Chapter 73: Not A Simple Man

Doctor Zhou was a mature person, and she quickly replied, “You can rest assured that this will only stay in my heart and never be spread.”

“You’re a doctor. As a professional doctor, we shall be inclined to believe you,” Xia Jinyuan spoke graciously. Towards the people, his attitude was not as cold as steel, but as gentle as a breeze. “Then I shall not see you off until your home. Once again, I apologize.”

A soldier was arranged to escort Doctor Zhou off first. Once she was far away, Xia Jinyuan raised his hand and abruptly flicked Ye Jian on the forehead lightly. “I haven’t praised you for your job well done. You were good, little lass.”

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“How dare you flick me!” Being flicked on the forehead without warning, Ye Jian rubbed the area that now had a tingling pain, and she glared at him. “What’s this? Praising me one second and then punishing me on the next.”

Xia Jinyuan laughed out loud. He was a man with restraint; even as he was laughing pleasantly, his laugh was still low and shallow. Laughing like the refreshing night, he spoke, “You’re only fourteen, not a forty-year-old. Relax yourself a little and don’t be so indifferent towards others. Fourteen-year-old is the age where flowers bloom and rain falls.”

“Let me guess—Captain Xia at the age of fourteen wasn’t all flowers and rain, right? Although your eyes don’t show any indifference towards others, I’m sure you’re someone who stands high above others.” Facing the man who was difficult to see through, Ye Jian sought to at least give him a taste of his own medicine. A twenty-year-old major like him, had he led a life like he described at the age of fourteen?

Was that even possible?

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Recalling his fourteen-year-old life, Xia Jinyuan shut his mouth amusingly.

This child in front of him sure had lots of tricks up her sleeves. It was best for him to stop now, or she might really hit his sore spot.

Glancing to a side at a soldier waiting for a command, he gestured to him, “Come, come, send this student back to the recruits’ camp.”

The fourteen-year-old him. No wonder he was told by his old man and grandfather that he was a difficult kid to handle almost every day!

Now that he had met with a fourteen-year-old Ye Jian who was also difficult to handle, he finally understood.

Ai, he suddenly felt like wanting to make a phone call to his old man to say hello and also to apologize.

Once the target and his members were handed over, Xia Jinyuan really made a call back to the capital.

In a simple building within a heavily guarded military compound where the outside was entirely covered with creepers, a security officer picked up the phone.

After a small greeting, he hurried upstairs and knocked gently on the door.

“Supreme Commander, Major has called saying that there’s something urgent he needs to report to you.”

It was half past ten in the night, and Supreme Commander Xia, who had always been strict with his schedule, climbed from his bed. This lad had never been one to take the initiative to make a phone call. Did something happen at his end?

“Did something happen?!” When he spoke, he heard a rather abrupt apology from the other end. “Old man, I’m sorry, I suddenly felt like the fourteen-year-old me must have made you worry a lot.”

Supreme Commander Xia had the urge to smash the phone. He was worried for nothing!

“Stupid lad, wait till laozi sees you!”

“Old man, help me greet grandpa, and, good night!” Listening from the other end of the line, Xia Jinyuan’s lips curled upwards as he ended the call. Supreme Commander Xia must be in good health to be able to shout like that.

Stupid lad! Can’t sleep at night? Seems I’ve to make a call to increase his workload. The passing of days must have made him senile!

Although Supreme Commander Xia scolded him in his mind as he listened to the beeping sound from the phone, his face was full of smiles as he secretly scolded him.

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