Chapter 383: Sexual passion, sneak attackers

Indeed, regardless of figure and appearance, Phoenix Matriarch was of the highest ranking. If it was not for that stern expression and lofty temperament, she definitely was a woman of great beauty that could turn all living creatures upside down in the eyes of men.

Currently, Phoenix Matriarch was staring blankly at her own reflection in the magic mirror, indulging in self-admiration. She also had a trace of unconcealable loneliness in her eyes.

Suddenly, Phoenix Matriarch extended her jade hand towards the belt of the bathrobe on her waist. Then, after a gentle pull, the bathrobe slid down her body, and Phoenix Matriarch’s mature and beautiful ** was reflected in the magic mirror. Her milky white pure skin appeared to be glittering and had a translucent luster to it. The degree of smoothness and satiny was not a bit inferior to her daughter, Yu Feng. Those towering ** were like newly peeled off bamboo shoots and weren’t sagging one bit. Moreover, dark red pearls were individually standing upright on them. Even a saint wouldn’t be able to shift his gaze when staring at this naked goddess. Her slender waist didn’t have any excess flesh, and no one would believe that such a slender waist was the waist of a married woman who had already given birth to a child. Below her waist, there was a dense grassland, and that clump of flourishing hair increased Phoenix Matriarch’s charm. The sight of all of these was enough to make all men under the heavens go insane.

After a good while, Phoenix Matriarch softly sighed and her expression reverted back to normal. Returning to her grave and stern expression, she replaced the bathrobe on her body and tied the belt around her waist. The captivating spring scenery was covered up again.

“That cheap smelly brat.” Phoenix Matriarch muttered. It was undeniable that Long Yi had seen her body and made her feel a kind of indescribable feeling swell up inside her. However, she was also a person who had experienced countless storms. If Long Yi had seen her body, then so be it. In the past, in Kaifeng City, she also managed to see Long Yi and her daughter getting intimate. As such, it could be said that Long Yi peeking at her in the bath was making things even for the both of them. However, Phoenix Matriarch felt as though she suffered some losses, even though she was the one who saw ‘worse’ things compared to Long Yi.

“I wonder how Feng’er is doing now. In the end, when a girl is of age, she must be married off… When Feng’er gave the Phoenix Jade to that smelly brat, it gave me a huge scare.” Phoenix Matriarch thought about her daughter, Yu Feng. That silly girl was completely infatuated with Long Yi which made her feel jealous and worried at the same time. Her biggest worry was that Long Yi, this playboy, wouldn’t be able to give her daughter the happiness she deserved.

Thinking of her daughter, Phoenix Matriarch instantly forgot about the weird feeling she got after Long Yi peeked at her in the bath. She was only worried about Yu Feng who was still staying at Flames Mountain. In the world, there is no feeling that can be compared to maternal love. For all mothers, their child is the continuation of their life, they are the flower of life they nurtured inside their stomach.


With a charming cry, Nalan Ruyue declared the end of her maiden life. Finally, she became Long Yi’s real wife.

Long Yi gently moved. However, he was unable to move too much as Nalan Ruyue’s little hand was gripping tightly onto his little brother. As such, Long Yi decided to teach her a lesson as his hand grabbed her bosom and began to run and pinch at her **.

Gradually, the pain Nalan Ruyue felt at the start slowly disappeared. Within minutes, the pain was replaced by an unbearable tide of pleasant sensation. She enjoyed the feeling of Long Yi teasing her, but she felt somewhat empty inside. Shifting the weight on her body, she rubbed her body all over Long Yi’s waist.

Now Long Yi could be considered a veteran player. How could he not understand Nalan Ruyue’s meaning? He was looking out for Nalan Ruyue at the beginning as he was afraid that she wouldn’t be able to withstand his lashing. However, looking at her now, she seemed to be unaffected even though it was her first time. Long Yi decided that he might as well go all out.

Long Yi’s movement began to quicken as he began fighting the battle with all of his strength.  The ramming of ** splashed their fluids around, making the two of them thoroughly drown in this sea of **.

In the other room, Wushuang wasn’t feeling too good. Since the distance between the two rooms was very small, Wushuang felt everything clearly as if it was happening to herself. Every thrust Long Yi gave Nalan Ruyue made her feel as if her soul was flying away. It was as though the person who was repeatedly receiving ** under Long Yi was her.

If it wasn’t for the case of making some progress in her relationship with Long Yi, she probably would have already kicked opened the door and used Cold Ice Qi to freeze his troublesome manhood into a popsicle before smashing it to pieces. However, that wasn’t Wushuang’s thoughts at this moment. Although she endlessly cursed him in her heart, she felt as though it was getting harder and harder to control herself. Moreover, she even had the shameful thought to go and receive Long Yi’s favor together with Nalan Ruyue.

“No, this isn’t my wish, this isn’t……” Wushuang bit her lower lip and she retracted her little hand from the moist place between her legs. Looking at the sparkling and translucent love nectar on her finger, she had a complicated feeling in her heart.

If she were to be honest with herself, it was not like she didn’t think about giving her body to Long Yi. However, she vaguely felt that she was lacking something important. Without that thing, she was unable to feel at ease if she were to completely submit herself to Long Yi.

“Mmm……” Wushuang moaned and her cold eyes were dyed with a layer of pink **.

“Damned b*stard, starting again, can’t you stop?” Wushuang felt waves after waves of the tide from her **, which seemed to want to drown her, gushing out from her **.

Finally, Wushuang gnashed her teeth and let her conscious sink into her sea of consciousness. However, her body still responded to the feeling she was getting from Long Yi. A wet mark could be seen between her legs.

