while revealing a bitter smile. Just why does this woman refuse to calm down even after defeating Germa?

I fruitlessly complained to myself while still restraining Scala from swinging down her large sword. There is no need to mention how I had to knock her off in order to stop her from overkilling Germa after that.


Few hours after Yato defeated Germa.
In a hall where a man and woman known as the Divine God were sitting, a sudden report came in.

“Divine God!! The prisoner who escaped; Germa; he has been recaptured!!”
“… I see. Thank you for the report.”

Listening to the report of the soldier who had wings on his back, the man closed his eyes and uttered with a low voice. He then raised his head with his eyes closed as if were to gaze at the ceiling and eventually smiled.

“So, they did it after all.”
“As expected from that person.”

The woman as well revealed a relieved expression while happily nodding.

“Good work. You can leave now.”
“Yes!! Excuse me then!!”

The soldier replied with a lively voice, made his salute and left the hall. The man who made sure the soldier has left softened his expression and leaned against his chair.

“We can be at relief for the time being now.”
“Hm? You seem to have been nervous all this time despite saying that everything would be alright.”

The woman laughingly said as if to tease the man. The man averted his eye from the embracement and muttered.

“Well, even I will feel that much unease. Although, I was sure that everything would be alright.”

“Is that so.”

The woman reacted to the man’s reply with a gentle smile. The man who averted his eyes from her revealed a gloomy expression.

“But still, this is only the start.”
“You are right…”

Hearing the man’s words, the woman darkened her expression as well. The topic that they were talking about wasn’t evident, however, the both of them seemed as if they were praying for the future.

“If it is that person, then they should be alright.”
“I am sure that would be the case.”

Holding hands together, the man and woman closed their eyes. Nobody knows what the Divine God couple was praying for, however, the fate that they were talking about will surely arrive in a very near future.


The ‘what if’ series.

What if Germa didn’t faint from Yato’s purification.

“I want to go home already…”
(Fufufu, none of them have realized that I’m just acting as if I’m unconscious. I will kill them all once they all drop their guards.)
“Wow, I found myself gazing at my destruction for too long, haha.”
(Hm? This voice; it’s the Goddess of Destruction.)
“How dare you call me an idiot earlier!!”
“Just stop it already!!”
(Let’s just keep pretending to be unconscious.)

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