Chapter 41- Astrid’s Sword

Astrid7Astridcharacter looked happily at KMega6KMegacharacter as he took her gift. In truth, the idea to make the sword for KMega came to her when she was looking up entertainment things on the net. She saw that a bond could be strengthened if a pair of weapons were made for partners. She learned about the other ‘worlds’ and IRL as well. Dragon parts were normally impossible to work with unless you were an advanced blacksmith, but since the parts came from her, she understood the characteristics of the materials very well. In truth, she had also been collecting KMega’s hair and teeth that he would lose in the fights or when she groomed him. Using the teeth he lost when people punched him in the face and his hair, Astrid created her own sword that also had her body parts in it. If KMega knew about this, he would call it obsessive and a bit creepy.


Astrid then watched as the two fighters took their stance. She knew that it was important for KMega to win this tournament. His motivation for the last several months was to find another npc like her that had a bond with him as well. After all he reunited, maybe he will start answering her advances without distractions, but Astrid thought that was also part of his charm. She then nervously gripped her blacksmith hammer as the match began and they attacked each other at full power.


It seemed like KMega had the advantage at first before he suddenly retreated. Astrid immediately knew that the problem was because his sword was about to break. He tossed it to the side and instantly rushed in close against the empire’s ace. Astrid then closed her eyes because she didn’t want to see KMega getting hurt or dying.

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When she heard a metal on metal collide, she thought that it was over and shed a tear.

“ Please be all right.” (Astrid)

She prayed to herself, as she slowly opened her and saw the two engaging in fisticuff combat.


Over the numerous games that KMega’s played, he always chose the unarmed combat skill, and during his time in Sword Kingdom, his teacher Yirk finally gave him proper training.

However, even with a natural fighting talent, he would still be labeled as an amateur at best. KMega’s sloppy right cross was then easily countered by an uppercut and he was sent flying backwards. The empire’s ace then wiped his own lip with the cloth of his cuff before speaking.

“I must say, this is unexpected from the headache of the empire. I will take pleasure in defeating you.” (Empires Ace)

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KMega was stirring on the ground as the other man grabbed him by his hair and delivered an armored fist to the side of his jaw, obviously breaking it. He then proceeded to punch KMega in the gut before kneeing him in the groin area.


KMega coughed as he staggered on his feet after being lifted up. His whole body was numb and in pain, while his vision was hazy. It wasn’t exactly a new sensation for KMega to be on the receiving end of a beating, but it is the first time he’s been so helpless. Three, five, eight blows landed on various parts of KMega’s body.

Several pieces of his armor had also lost all of their durability and became unequipped and degraded back to the ‘shamble knight’ set.

He barely had the strength to stand as he feebly lifted his arm to guard the attack.

“Commendable, but futile.” (Empires Ace)

His opponent then continued his assault.

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