Chapter 29: The Struggle for First Place


With a loud clash, a wave of qi exploded from the center of Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist and Shen Tu Jue. Both were sent backwards, Shen Tu Jue by 10 steps but Li Fuchen by 9 steps only.

“My Blazing Cloud Palm is actually not enough?”

The result felt unfathomable to Shen Tu Jue.

This Blazing Cloud Palm was an original palm style created by his uncle Shen Tu Jianhe. Using it together with the Yang Blaze Technique would bring out its full potential. Even with his current cultivation, it was enough to seriously injure an expert at the eighth level of the Qi Realm.

“The intense heat of the Shen Tu Clan’s Blazing Cloud Palm is indeed worthy of it’s rumours.”

Li Fuchen had already cultivated his Mountain Splitting Palm to completion. A strike of his palm had a force of at least 1500 kg. Shen Tu Jue’s physical strength was just slightly weaker. Had it not been because that the Red Jade Technique was of Yang energy base, blisters would have formed on Li Fuchen’s palm from the intense heat.

(TL note: Yang energy of Yin & Yang, Yang is the positive or sometimes power of ‘light’/fire. Yin is the dark/cold energy and negative energy.)

“Tiger Fang Cross Slash!”

Li Fuchen did not plan to drag things out with Shen Tu Jue as he jumped up high and in mid air, then instantly executed two slashes at Shen Tu Jue.

The Tiger Fang Cross Slash may only be a low-tier, yellow class sword style but it held an extreme power. With only one sword move, its power was not weaker than a mid-tier, yellow class sword move.

Approaching from mid air, a cross shaped shadow flashed toward Shen Tu Jue.

“Blazing Cloud Ascension!” (TL note: One of Blazing Cloud Sword Style moves)

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Shen Tu Jue gathered the last of his strength and cleaved toward the approaching cross slash.

Bang! Pang! Boom!

Multiple qi explosions bursted, Shen Tu Jue was pushed back continuously, this made his blood boil.

“Crescent Slash!” (TL note: Sword move from Crescent Sword Style)

Li Fuchen who was still in mid air, vigorously swung his right hand. A blade’s afterimage expanded out like a crescent moon and caged Shen Tu Jue within.

The Crescent Sword Style and Tiger Fang Cross Slash were both low-tier, yellow class sword arts.

Just because it was low-tier, didn’t mean that it was weak. In fact, the difference between a mid-tier, yellow class sword arts were the number of sword moves. The sword force was roughly the same and most importantly, low-tier sword moves were simpler and faster to execute.


With his arm numbed, Shen Tu Jue was forced off the ground and flew backwards. His sorry figure landed right at the edge of the stage with just half a step before stepping out of bounds.

“You can’t win.” Li Fuchen didn’t follow up with another attack.

“Don’t be so sure. This move is actually reserved for Yang Kai, but I will show it to you.” The qi of the Shao Yang Luo Technique covered both his arms to relieve the numbness. Shen Tu Jue opened his eyes and stared coldly at Li Fuchen. An intense heat rose from within his body.

Li Fuchen raised his brows, he wanted to see what kind of tricks his opponent prepared.

“Fire Dragon Break!” (TL note: A sword move of Fire Dragon Sword Style)

With a sudden flash, Shen Tu Jue darted towards Li Fuchen. With just a five meter gap, Shen Tu Jue thrusted out. This thrust had an absolute blaze surrounding it, as if a fire tornado was soaring at Li Fuchen.

The Fire Dragon Sword Style which was the Shen Tu Clan’s high-tier, yellow class sword style. It was also an original art from city lord, Shen Tu Jianhe. With its monstrous power, only experts at the seventh level of the Qi Realm could comprehend its essence. But under the tutelage of Shen Tu Jianhe, Shen Tu Jue barely touched the novice state of this first move. As such, this move only brought out the power but lacked the subtleties.

But it was enough for average martial artists.

“Violent Storm!” (TL note: A move of Cyclone Kick Style)

Li Fuchen lightly mocked at this move that was full holes. No matter how strong the force, it was still useless. With a turn, Li Fuchen dodged to the right of Shen Tu Jue and with a kick, he sent his opponent rising high, plunging off the stage.

