Chapter 30: Seize the Win


As their swords clashed, a qi explosion followed.

Both of them backed off and were evenly matched.

“Venomous Snake Sword Style completion, Clear Breeze Sword Style completion, sixth rank Red Jade Technique!”

All Origin Realm experts who had a slight knowledge of both these clans, were in shock.

Among yellow class martial arts, low-tiers and mid-tiers belonged to the same level. The former typically only has one move and the latter with a more variety of moves. Generally, below the seventh Qi Realm, having one mid-tier arts at completion also equates to having multiple low-tier arts at the completion. The difficulty was around the same, but the time required was vastly different.

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As for high-tier, yellow class arts, they belonged to a superior level. More so for peak-tier, yellow class arts.

It was more surprising to find out Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist reached the sixth rank of the Red Jade Technique, as normally only after reaching the Origin Realm could one achieve that. As to why Guan Xue could attain the sixth rank of the Water Moon Technique before Origin Realm, it was largely due to her 4 star extraordinary bone frame. Who would have thought Li Fuchen achieved the same level too.

“Impossible!” Words escaped from Guan Yue’s mouth.

He will never admit that Li Fuchen’s martial sense was on par with Guan Xue’s.

“Sixth rank of the Red Jade Technique. Fuchen’s perception was at such a terrifying level and was not even slightly inferior to Guan Xue’s.” Li Tianhan and Shen Yuyan were pleasantly surprised.

The Li clansmen started cultivation at the age of 10. They didn’t start with the Red Jade Technique but with Li Clan’s Basic Technique. Only after the Basic Technique reaches completion, would they then start cultivating with the Red Jade Technique. What surprised his parents was that, Li Fuchen started only 2 years ago and he couldn’t even cultivate for a full year.

Of course, things weren’t so simple for Guan Xue. Before the age of 12, Guan Xue wasn’t so outstanding. It was only after she was 12, that she displayed her astonishing talent. Rumours has it that it was because her 4 star bone frame had yet to grow completely then.

As the fight continued, Yang Kai pushed the limits of the Venomous Snake Sword Style in order to break the balance of Li Fuchen’s sword style.

Li Fuchen wasn’t just any pushover either. With his sixth rank of the Red Jade Technique, his qi wasn’t any inferior to Yang Kai’s, perhaps slightly better. Even though Li Fuchen lost in physical strength, he made up with combat skills. When two completion sword arts were compared, whoever was better in combat skills or sword skills would win. Just like when an identical weapon is used by different individuals, it would produce different results.

“Venom Nine Metamorphosis!”

With a roar and the shutter of the sword, the sword’s trajectories started to alter and produced nine different blades.

“Clear Breeze First Blade.”

No matter how unpredictable Yang Kai sword style was, Li Fuchen remained unshakable. With his extreme proficiency in wielding the Clear Breeze Sword Style, it was like his sword had a spirit of its own. It blocked and countered with its own will.

Clank, clink, clash….

On the spacious stage, two figures drifted on it. With wooden swords constantly colliding, shock waves began to propagate

The force behind each of their strike was at least 2000 kg. A giant boulder would have been pulverised in an instant by any one of their sword slashes.

“Not bad Li Fuchen, you actually withstood my sword for such a long time. But what I excel in isn’t the Venomous Snake Sword Style, but my Yang Clan’s Silver Snake Sword Style.”

Yang Kai was already at seventh level of the Qi Realm and could officially start cultivating high-tier, yellow class martial arts. A single vicious strike from the much superior Silver Snake Sword Style looked as if a real snake was slithering towards Li Fuchen.

Had it been someone else, Li Fuchen could have made use of the opposition’s flawed sword style, which had yet to reach completion and neutralise it. But Yang Kai was different, even though his Silver Snake Sword Style had yet to attain completion, it was almost at sub-completion. Although there were flaws, Li Fuchen couldn’t utilize it as he and Yang Kai were on an equal footing. Taking a risk to breakthrough would only put himself at a disadvantage.

“It seems I have to use the move.”

When practicing the Red Jade Sword Style, Li Fuchen didn’t expect to use it in the genius contest. He had thought he wouldn’t require it at all, but Yang Kai’s ability exceeded his expectations.

Shun shun!

With Touch of Red Jade activated, an invisible suction force appeared, causing Yang Kai’s sword trajectories to deviate

“You practiced a high-tier, yellow class sword art too?”

Yang Kai gasped in astonishment.

“The feeling is mutual.”

Li Fuchen’s sword gripped Yang Kai’s sword and sent it towards Yang Kai’s chest.

“Don’t even dream about it!”

Yang Kai had a better explosiveness than Li Fuchen, with a shake of his sword, he got away from Li Fuchen’s sword.

As such, the situation of the match became bizarre. Time and time again the swords were stuck together, then Yang Kai had to continuously shake off Li Fuchen’s sword.

“Yang Kai is in a tight spot!” With the experienced eyes of Chen Zongming, he could see that both of them were exhausted from using high-tier, yellow class sword styles. Especially Li Fuchen who was only at the sixth level of the Qi Realm, which made it even harder for him to utilize high-tier sword arts. But with each time that Yang Kai needed to repel Li Fuchen’s blade, a large burst of qi was required. Inevitably, Yang Kai expended his qi at twice the rate of Li Fuchen, and if things continued like this, Yang Kai would the one defeated.

“I can’t let this carry on.”

Yang Kai knew what the problem was. His Silver Snake Sword Style couldn’t display its full potential when facing the Red Jade Sword Style. It was as if Red Jade Sword Style was made to negate Silver Snake Sword Style. But how could he have known that Li Fuchen reached sub-completion on Touch of Red Jade and the deftness was far superior to his Silver Snake Sword Style.

“Take this!”

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Yang Kai couldn’t bother about wasting his qi and pushed the Silver Snake Technique to the extreme. Taking the chance when both their swords were still stuck together, he took a step forward to punch at Li Fuchen’s head.

Obviously Li Fuchen wouldn’t meet head on with Yang Kai. With the swords still clung together, Li Fuchen landed a roundhouse Cyclone kick on Yang Kai’s left arm.

Pa! Yang Kai’s left arm soften, and his body staggered. He then tumbled along after getting repeatedly kicked by Li Fuchen three or four times.

Li Fuchen’s Cyclone Kick Style was sharp and quick; at this crucial moment, it displayed a power to suppress it’s foe.

Yang Kai who had the physical strength of a 1000 kg, still had strength remaining after taking the kicks. But before he had the chance to stand back up, Li Fuchen followed up aggressively with another kick to send him off the stage.

“Li Fuchen wins!”

The referee looked at Li Fuchen and announced the result.

The crowd went up in an uproar, and all eyes were on Li Fuchen. All kinds of feelings were present: admiration, jealousy, and envy.

“How did it turn out like this?” Guan Mei was at a loss, looking up at the youth who stood tall and upright, it was her first time feeling so powerless.

Guan Yue had a sudden surge of regret, but it was soon forgotten. Being strong now was useless, as what was important, was to be strong while in the sect. Unless he had a 4 star bone frame, there was nothing for him to regret about.

“Hmph, I will let you savour the victory for now. See how I toast you when we are back at the sect.” Guan Hong and Guan Yan were displeased about the result, they would rather have Yang Kai win than Li Fuchen.

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