Chapter 42- General of the Empire

General Marcus Davis Glorihouse the III, a man born from a military family.

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At a fairly young age, he was recognized as a talented youth in the forms of war and battle. It was he who initially created the plan to invade Eastguard to take it’s lands for the empire. He also subdued a giant youngling to be trained as an ace in the war.

It was he who led the charge at what will be called the bloody plains where the green grassland was dyed in the blood of thousands.


However, everything went wrong for him because of one man. His military might was essentially cut in half in the span of a minute when hundreds of his foot soldiers were cut down in an instant. This was a loss he could have lived with, but then there was a hit on the mages, archers, and then the giant.

The cost of training them and losing them early on was a big hit to his forces.


Even then, it was bearable because the one that caused it seemed to have died, but after some time, he was back and causing more trouble. The biggest headache was the domino effect after the fall of Jork fortress, a seemingly out of the way place. It had an appropriate number of people there, but an unexpected rogue dragon4dragonspecies attack weakened it.


To top it off, this individual seemed to have subdued said dragon some way or another, leading to the little girl at his side. Marcus was about to snap in his anger as he put everything into his next attack and found that he was being pushed back. He then heard a slight breaking noise that changed everything, letting him take out his frustrations on the helpless man in front of him.

For some reason though, his opponent wasn’t dying even though his armor and body was completely broken and beaten.


[You have taken 126 points of damage to the midsection.

Your will alone made you resist death. 6.3 strength penalty. You permanently lose 1 strength.]

[You have taken 162 points of damage to the head. Your will alone made you resist death.

8.1 intelligence penalty. You permanently lose 2 intelligence.]

[You have taken 143 points of damage to the groin. Your will alone made you resist death.

7.15 endurance penalty.]

[You have taken 191 points of damage to the chest. Your will alone made you resist death.

8.55 strength penalty. You permanently lose 2 strength.]

[You have taken 211 points of damage to the knee. You resist death and remain standing.

10.55 agility penalty. You permanently lose 2 agility.]


Each hit left KMega6KMegacharacter sore, but he refused to fall even though he knew that he should be dead. Something was keeping him alive. He then closed his eyes and for a moment, wanting it to end. Kieser then suddenly came to mind and his fist went flying in front of him out of instinct.

When he opened his eyes again, the blows he had been receiving stopped and he was let go.

“Why won’t you go down, you insect!” (General Marcus)

KMega staggered as he looked at his fist.

“This is nothing in comparison for what you did to the people of Eastguard!” (KMega)

The arena went dead silent. While he was in his half unconscious state, he had to remind himself that he was a knight of Eastguard when he wanted to say something cool.

He knew this fight was going to leave his muscle sores after he left the game.

“I am a true knight of Eastguard. I am a knight who will never abandon my homeland!” (KMega)


He then uneasily took another step before continuing.

“I am the last knight of Eastguard. My body is the last shield for her people.” (KMega)

Suddenly, a fist landed on KMega’s cheek, and his response was to give a death gaze at his opponent as he spit out a few teeth and a lot of blood. He then grabbed the man’s arm as his hand started to glow because  the champion of justice title was triggered.

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With everything he could muster, he pulled the imperial towards him before feigning a punch and tripping his opponent with his momentum instead.

Making Marcus lose his balance and letting KMega reach for his sword was all he could before his opponent reached him and punched him in the face.


KMega then blacked out for a moment as he laid down on the arena floor before Marcus turned around to grab his own sword.

KMega was then rolled over on his back and a great sword was aimed at his heart.

“Die like the dog you are!” (General Marcus)

When Marcus lifted his sword before bringing it down on his heart, KMega summoned a shield from his inventory. The bent piece of metal barely stopped the blade, but that’s all he needed as KMega grabbed Astrid7Astridcharacter’s sword with his free hand and attacked with it.


[You have taken 689 points of damage to the chest. Your block has reduced the damage by 15%, causing the move to be nonfatal. Your will alone has made you resist death.

34.45 strength penalty. You permanently lose 4 strength. You have been rendered unconscious.]

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