Chapter 111: A natural disaster.

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When we teleported to the shore of the island where Germa was hiding, the vast sea unfolded right before our eyes.

“He’s here?”

I nodded to Lina’s query. A vast sea was right in front of our eyes, when we looked around, a giant volcano, which was located at the center of the island, caught our attention. The place was considerably different from the island where we met Meru, but the ambiance of the everlasting summer was still the same as ever.

“Germa, I don’t know who you are, but I’ll find and I’ll kill you.”

When I looked around me, Scala started yelling loudly again and continued to search for him alone. I promptly grabbed her back armor and stopped her.

“Uooh!? W-What is it?”
“Where do you think you’re going?”
“That’s obvious! I’m going to look for that mongrel!!”

Scala replied while still being in an irritated mood. I knew that she had no brain, but not to this extent. I let out a light sigh, from getting amazed at her simple-minded way of thinking.

“Just look at yourself. You think you can fight someone with that condition of yours?”
“That’s just a scratch!!”

This woman is crazy. She still claims to be alright after receiving all those direct hits from me. I kept on trying to convince her not to go persuade him in that condition of hers.

“You have to wait now. You can’t risk moving recklessly now.”
“But Germa was also seriously wounded when we saw him earlier. We should find him as soon as possible.”
“You’re right.”

Lina suggested, and Sara agreed with her. They were right; Germa was heavily wounded when we last saw him earlier today. That is why we decided to come to this island before wasting any time, so that we can confront Germa before he fully heals. Despite that, I disagreed with Lina’s suggestion by nodding my head in denial.

“We’re talking about Germa here. He might have already realized that we are on this island. If he were to set us some traps, we’d be done for good.”

Although I can tell that he is hiding somewhere on this island using my Space Magic, I can’t tell if there are any traps waiting for us on the way. I thought of the possibility to teleport near him, but our condition is too bad for taking such a big risk.

Even though I can freely move after using the skill Full Blast, my body still feels kind of heavy. None of us here can fight flawlessly in our current situation. Scala looks fine, but she’s as tired and wounded as me. Lina and Sara too; we can’t rely on them. If I were to heal Scala’s wounds completely here, she will turn into a pain after we defeat Germa.

She will definitely say something about me being her next target after Germa and will resume our battle, forcibly. The two options left are either I take care of the situation the way I am now or wait for Scala to do something with her current condition.

“Then what are you gonna do? At this rate, if we don’t do anything, he will just escape again.”

Scala who cooled down for a bit, listened to my explanation and made an objection. I couldn’t answer her question immediately and fell into thoughts. Germa is probably aware of us being here, but according to【Space Magic (Extra Large)】, he still didn’t move yet.

It would be too hasty to try and surprise attack him at this point. I’d like to choose a safer way to do our best to wrap up this situation. The best way would be to finish him off with a single blow, though, such an attack doesn’t exist in my skills.

I kept groaning while trying to come up with a good plan. If only someone here can use a skill that has a strong explosive power. I turned to take a glance at Scala while still contemplating. When our eyes met, she glared at me for some reason but I just feigned ignorance to her and realized a certain something. This simple-minded woman can use skills with tremendous explosive power.

“Scala, are you able to destroy this entire island?”

Listening to my sudden question, Scala made an astounded face for a moment and eventually let out a disappointing sigh as if she were making a mockery out of me.

“Of course I can’t. If I were in the mood, I can somehow manage it, but with this condition…”

Can’t you notice that much? She answered in a way as if she were disappointed with my question.

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Annoying. This woman is annoying. Seriously.

I felt offended by being treated like an idiot by an idiot. As for the fact that she can’t destroy the island, I was expecting that answer. I wanted to punch her once for making a fool of me, but first comes dealing with this situation. Without any previous notice, I cast a magic on Scala.

“What about now? High tension Up.”

Chanting the short spell, a strong orange light appearing surrounding her. Scala suddenly went quiet after she got surrounded by the light and even stopped moving for a while.

Hm? Did I mess up?

Even after the light disappeared, she still kept standing quietly. The moment I was about to ask her if she was fine, she gradually started trembling.


She released a deafening roar. Lina, Sara, and I instinctively blocked our ears with our hands. At the same time, Scala started letting out the same ambiance she had before destroying half a mountain back in our battle. This time, the amount of aura she was exuding was way too much from the one of the last time; a presence I’ve never sensed before in my life. What a sound! It could easily damage the eardrums of a normal person. The trees and grass surrounding us reacted to her scream by shaking violently and the waves became more intense.

