Chapter 384: Sudden appearance of the Winged Clan

Long Yi quickly analyzed the situation in his heart and felt that those five incoming experts were here for Matriarch Phoenix. Recalling what Nalan Ruyue said when she saw Matriarch Phoenix outside her room, Matriarch Phoenix was covered in dust and her clothes were torn in some places. It seemed as though Matriarch Phoenix had just experienced an intense battle and it was possible that these killers were the ones she was fighting against. Also, looking at the strength of the experts, Long Yi was sure that other than his group, only Matriarch Phoenix was capable enough to attract such experts.

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Behind this Phoenix Inn, there was a small courtyard. Only Phoenix Inns in larger cities had courtyards. The courtyard was mainly used for as the residence for people of the Phoenix Clan, as such, the experts would definitely aim for the courtyard in order to find Matriarch Phoenix.

Long Yi quietly hid in a dark corner of this small courtyard. Spreading out his spirit net, Long Yi observed everything that was going on around him. Immediately, he was able to sense five weak auras rapidly approaching the courtyard.

Suddenly, Long Yi’s eyelids twitched. He wasn’t able to see the figures within the courtyard walls, but he managed to sense that two people had actually appeared in one corner of the courtyard. The other three were flanking the room the believed Matriarch Phoenix to be in.

“Who did Matriarch Phoenix provoke that they had to send so many people to chase her relentlessly?” Long Yi thought. These people were able to move extremely quickly, which showed off their speed. Moreover, their strength was definitely in the upper level of the strength pyramid of the Blue Waves Continent. However, Long Yi had never heard of such people in the Blue Waves Continent. As such, he came to a conclusion that there was only one possibility, these people were hidden in the shadows and seldom appear on the continent. If Long Yi was right, these people wouldn’t go around provoking people. The only possible explanation was that Matriarch Phoenix provoked them, causing them to chase and kill her.

Long Yi waited patiently in the shadows. Finally, he saw two people hiding at the corner of this courtyard rush towards Matriarch Phoenix’s bedroom as fast as lightning.

“Damn, were those angels?” Long Yi had his eyes wide open as he saw those two figures rushing towards the bedroom entrance of Matriarch Phoenix. Although he wasn’t able to see clearly, he was able to see a pair of wing-shaped things on the back of those two people. Was it possible that those wing-shaped things were specially installed?

Suddenly, Long Yi felt the aura of those five people spread outwards, covering the entire courtyard. The moment their auras surrounded the courtyard, the five people attacked simultaneously, instantly breaking the barrier laid out by Matriarch Phoenix.

Boom, a red light flashed from inside the bedroom along with the explosion. Matriarch Phoenix rushed out as fast as lightning as she brandished her huge sword, and fire like douqi flew towards the two birdmen with wings.

Instead of retreating, those two birdmen took out their weapons at the same time. Charging forward, they met Matriarch Phoenix’s attack head-on.

“Such a familiar aura, how is it possible that they have the magic fluctuation of wind elements around them? Are they using wind douqi?” Long Yi saw those two birdmen’s cyan colored douqi and was greatly startled.

After a tough and reckless right, Matriarch Phoenix and those two birdmen eventually fell into the middle of this courtyard. The moment they fell, the other three birdmen with wings rushed out from inside the room. With the addition of three birdmen, Matriarch Phoenix was completely surrounded. With the two from before, another birdman surrounded Matriarch Phoenix in a triangular formation on the ground and the other two hovered in the sky. Their huge bows were already drawn and were aiming straight at Matriarch Phoenix.

“Human, return our Winged Clan’s sacred object. Return it, and we will spare your life.” An aged voice resounded.

“What sacred object? Don’t slander my Phoenix Clan, your scared object is nothing in my eyes.” Matriarch Phoenix coldly snorted.

“All of us here knows who stole our secret object. If you refuse to hand it over, don’t blame us for being impolite,” Another Winged Clan member said. Listening to his voice, he was definitely a person who lived for a long time. It was no wonder they were so strong, they had already trained for such a long time.

