Chapter 380 – Do Not Be Naughty

Mu Rong Xin Nuo retreated back a few steps out of alarm due to Ji Mo Ya’s terrifying change, in that instant she felt as though her throat was being gripped tightly in  someone’s hand, making it hard for her to breath.

She was startled and frightened.


Ji Mo Ya was no longer in the mood to talk to her. That damn Yan lass, just wait until he deals with her. With a blur, he disappeared from his spot.

Only then did Mu Rong Xin Nuo felt alive again.

She foolishly gazed at the direction were Ji Mo Ya headed, a mixture of admiration and desire adorned her spirited face. It was as though she was satisfied with just being able to look at him…


When Bai Chen Feng was about to kiss her from the surge of emotions, Huan Qing Yan had also finally managed to acquire control of her body again.

The reincarnated girl had deteriorated into a weak state due to over excitement and had no choice but to go offline and enter a deep slumber.

The f*ck, what the hell!

She threw a punch at Bai Chen Feng, but the prepared Bai Chen Feng grabbed her hand instead.

“Little Yan… That time you gave this lord a punch under the eyes of so many people, and now you are trying it again; don’t be naughty.”

Huan Qing Yan turned her head and bit down on Bai Chen Feng’s injured arm, causing Bai Chen Feng’s body to go numb; his hold on her weakening.

Huan Qing Yan used this opportunity to escape his embrace, she turned around and ran off without uttering a single word.

She was unable to face Bai Chen Feng and talk to him now.

She had wanted to throw vicious words at Bai Chen Feng. But the reincarnated girl suddenly took control of her body, causing her efforts to be wasted; the two of them even started clinging to each other.

She wanted to explain to Bai Chen Feng that there were two souls in her body, one was her, the other was the reincarnated girl. But what would be the consequence? Would Bai Chen Feng believe her? Or would he help the reincarnated girl kill her?

Therefore, she chose not to say anything!

The thing she needed to solve the most right now was how to prevent the reincarnated girl from forcing her offline whenever she wants.

This problem was very urgent. If things were to continue as they were, the reincarnated girl might take control of her body and do other intimate stuffs with Bai Chen Feng.If that happens how could she face Ji Mo Ya in the future?

If it was the period when she had just crossed over, she would have considered finding a new body and returning this body to the reincarnated girl.

Now, she won’t even think of it She was the one who had awoken dual spirit treasures, activated the bowl’s dimension, and most importantly, her current identity was what Young Master Ya recognize. Even if switching to a new body was possible, she didn’t want to as Young Master Ya to be unable to recognize her.

The reincarnated girl was a person who didn’t keep her word, she did not want to share the same body with her.

She must find a method to get her out!

“Little Yan, Little Yan…” Bai Chen Feng chased after her for a few steps before stopping due to the pain from his arm.

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He gazed at the direction were Huan Qing Yan had gone and felt the frustration welling up inside his body, at the same time his interest in her increased as well. Huan Qing Yan was even more unpredictable than before, but she was even more cunning as well. He didn’t understand why, but this strong yet strange new personality of hers further increased his attraction towards her.


Huan Qing Yan went to Alpha Hall’s library.

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There were many types of books in it, not only on skills and techniques but also books on various data and information related to cultivation.

Huan Qing Yan was just trying her luck, she urgently needed to find books related to the soul right now while using this time when the reincarnated girl is weakened and in slumber; but she did not know if she could find any ancient texts on this topic…

If the reincarnated girl were to wake up, all her thoughts would be available for the reincarnated girl to read again.

While she hadn’t felt the need to do this in the past, after the numerous incidents of the reincarnated girl breaking her word, Huan Qing Yan sensed that a crisis was approaching. Something that was out of her control might happen in the near future……..

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