“Even Shen Tu Jue lost! Has a battle god possessed Li Fuchen!?”

“Did you not see? Shen Tu Jue executed an incredible sword move, but it was easily broken by Li Fuchen, and with a kick style while doing so.”

“Li Fuchen’s combat skills are exceptional, a sword move with just power is not enough to get to him.”

The audience was accustomed to seeing Li Fuchen’s continuous victories, thus they weren’t surprised at all.

“This one’s talent for martial arts and combat are phenomenal.” Chen Zongming realized he had praised Li Fuchen on multiple occasions today.

Shen Tu Jianhe lightheartedly laughed, “A normal bone frame will only be able to have small achievements. Wait a few more years and see what he is capable of.”

“That is true, whether he does have any potential will require a few years to analyze.” Cheng Zongming nodded.


After a short rest, Li Fuchen headed to the stage again.

His opponent this time was the crowd favourite and uncontestable Yang Kai.

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Yang Kai was 16 years of age, standing at 7 feet tall with praiseworthy looks. His cultivation had long attained the seventh level of the Qi Realm and his physical strength was at an astounding 1000 kg. In terms of sense for martial arts and combat, he could be well above everyone except Li Fuchen. Even Zhu Hongxiu who was on par for combat skills would lose out when factoring in the cultivation level and physical strength.

It can be said on all factors, Yang Kai was the best with no shortcomings.

“Big brother Yang Kai will definitely beat him up like a dead dog!”

Guan Mei was as angsty as one could be. Yang Qi who helped her previously was already eliminated in the early rounds. Her Guan Clan’s Guan Peng and Guan Hao were both defeated by Li Fuchen and this caused the Guan Clan to lose all their chips. She could only rely on Yang Kai to teach Li Fuchen a lesson. In her heart, she had always liked Yang Kai. If she could get wedded to him, and when Yang Kai became the sect’s inner disciple, she may have chances to follow suit and enter the Cang Lan Sect.

“Tianhan, do you think Fuchen can win this?” Shen Yuyan spoke tensely

Li Tianhan gave a pat on Shen Yuyan’s hand, “No matter the results, Fuchen can still enter the Cang Lan Sect, we just need to wait and see.”

Li Tianhan was actually much more nervous than Shen Yuyan, as getting first place would mean being rewarded with 10,000 gold and 2 bottles of qi accumulating pills. Seeing that he was no longer the Patriarch and was demoted to a branch family, he had no way to support his son. Especially when his son entered the Cang Lan Sect, there was a need for massive amount of gold and 10,000 gold coins would help for quite a long period of time.

“You aren’t good enough to go against me.” Yang Kai plainly said to Li Fuchen.

“We will need to experience it ourselves to know.” Li Fuchen put on a serious expression. Yang Kai was indeed not an easy opponent, without exchanging blows, he can’t be sure who was better.

“Really now?”

“Venom Fork!” (TL note: A sword move of Venomous Snake Sword Style)

Yang Kai brandished at an extreme speed that one was only able to see a shadow flash by. It was like a venomous snake’s forked tongue.

This blade wasn’t just fast, it encompassed an astounding force. Li Fuchen who stood meters away could feel the incisive force rushing over. This wasn’t sword qi, but the force brought about by the wooden sword, which was sharp like razor.

“Venomous Snake Sword Style completion!”

With a single look, Li Fuchen knew that Yang Kai’s Venomous Snake Sword Style had attained completion.

Right now, except for Li Fuchen, only Yang Kai had attained completion on a mid tier, yellow class sword art. Even He Ping and Zhu Hongxiu were still a few steps from it. But He Ping compensated that with his amazing combat skills, while Zhu Hongxiu was still only 14 years old like Li Fuchen.

At this moment, it would be too conceited if Li Fuchen still held back his real strength.

Revolving his sixth rank Red Jade Technique, Li Fuchen’s strength presence increase by 30% as swung his blade to welcome Yang Kai.

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