Chapter 74: Don’t Provoke Me

Since young, Xia Jinyuan had been a difficult child who liked to ask lots of questions. Even as an adult, he still did that. Asking questions were fine, but he always had this knack of coming up with questions that were difficult to answer.

In the eyes of all the members of the Xia family, Xia Jinyuan was like a young devil. And this little devil was able to enter the military academy in one go and was awarded for accomplishing numerous meritorious deeds. At the age of twenty, he became a Major—the family’s youngest Major.

With a son now having a bright future ahead, Supreme Commander Xia could finally put aside his disappointment. When Xia Jinyuan was at the age of fourteen, he had always been proud of him.

Even now, he still was. Even after being startled by a sudden strange call by him, there was no sense of anger on his face.

“Contact the Southern Military’s Zhang Zhengwei.” Turning around, Supreme Commander Xia returned to his room and wore his military coat before leaving for the study room.

The military hidden deep inside the mountains near Fu Jun Town was affiliated with the Southern Military.

The night gradually sank, and an eerie fog formed right past midnight.

Standing in front of the window for who knew how long, Ye Jian, who felt some moisture on her body, woke from the sudden realization of a strip of light appearing from the distant horizon.

It was already five in the morning…

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Ye Jian did not feel sleepy even after a sleepless night, and she quickly went to rinse her face when the bugle sounded in the recruits’ camp. After packing her bag for school for two minutes, she arrived at the canteen on time.

In there, Ye Jian only had to help the cooking team wash the vegetables and clean the washroom, and her entire meal for breakfast and dinner would be covered.

Being here for half a month already, Ye Jian was hardworking, diligent, and resilient. Now, almost all the soldiers in the recruits’ camp knew of her.



“You’re up so early? Quickly, the stuffed mustard buns are just freshly taken out; their aroma is just so cunning. There are eggs and steamed bread, too. Whatever you wish to eat, just go over there and take them.” The cooking team’s leader was a northeastern person. When he saw Ye Jian coming in, he was elated and urged her to eat more.

The soldiers in the squad all agreed that Ye Jian was somewhat thin and short, so eating more food would help her grow taller and gain a little weight.

It must have been because of the quantity she ate in the past half a month. Because of those good food, Ye Jian really felt that she had grown a little taller. After greeting them, she had her breakfast. She then cleaned up and entered the kitchen.

She sorted the kitchen and returned the cooking wares to their original places. Once it was half past six, it was time to leave for school.

She liked to jog to school. It was a form of training for her which at the same time enhanced her physical fitness.

Riding a bicycle, Gao Yiyang once again saw a figure turning at a corner, and a sneer appeared on his handsome face. But after a little hesitation, he gritted his teeth coldly and went to catch up with it.

He rushed directly in front of Ye Jian before breaking all of a sudden as he twisted the bicycle handle elegantly with his hands. With a turn of his head, his bicycle blocked the path right in front of Ye Jian.

The series of actions were completed swiftly. Ye Jian, whose guard was not up, did not expect someone to rush in front of her, so she was taken aback a little.

Because of that, her reaction was delayed a little. Now, coupled with last night’s incident, her reaction to this was… She raised her foot and kicked the body of the bicycle.

Gao Yiyang did not expect her to send a foot towards him, and he could only watch dumbfoundedly as the cold-hearted Ye Jian’s lightning-like foot kicked his bicycle without any hesitation.

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“Kuang! Peng!” Two sounds were made as the person and the bicycle both fell. Gao Yiyang was still dumbfounded.

He looked coldly at Ye Jian, and after a long while, the words finally came out from his gritted teeth: “What do you think you’re doing!”

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