Chapter 75: Don’t Block The Path

“What am I doing?” Ye Jian’s expression showed no hint of wanting to apologize as she coldly returned her left foot to the ground before smiling. “I would also like to ask what you were doing. If not for my quick reaction, it would have been me lying on the ground.”

Ye Jian would show no favor to anyone who had to do with Ye Ying. Especially this Gao Yiyang student who was so opinionated.

The young man scrambled up embarrassedly and furiously. Wiping the dust off his body, he puffed out the steam.

Raising his hands to look at his sleeves, he saw patches of red blood on his elbows that were scratched when he fell.

Looking at the wounds, his face turned hot red, and he barked angrily over at her. “You…”

“En? I what?” Ye Jian gently broke him off as he was speaking, “Have I not kicked you ruthlessly enough?”

That disgusted tone of hers made Gao Yiyang’s expression even uglier. His glare was chilly, but his eyes showed no sense of agitation as he calmed his heart and said no more.

With his lips pursed up, he lifted up his bicycle. And like a person from a charity asking for donations, he asked, “Where did Ye Ying go during the first day of May? I went to your village, but I didn’t see her.”

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What did Ye Jian dislike the most? People like him! It was as if she should be grateful that he was willing to speak to her, that she should actually be feeling honored.

Sneering coldly, Ye Jian no longer looked at him in the eye and walked past him.

“Don’t be so unreasonable, Ye Jian, stop right there!” Thinking that he might be able to find some answer from her, he did not expect her to just ignore him. Suppressing his anger from showing on his face, his pushed the bicycle with his left hand and reached out to grab Ye Jian’s shoulder with his right.

Ye Jian’s indifferent expression surfaced again when he once again chased after her, but seeing that he still dared to reach out to grab her, a glisten shone by Ye Jian’s eyes. It seemed that the kick just now was not enough to be seared into his memory!

With her patience now depleted, the moment she turned around, she single-handedly buckled his arm. She added a hard twist which made the most handsome boy in school let out a cry in pain.

“Even my patience has its limits. Again and again, Gao Yiyang, do you see me as a soft persimmon which you can keep picking on?” Increasing her strength, she could see the twist of the muscles on his arm.

Gao Yiyang was in pain and cold perspiration formed on his back. However, his arrogance was still the same, and he shouted coldly, “Let go! Ye Jian!”

“Apologize!” Ye Jian snarled coldly. She used a hand to grab his wrist and the other to twist his shoulder. “To dislocate this arm of yours is nothing but a piece of cake for me.”

Her expression was extremely cold, as cold as a metal. And from her tone, he could tell she was not joking.

At this moment, Gao Yiyang came to a realization… Every word she said was nothing but the truth, and he must not take it lightly.

“Apologize now!” Now with this awareness, Gao Yiyang had no choice but to apologize even if he was angry deep within. “I’m sorry that I offended you! Please forgive me.”

Ye Jian gave a shallow smile before releasing her grip. Lifting a brow, she looked at him indifferently and said lazily, “So you finally understood. Let me give you a small reminder, Student Gao. It’s best to seek me less in regards to matters with Ye Ying. Otherwise, I’m not sure if I can hold myself back from doing something that’ll make you unhappy.”

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“Also, I don’t get along with Ye Ying, and I don’t want to have anything to do with her!”

With that said, she carried her school bag and jogged idly as if nothing had happened just then.

Now with a wrist entirely in pain, Gao Yiyang stood stunned on the spot for some time before finally pushing his bicycle as he left.

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