Chapter 40- Finals Part 2

After the one hour break quickly passed, KMega6KMegacharacter’s sword was still incomplete.  

As expected from a Legendary class, it had high restrictions and high stats.

Luckily for KMega though, he met those restrictions because they were made for him specifically in mind.


[Dragon Bond Great Fang (Incomplete) (L) (Soulbound)- A large sword made from the blood, sweat, and scales of a young dragon4dragonspecies for her mate. It’s currently in an incomplete state, but boasts outstanding characteristics. The blood of her mate was used in the latest forging process, strengthen the blade even further.

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Durability: ?/?

Attack: +650

Defense: +150


Regenerate 10 HP/second

Regenerate 10 MP/ second

Increases fire damage inflicted by the blade by 10%

Fire damage heals the wielder



250 Strength

200 Endurance

200 Agility

Level 100+


Special Restrictions:

Must have the blood of the dragons coursing through your veins.

Anyone that touches the blade without dragons blood will take 100 points of damage every second. The effect lasts for five seconds.

The blood inside you must have a blood relation to the person that was used when the sword was forged.

Anyone that touches the blade without meeting this requirement takes 50 points of damage every second. The effect lasts for five seconds.]


KMega was genuinely surprised by the swords stats. He was concerned though because most incomplete weapons have a low durability. As for the stats in general, the attack and defense was a little above average. However, the special effects were league apart from the norm. Regeneration was ok, but the added fire damage was very average and could even heal him. Healing himself while hitting his opponent is a rather OP special.

On top of that, anyone that touches the blade receives 150 points of damage for five seconds if they don’t have recognized dragon blood inside them. Even if they did, that is still 50 points of damage. This means that his attack causes a DoT effect. He then looked at Astrid7Astridcharacter in wonder because something like this couldn’t be made on a whim. She must have been working on the sword since the very start of the tournament at the latest. He was also worried about her condition because she defiled her body for his weapon. He then cemented his resolve and grabbed the sword earnestly because he wasn’t going to make light of her deeds.


KMega then walked over to the stage with his new sword in hand. He didn’t have a happy demeanor like the previous match, he was out for blood. He also showed no signs of courtesy or mercy.

As KMega took his attack stance, he waited for his match to start against the empires first ace, who took the same stance as him.

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