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“My husband, don’t…..” Nalan Ruyue felt emptiness within her body, and she instantly opened her eyes to complain about it to Long Yi.

“Quickly bend over and stick up your little **.” Long Yi looked at Nalan Ruyue who was lying on the bed with a lewd gaze and ordered her like an emperor.

Nalan Ruyue was somewhat shy, but she had completely let herself loose when she was in bed with Long Yi. She pouted and following Long Yi’s instructions, she bent over like a puppy on the bed and stuck up her snow-white **. Now, her embarrassing private parts from where love nectar was flowing down her thighs were completely revealed before his eyes.

Nalan Ruyue knew that this posture was very **. She felt Long Yi’s scorching hot gaze staying on her private parts for a long time, and she couldn’t help but want to lie flat on her stomach in order to escape from Long Yi’s hot gaze.

“Don’t move, stay just like this.” A ** and hoarse voice which belonged to Long Yi came from behind as his big hand grabbed her waist.

“My hus… my husband… This is so embarrassing, am I very **?” Nalan Ruyue asked in a very low voice.

“**, your husband likes your **.” Long Yi said in his hoarse voice with a smile. Straddling her waist with his hands, the two of them became connected again in an obscene manner.

This heartily sprint ended along with a low roar which came from Long Yi. Their entire body was covered in sweat and they felt as though they weren’t able to move anymore. The only thing the both of them could do was to lie still on the big bed. Nalan Ruyue opened her little mouth for quite some time in order to smoothen her breathing. That intense ** made her feel as if her soul came out of her body and drifted among the clouds.

After **, Nalan Ruyue slept soundly. As for Long Yi, he got up and rushed to take a cold bath. Now, his vigor was thoroughly restored, making him doubt whether he was unwittingly cultivating the Extracting Yin Nourishing Yang Technique or actual normal techniques. Otherwise, why did he always feel like his entire body had an inexhaustible amount of energy and his thoughts were much clearer every time after he made love with his women?

“It’s already so late, I wonder if Phoenix Matriarch is already asleep?” Long Yi said as he sat on the sofa with only a bath towel wrapped around his waist. He placed both of his legs on the tea table and involuntarily recalled that exquisite curvy bare back which belonged to Phoenix Matriarch. As a matter of fact, the only thing he wanted now was to know how Yu Feng was doing. However, there were some scenes in his head which were inappropriate for children.

Long Yi wanted to look for Phoenix Matriarch, but after thinking carefully about it, he decided to wait until the next day. Long Yi was afraid that it would be awkward if they were to meet by themselves in the middle of the night.

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Long Yi pushed open the window of the living room, and an icy-cold breeze blew in. Because of the fact that Proud Moon Empire was located in the northern part of the continent, adding onto the fact that it was already winter, the weather was extremely cold. Especially at night, the temperature was even lower. However, Long Yi, who was half naked, was completely unaware of the coldness around him. He had too many things on his mind as he thought about his next move.

“Blue Waves in chaos, Lightning God descends, jade blood illuminates the human world, split open the vault of heaven relying on a sword.” Long Yi muttered, as the prophecy of Xiao Yi suddenly appeared in his mind. Blue Waves Continent fell into chaos, and the Lightning God also descended. However, Long Yi had no idea what jade blood illuminates the human world means. The prophecy however, was vague and ambiguous. He feared that he would be able to understand this prophecy only after the event happened.

Long Yi considered the situation of Blue Waves Continent once again thought about all the situations which might occur in the near future. The more he thought, the more he felt that the Proud Moon Empire was unlikely to collapse, especially from the attacks from the two other empires. However, if the beast-man clans suddenly attacked at this moment, the situation would turn messy. Although only a handful of beast-men could use magic, their doughty physique was out of mankind’s league. Especially the beast-man clans’ royal clan, the Bimeng Clan. Their physique was as if they were a giant bulldozer hidden in human skin. They were practically impervious to swords and spears, and the most terrifying thing was that their magic resistance was also very high. Ordinary magicians could not even injure the hair on their body.

“Control, yes, control. The only question is how do we control the beast-man clans?” Long Yi subconsciously tapped the windowsill, as an expression of pondering filled his face.

Long Yi thought rapidly. Reasoning things out with the Bimeng Clan would definitely not work. Although these big fellows had high intelligence, all of them were unreasonable people. Not to mention, they had an extreme hatred towards mankind, as it was mankind who drove them to the bleak and desolate Hengduan Mountains.

“Perhaps……” Long Yi took a deep breath as the figures of Bertha, that young girl which belonged to the Fox Clan, and her bewitching aunt, Mea Empress, flashed in his mind.

“Perhaps, replacing them as the royal clan is not a bad idea.” A wicked smile appeared Long Yi’s lips. Didn’t Mea Empress asked him to help the Fox Clan reach its previous glory?

After thinking over this matter, Long Yi was able to get rid of the worry in his mind. Just when he was about to close the window and go to the other room to accompany Feng Ling and Leng Youyou, he suddenly sensed extremely subtle spirit fluctuation coming from outside the room.

“Experts, I wonder if they are magicians or warriors?” Long Yi raised his eyebrows. In an instant, he came to a decision. The other side had five people, and they were rushing towards Phoenix Inn from different directions. They were experts in concealing their aura and their strength was not too bad. They were probably at the Swords Saint realm.

“Now, Swords Saints and Master Archmages are truly worth lesser and lesser. With the world in chaos, outstanding heroes are rising. People of all sorts have appeared.” Long Yi thought aloud and gently closed the window. Quickly putting on a set of clothes, he quietly disappeared from the room.

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