Chapter 38- Semifinals Part 2

KMega6KMegacharacter knew it was coming. His armor was now an epic level 136 set with level growth. It was also had reasonably high stats, but that didn’t matter because his weapon and shield were different. During his time raiding the empire’s slavers, he acquired many higher grade weapons and armors, but he passed them over for raw resources and assets because game money was pretty much weightless and can be infinitely stored. Each piece of gear took up an inventory slot, and KMega also favored stacks of materials to other weapons.


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These resources were naturally used for repairing his gear and to replace potions or for food. He gave the rest of his weapons and gear to the Eastguard captives he freed. KMega only upgraded his weapon and shield twice before. The first time was shortly after he raided the empire and was still unknown because he needed to buy better gear than the basic set. The second time was when he subjugated a knight who was the guard captain of a prison. KMega’s weapon and shield were obviously superior, but they were only level 120 uncommon items.


KMega felt like his current sword was failing, so he instantly cast it aside and then also threw his shield before creating distance. That only bought him a moment of time to grab hold of his great sword before a foot landed in his midsection. It was the perfect distance to maximize the effect of the kick while still out of reach of the swords. KMega then let go of his sword while he rolled to the edge of the arena before quickly moving again when Luke took the advantage, but it wasn’t enough. A moment later, KMega was back on his feet with his great sword in hand. Both of their HP bars were only down by less than 20%, but now KMega’s is under half.

“I shall not fall! For Eastguard!” (KMega)


[Notice! ‘Champion of the People’ title has been triggered.]




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The people of Eastguard and the other prisoners that KMega suddenly started pounding their weapons and stomping their feet.




[Notice! Skill, ‘Sword of the people’ has been created. Increases your next attack’s characteristics by 150%. Cooldown time: 15 minutes.]


KMega barely looked at the notice as he quickly read that it said characteristics and not attack. He then took a stance to use his cleave skill while Luke took his own.

KMega’s sword started to glow with power, then they both rushed forward and attacked.

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