Instead of giving an answer to the birdmen, Matriarch Phoenix raised her huge sword and initiated her attack. In an instant, the battle of one against five started. The five birdmen seemed as though they didn’t want to let other people learn about this matter. They had already set up a wind attributed barrier which enclosed the entire area before they engaged Matriarch Phoenix.

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“Oh, Looks like they are they seldom seen Winged Clan! This is indeed a strong clan, I wonder what sacred object Matriarch Phoenix stole from them.” Long Yi muttered. It was still unclear whether Matriarch Phoenix stole that sacred object or not, but he was sure that Matriarch Phoenix wouldn’t be interested if the object was ordinary.

The douqi which Matriarch Phoenix used was clearly not that elementary Phoenix Douqi like before. The douqi she was using should be one level higher than compared to before. However, when facing the tight encirclement of those birdmen from the Winged Clan, Long Yi had already determined that Matriarch Phoenix would be defeated.

Swish, swish, along with two flashes of light, Matriarch Phoenix let out a low groan as her left shoulder was pierced by a wind energy arrow. Staggering for a few steps, Matriarch Phoenix nearly fell to the ground.

“Return our sacred object, otherwise you will die here.” A crisp voice resounded. This voice was like the voice of the celestial being from the highest heaven. Compared to the aged voices previously, the difference was like heavens and earth.

Long Yi heard this young girl’s clear and melodious voice, and discovered that it was coming from one of the birdman who was holding a bow in the sky. Or rather, birdwoman. However, all five of them were disguised, which resulted in Long Yi being unable to see their appearance. In his head, Long Yi had his own doubts, was it possible for the speaker to be a girl? Moreover, she had to be a powerful being, as she was one of the five Winged Clan member attacking Matriarch Phoenix.?

A red light flashed around the body of Phoenix Mistress and the wound on her left shoulder immediately stopped bleeding. After she stopped the bleeding, she stabbed her huge sword into the ground and shouted, “Ximen Yu, how long do you intend to watch the drama? Still not coming out for this grandmother.”

Matriarch Phoenix’s words made the five Winged Clan members surround her become tense. The two Winged Clan members that were hovering in the sky immediately circled around the courtyard, trying to find the person Matriarch Phoenix was calling out for. However, their bows were still aimed at Matriarch Phoenix as they flew about.

Long Yi touched his nose and made a wry smile as he revealed himself from behind a pillar. Leaving behind afterimages, he instantly appeared at the side of Matriarch Phoenix.

The five members from the Winged Clan were shocked. Long Yi was hiding under their noses, and they were completely unable to sense him. Not to mention the fact that Long Yi displayed some of his might when he charged from his hiding spot to beside Matriarch Phoenix. The speed he displayed showed off some of his strength, and it made them rather fearful.

“Who are you? What relation do you have with her?” That winged person who had a pleasant voice asked Long Yi.

“It doesn’t matter who I am, her daughter is my wife. In other words, she is my mother-in-law.” Long Yi shrugged his shoulders and replied. He followed up with his own question, “Who are you?”

“I’m the Shaman of the Winged Clan, Ou Yala. She stole our Winged Clan’s sacred object, can you ask her to return it to us?” This Winged Clan member obviously felt threatened by Long Yi’s presence and changed their demanding tone. Instead, they requested Long Yi to return their object as they knew that they wouldn’t be able to force him to return it if he didn’t want to.

“This… Matriarch Phoenix, did you borrow their Winged Clan’s sacred object?” Long Yi turned around and asked Matriarch Phoenix. When he spoke, he didn’t use the word ‘steal’. Instead, he used the word ‘borrow’.

Matriarch Phoenix shook her head and said indifferently, “The only thing I did was to accidentally intrude into their Winged Clan’s territory. I have no idea why they would slander me and say that I stole their Winged Clan’s sacred object. They are simply being unreasonable.”