“Hey! Scala! You can do it now!?”
“Hahaha!! I can!! Rather what’s this!? This is the first time in my life I felt this exhilarated!! This is way too good!! I can’t hold myself back anymore!!”

The result was a huge success. Maybe too much for a success. I raised her tension too much that she lost control over herself.

“Lina, Sara!! Hold on to me!!”

Noticing that Scala was about to explode at any instant, I ordered Sara and Lina to grab me. Both of them seemed to be aware of the severity of the situation and instantly grabbed my hands. We teleported to the sky, far enough from the island. The next thing I saw after teleporting from the island can be best described as a natural calamity.


From the place where we were stand to the edge of the island, everything, including the ground, rocks, trees, and surroundings, turned into nothingness. The place which was once an island is now a pit full of dust. The wave motion of the explosion exceeded the island and reached the sea, creating a giant and deep whirlpool in the sea. It looked like a pure cataclysm. As I was gazing at that scenery with my lips twitching, the shock of the explosion reached the height where we teleported and drove us to cover our eyes with our arms and look away. The next time I opened my eyes, there was no longer something as an island in that place.

There was nothing; nothing was left to point at the island’s existence. Only random splinters that will soon vanish as well. The place where the island was in got covered by the sea waves, making the place look as if it were like that from the day Earth was created.

“W-What the actual…”
“This is terrific…”

Sara and Lina were dropping their jaws in a shock and watching the outcome of the explosion. This is all because of the Tension Up skill that allows its user to raise the tension of the target. I honestly didn’t expect it would have this much influence.

“Glad this is just an island…”

I muttered while gazing at the place that was once an island. I can’t imagine what might have happened if this was a continent with people living on it. Well, I’d never raise Scala’s tension if she’s somewhere on the Earth where people actually live. It would be a total disaster. Fortunately, this place is quite far from the continent and there are absolutely no victims.

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“So we’re going to end up fixing this again…”
“It can’t be helped. It’s our job, after all. Moreover, for Scala-sama, the extent of damage is not big enough, let’s just be thankful because she went easy this time.”

Gazing at the vanished island, Sara let out a sigh from thinking about the work that’s waiting for her after this. Lina, as well, gave up and started thinking positively about the future. I’m feeling somewhat sorry for them since it was me who brought up this plan.

“Well, uuh, do your best. I will erase the memories of everyone near this place after we close this case.”
“Yeah, that’d be great.”

When I tried to cheer them up while revealing an awkward smile, the both of them expressed their gratitude with a gloomy face. I need to do at least that much for them. I kind of feel sad just from looking at them now. While we were still gazing at the vanished island for a while, we noticed something in red getting out from the water.

“Puhaa!! Aah, I feel refreshed!!”

It seemed like Scala was too concentrated on her destruction that she drowned herself in the sea. She came out from beneath the sea with a refreshed expression. I wonder why is she feeling this happy while the three of us here are going through a depressive time. This is the last time I’m casting my Tension Magic on her. Nothing good comes out of it. I’m even feeling sorry for Germa who died anticlimactically from her total and absolute destruction.

“That was anticlimactic.”

“But that’s fine. We got quickly done with him, after all.”

While Lina and I were still shocked by how fast Germa died but Sara seemed to be happy the most because everything was wrapped up pretty quickly. Scala’s destruction skills are impossible to resist. Not even a magic protection would work on them. There’s no way he’d be still alive. Unable to completely grasp the anticlimactic outcome of Scala’s destruction skill, I kept gazing at her screaming happily on her own when suddenly…

“—————How dare you; how dare you do this to me!! Kamiya Yato…”

I heard Germa’s voice coming from a different direction. I promptly turned to that direction and realized that the sky in front of us started straining and bending. Inside the hole created in its center, I heard Germa’s hateful voice calling me with malice.

… It looks like he’s still alive.



“Scala, was the skill you used to destroy the island the best skill you have?”
“If we exclude the other skill, that would be the case.”
“Huh? You still have something worse? Why didn’t you use it then?”
“That was the only skill that relies mainly on my emotions. Besides, using anything better than that was impossible in my current condition.”
“I just remembered that you already destroyed a few worlds entirely.”
“I already lost count on how many worlds I had destroyed, haha!”
“That’s not something to brag about.”

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