Chapter 22: Enemy of All

The two who drew lot number 1, were average looking youths who are at the fifth level Qi Realm.

With safety mind, they were armed with swords made of a special wood. The wooden swords are extremely durable and are able to withstand the force of 1000 kg. At the same time, the youths are equipped with a thick armor, hence without any intent to kill your foe, there shouldn’t be any casualties.

Clink! Clang!

Swords clash at an unbelievable pace as the duo continued.


In the bat of the eye, dozens of matches have concluded. It was clear to the eyes of the spectators that contestants from the major clans are more competent than those from smaller clans. With the results showing that all of the major clans’ contestants have not lost yet.

“Number 15, come onto the stage.”

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With the referee’s signal, a youth with long hair proceeded to the stage with Li Hongkai right behind.

Li Hongkai sneered with confidence, “You are very unfortunate to pick me.”

Under the tutelage of Li Shanhe, he presumed that except for contestants from the major clans, no others could rival him.

“Keke, I’m not sure if you are ignorant or stupid.” Si Fei mocked with a ice-cold gaze.

“Who is this? Isn’t he too egoistic and ignorant? He dare to look down on the South’s demon Si Fei.”

“He is Li Hongkai from the Li Clan.”

“It’s because of all these ignorant fools that the Li Clan’s in a slump.

Li Hongkai’s statement made the Li Clan the topic of ridicule. On the guest stand, one could see Li Tianhan’s awful facial expression.

On the podium, Li Shanhe snorted, “These people will know how good Li Hongkai is soon enough.”

At the side, Yang Lie ironically spoke, “Li Shanhe, I thought that you were capable, but it seems it is only a rumour. Your contestant’s opponent isn’t just any average Joe but the South’s demon, Si Fei. Even amidst my Guan Clan, none has the guarantee to win against him except for Guan Peng. So don’t even mention your Li Clan’s people.”

“The Guan Clan’s matters and the Li Clan’s matters aren’t in the same loop.”Li Shanhe stubbornly replied.

After hearing Li Shanhe’s rebuttal, Chen Zongming shook his head. He never had any good impressions of the Li Clan.

3 blades, in just 3 blades, Li Hongkai got crushed by Si Fei.

Li Hongkai had a look of disbelief and was scared out of wits.

“What a disgrace! Get off the stage, clansman of the Li’s!”

“Good riddance!”

It started off with just a minor jeering, but jeerings were contagious, and soon the rest followed.

All the members of the Li Clan were humiliated and wanted to bury their heads like ostriches.

“Dammit, what exactly did Li Shanhe teach them?”

Li Tianhan was cursing Li Shanhe, he didn’t remember Li Hongkai being this arrogant.

Yang Lie looked at Li Shanhe, “Now that the Li Clan is the enemy of all, I wonder how you feel?”

“Yang Lie, shut your mouth.”

Li Shanhe glared at Yang Lie.

“You are one who should shut your mouth.”Chen Zongming coldly demanded, emitting qi pressure in the surroundings.

In an instant, Li Shanhe felt a chill, as if someone splashed a bucket of cold water on him.

The rest laughed at the pathetic state of Li Shanhe.

Li Hongkai didn’t know how to step down after the humiliation and felt like he lost his soul. In his mind, Li Yunhai cursed the loser, but said, “Adjust your feelings, when it’s time, I will shut everyone up.”

Hearing Li Yunhai’s declaration, Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist advised, “Li Yunhai, the current impression of the Li Clan is at the bottom, I urge you to exercise restraint.”

“Mind your own business Li Fuchen. I know what to do.”

Before today, Li Yunhai thought Li Fuchen to be his rival, now that the genius contest has started, he felt Li Fuchen was not worthy and that he should set his sight further and not restrict himself to just within the Li Clan.

With an annoyed look, Li Fuchen decided to stop here. People like him required a harsh lesson to teach him what it means to know one’s limitations.

Truthfully, there is nothing wrong in being arrogant. But you need the skills to justify your arrogance. With no real skills yet, being arrogant was what angered the audiences.

Had it been Yang Kai who was arrogant, would anyone say the same thing? That would surely not be the case.

Because of Li Hongkai, Li Xiangdong’s entrance invited the mockery of the crowd. Causing him to underperform and lose to someone who in actual fact wasn’t as good as him. This chain of events, worsened the Li Clan’s reputation in an endless vicious cycle.

Finally, it was Li Yunhai’s turn. His contender was a genius from the southern region. Even though he is not as famous as Si Fei, he could still hold his own.

Mockery from the audiences didn’t affect his performance. After dozens of exchanges, Li Yunhai defeated his opponent without fooling around.

When the battle ended, Li Yunhai swept his glare at the spectators. This glare didn’t manage to shut the jeering but instead instigated more of it.

“If I knew this would happen, I should have taken him down back at the Li Clan.”, Li Fuchen remained silent.

“Number 37.”

It was Li Fuchen’s turn.

Deftly jumping up onto the stage, Li Fuchen looked up and saw a Guan Clan’s contestant as his foe.

“Li Fuchen, Guan Xue asked me to pass you a message.”

This was Guan Jie, his eyes flashed a hint of craftiness. He softly uttered a statement to Li Fuchen with the obvious purpose to distract Li Fuchen. Using the distraction he forcefully kicked off the ground and dashed right in front of Li Fuchen, accompanied with a thrust.

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Li Fuchen remained unshaken, with his sword intact, he waved his hand to disarm Guan Jie in a flash.

“There is large disparity between our combat skills, no tricks will be enough.”

While declaring, Li Fuchen threw a palm strike to send his opponent flying.

“Not even drawing his sword, the Li Clan sure is preposterous!”

Guan Hong and Guan Yan were extremely upset.


In the next few rounds, notable contestants had their turn.

There were 3 that caught Li Fuchen’s attention. They were, Yang Kai, North’s ace He Ping, and East’s beauty Hongxiu.

Yang Kai was an all-rounder, be it his fundamentals or combat skills, they were all among the best. His foe didn’t even react in time before they got sent off the stage with a single strike. It was as if an adult was fighting against a child, not even a hint of suspense.

He Ping’s combat skills are more outstanding than Yang Kai’s. With a single slash, he forced his opponent out of the stage even after being blocked by the sword.

Zhu Hongxiu is an exquisite and attractive young lady. Her sword skills complimented her looks, with a single swing, the shadows of the sword acted like a peacock and dazzled her opposition.

Another notable genius is Shen Tu Jue of the Shen Tu Clan, he was putting on a strong display. As the Shen Tu Clan is the City Lord’s clan, their cultivation technique was not just of a high-tier yellow class, but actually a peak-tier yellow class, The Shao Yang Luo technique.

The Shao Yang Luo technique is an overwhelming cultivation technique. With a total of 9 ranks, Shen Tu Jue cultivated it to the peak of the fourth rank. With the outstanding strength in his qi, he did not lose out to Yang Kai by even an inch.

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