Chapter 39- Finals Part 1

KMega6KMegacharacter looked at his sword hilt in disappointment as another piece fell off.

He then looked at his opponent while speaking.

“To think that it broke with one attack.” (KMega)

Luke was cut in half down his chest, while both of his blades were the same. He then took a knee and fell down as his HP ran out from the bleed attack he took moments before.


After a respawn screen appeared, he found himself standing beside Astrid7Astridcharacter. His armor could still be repaired even if it’s destroyed since it’s soul bound, but his weapons and shield now looked like lumps of metal, which is rather troubling. Without a decent weapon, he may have to withdraw from the tournament. He then shook his head at the thought.

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In any case, he wanted to rest while watching the last match.


“Big brother!” (Astrid)

A minute after he dozed off to recover his stamina, Astrid called out him, so he looked at her with a smile before noticing something in her hands.

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“Is that?” (KMega)

She nodded.

“I shed these very hard scales all the time, so I made this for you. It isn’t done yet though.” (Astrid)

KMega could only stare in amazement after seeing the golden glow of the sword, signaling it was a Legendary rank item.

It was in an incomplete state no less, meaning that it had the potential to be mythic.

He was speechless as she grabbed his arm and pulled.

“We have to hurry!” (Astrid)

KMega was confused by the statement. but quickly realized what she meant when they got to the forge. She then took out a small dagger and cut her arm, causing some blood to enter bucket where steel is cooled after it’s forged. She then cut KMega’s hand and poured his blood inside the bucket as well. This is when he noticed that several of her scales had been peeled off.

“Astrid, you go to far in hurting yourself for me.” (KMega)

Astrid didn’t shed a tear as she grabbed a scale on her arm and peeled it off like it was nothing.

“Big brother, no, my darling. This is for the people you care about, and it’s not like I also don’t have a grudge. They hurt my mama!” (Astrid)

KMega saw her shed a single tear, causing him to unconsciously take his bleeding hand wipe it off her cheek. She was then about to peel off another scale before he stopped her by grabbing her hand.

“No more, you’re too precious to feel pain. You can put it in a finished state after the finals.”(KMega)


There was a break for contestants between each round. A normal break was usually one hour, one fight and the next. While the fights go on in real time, the people not fighting would experience a time dilation effect. This effective enables the rest to repair their gear and rest. This meant little to the empire’s champion, but for KMega, it meant a lot considering he’ll have to fight six consecutive rounds.

However, it was the finale, and the tournament was set up with the empire having an advantage. The break time is cut down to consecutive contests one after another without resting. He was only allowed one break during that time. KMega then looked over the brackets and noticed that all but one of the empires reserves had fought.

If there was going to be a hidden ace, it should be them because the empire’s advantage let them choose the order of the matches.

Up first was the ace that everyone knew about, but the end was someone unknown.

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