Chapter 76: Taking A Huge Step

Although a little poor and surrounded by mountains, Fu Jun Town,, had a beautiful scenery.

Every morning, Ye Jian would jog on the road while gazing at the mountains and rivers. Her mood would always be extraordinarily calm. Even after the incident with Gao Yiyang just then, she was not affected.

With her hair drenched with perspiration, she walked into the classroom, only to see Liao Jian, who had always been late for class, already present and not making his usual ruckus. It was so quiet that the classroom felt somewhat gloomy.

He heard footsteps coming near the classroom, and his gloomy eyes suddenly had a glisten in it. But seeing that the one walking in was Ye Jian, the glisten in his eyes was like a spark, disappearing in an instant.

Once again, he moved his body to look behind Ye Jian. In that moment, Ye Jian understood what he was up to.

He was waiting for Ye Ying to arrive. His father was now caught, and he was feeling afraid, worried, and uneasy… Seeking someone who can help him was natural for him to do so.

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And since Ye Ying had a father who was the deputy mayor, looking for her was also nothing out of the ordinary.

But what was unusual was him. When did he have a good relationship with Ye Ying, to a point where he could just seek help from her?

“Ye Jian, come here, come here, I’ve good news to tell you!” Being beckoned by a classmate, Ye Jian faintly kept her sight and smiled as she walked over. “What good news do you have to make you so excited so early in the morning?”

Those who were early for class were usually those who could study, and the two champions in literature were present.

Zhang Na, one of the champions in literature, spoke excitedly before Ye Jian even took a seat, “It’s the Experimental High School’s competition! Which subjects are you going to apply for? Math? Mandarin, physics, chemistry. Oh, there’s also English.”

“This competition will give us a bonus, and all students from eighth grade to ninth grade are eligible! Next week, when the high school teacher comes to our school, we’ll go and give our applications!” The top student in sciences, Zhou Liaoyi, was extremely excited. He also had an extraordinary interest in mathematics, and this time, he was going to apply for the mathematics competition.

Zhang Na looked at him and then at Ye Jian again before a smile appeared on her face. “Then Ye Jian, why don’t you go for physics? Or maybe chemistry? Since you did quite well for the recent two physics small tests.”

Those words instantly sent pressure to a male student who was planning to apply for it. “Ye Jian’s language isn’t bad either!”

The present Ye Jian had made all the top students in the class feel pressured in less than a month!

Those who emerged in the top three in the competition would have an added bonus to put them at a greater advantage compared to those who simply took the entrance exam to enter the high school!

Seeing all their different thoughts all written on their sullen faces, Ye Jian looked up from the competition list and smiled. “Pass me a pen.”

Bending over, she wrote a string of letters within a column in English that were so beautiful that they could even seem as if they were printed together with the application form.

Zhang Na went to take a look and was stunned on the spot. “…En…English? Are you sure? We only started learning just last year ah!”

“I’ll go for English first. There’s a description here that says a candidate can apply for more than one subject. The subjects do not have to be tested all in one go, but one after another.” Ye Jian smiled and placed the pen down. Confident and calm, she added, “You all can fight first. I’ll catch up from behind.”

Those words turned some of the top students’ face pale with embarrassment.

Zhou Liaoyi frowned and gave a glance at Zhang Na before asking deeply, “Exams depend entirely on capability. Without Ye Jian, are you sure you’ll still be able to rank in the top three?”

He then looked at Ye Jian who was giving others a chance, and he scolded harshly, “You shouldn’t hesitate at all for something that depends entirely on yourself!”

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At a side, Zhang Na almost cried, but Ye Jian patted her on her shoulder and laughed. “I really didn’t. I’m sure there’ll only be a handful who will apply for English. I want to give it a go. If I don’t succeed, then I’ll go for others!”

“Yes, yes, that’s right. It’s not about getting into the top three but the participation that counts!” Zhang Na, who had wanted to scheme a little, finally came around and felt relieved.

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