Long Yi smiled, he didn’t believe that Matriarch Phoenix didn’t take their sacred object. However, since Matriarch Phoenix was his mother-in-law, how could he side with the outsiders? Not to mention the fact that Long Yi wasn’t a gentleman at all. The sacred object which belonged to the Winged Clan had to be good stuff, otherwise, Matriarch Phoenix wouldn’t be tempted to steal it.

“I think you are all mistaken. She didn’t take your sacred object. You can all go now, go back to where you came from. I shall not fuss about the fact that all of you ran into my house and tried to kill my mother-in-law if you disappear now.” Long Yi said in all seriousness.

“Shaman, don’t talk nonsense with them. If we don’t teach them a proper lesson, they will not hand over our sacred object.” Among them, one winged person said in a hoarse voice.

“You birdman, no one will think that you’re a mute if you don’t speak. Don’t say anything when your voice is so unpleasant to the ears. Your Shaman knows what to do.” Long Yi said. Listening to that marvelous voice of the Winged Clan’s Shaman, Long Yi was startled when the other birdman opened his mouth. It was really unbearable for Long Yi to listen to this birdman’s throat tearing voice.

“You……” That birdman was so angry that if that the Shaman hadn’t signaled for him to stop, he would have attacked.

“If you don’t hand over our sacred object, we can only pry it off your bodies.” Although the Winged Clan’s Shaman said those words, she appeared to be hesitant in starting the attack. For an unknown reason, her intuition was telling her that all five of them were no match for him. Despite how ridiculous it sounded, there was a nagging feeling in her to retreat.

“Please make your move, if you can personally make a move, then that would be great.” Long Yi said with a smile. He was very impatient to see the real face of this Shaman. Long Yi hoped that she wouldn’t disappoint him.

The Shaman Ou Yala gritted her teeth and signaled the attack. The huge bow in her little hands shot several deep cyan colored wind arrows that advanced towards Long Yi from different angles. Several Winged Clan members on the ground used their lances to simultaneously block his path of retreat. Their cooperation was great, and they had a tacit understanding of each other.

Long Yi smiled and he soared into the sky while swatting the arrows left and right with his bare hands. In a blink of an eye, he was already in front of Shaman Ou Yala, and his big hand grabbed her neck as fast as lightning.

Feeling a burst of wind on his face, Long Yi’s hand passed through Ou Yala’s neck. He failed to catch her as he only managed to touch her afterimage. Ou Yala’s speed was very fast, but Long Yi wasn’t slow either. Since his attack was ineffective, he immediately changed direction and retreated in a strange manner.

“Ah……” Ou Yala cried out in alarm and she immediately flew to the side of the other Winged Clan member who was holding a bow.

“Shaman, are you okay?” The remaining four Winged Clan members simultaneously asked.

“I… I am fine.” Ou Yala calmed down her state of mind and said.

Hovering in midair, Long Yi laughed heartily. Smelling his right hand, he appeared intoxicated as he said with an evil smile on his face, “My hand has a lingering fragrance on it. It’s not too bad…”

Ou Yala trembled and a fire ignited in her eyes. Just now, this shameless human had blasphemed her chest, and this made her endlessly ashamed and resentful. Matriarch Phoenix understood what had happened just now after looking at Long Yi’s expression and hearing those words that he said. This smelly idiot would never forget to take liberties with women. Just wait, she would definitely teach him a good lesson.

“Barrier formation, Wind Domain.” Ou Yala gnashed her teeth and said.

After hearing the words of Shaman Ou Yala, the three Winged Clan members on the ground emitted cyan light that soared towards the sky as they formed a strange battle formation with Ou Yala in the center.

“Wind Domain, it’s a bit interesting. I wonder how it compares to my Lightning Domain.” Long Yi muttered under his breath as he calmly waited for the five Winged Clan members to form their formation within the Wind Domain.

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