Chapter 5- Love or Lust?

{Emperor’s Diary}


She instantly picked me up and laid me back into bed. After a few minutes, I barely stopped her from pouring a potion on my head by grabbing her wrist. The resistance must have been nothing to her, but she still felt it. That was one of the poison potions that I made. As soon as she noticed that, she pulled it away and seemed to understand which potion should be used. I smiled at the view of her leaning over me and pushing me down forcefully, showing that she was in charge. I sighed happily, then closed my eyes, letting the view in front of me pass. I soon lost my smile while thinking about what’s happened to me so far. It has been over four months since I came to this world. I know I need to move on soon, but I have no idea where. I began to worry thinking about winter. I wouldn’t mind dying in the struggle alone in the cold, but I’m with another person now. This place isn’t suitable for both us. Either we need to upgrade it, or move to a new place. Considering what’s after me, the latter is the best option. I opened my eyes to see her looking oddly at me. I smiled weakly, unsure of the situation I was in, as she took my clothing that consisted of that sack and a pair of sturdy string boxers that I got from the castle city.


I didn’t need my intelligence trait to see where this was going. As I was going to let her do what she wanted with me, I suddenly raised a hand toward her to ask her to stop. She was confused as she paused, but she still obeyed. She could see me wanting her, wanting her so bad it hurt. So much so, I was like a little puppy who’s owner just came home after forgetting to put food out that morning with a bag of puppy chow in their hand. I closed my eyes, wondering why I stopped her. Before I could rebuke it, I thought that it seemed forced. Forced on her and on me, then I turned my head away from her while thinking.

‘Am I really worthy of her affection? Can I fulfil her expectations?’ (Emperor)

As soon as I thought that, another voice spoke to me.

“I have small expectations of you, young one, but I’ve seen it in you that you’re worthy.” (Empress)


If there was a mood killer, my excitement might have been it, but I calmly relaxed hearing that voice. It was the familiar voice of the lady in front of me.

‘Can you see my stats?’ (Emperor)

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That was a question she wasn’t expecting. I heard her unprotected mumblings of complaint about not discussing how she understood me up until now without me using a voice or how we’re talking now with our minds. Nonetheless, she nodded, then I felt slightly violated somehow.

“What details do you want me to look over? I assume about the curses6cursesstory mechanic.” (Empress)

I shook my head in response.

‘No, look at my stats. I can understand the numerical values, but I want to know the information at the top of that list, my name for example.’ (Emperor)

She nodded in understanding, then I faintly heard from her how I wouldn’t have been the first man she slept with without introductions, but it was a nice thing to know.


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Hearing that, I spoke to her again.

‘Did you have someone before?’ (Emperor)

I tap my arm where the new tattoo was, then she looked away.

“No, I have never been with someone of my own free will. After my capture, I have been made to do many things.” (Empress)

I look away ashamed, feeling that I shouldn’t have brought it up. After a moment more to think about the past, she looked at the information above my stats.

“It seems like your name has been erased and replaced. As for your occupation….” (Empress)

She paused, then unsurely looked at me.

‘I want to know if I’m still classified as a slave?’ (Emperor)

She coughed for a moment, then started reading again.

“Well, it’s strange. It says you’re a slave of free will?” (Empress)

I was confused when she said that.

‘Does it give any additional information?’ (Emperor)

She paused to check.

“A man who chooses freedom and hardship over slavery3slaverytheme and peace of mind. This is someone who can resist fate as long as he doesn’t seek strength in oneself. In order to survive, he must shackle to others by carrying their torment and burdens. This is a man who will carry the heaviest of burdens in the world with a gentle smile and peace of mind, but will wither away and die in great temptations.” (Empress)


After she paused again, she closed her eyes.

“I see. So you were warning me.” (Empress)

I hesitate, because I see the mood isn’t in favor of my little buddy.

‘But we’re shackled now. The burdens of the heart are heavy.’ (Emperor)

I paused to think. Being alone all those years wasn’t fun. I long for a happy misery that a couple brings. Being so close to a happy goal in my former life, I was rather motivated. I leaned back and sighed, figuring that I lost my chance. I was now just willing to rest until I fully recovered from that blow from earlier.

‘Perhaps, it’s for the best. I will be a burden from now on. She’s rather strong, and without that slave tattoo, she can go anywhere she wishes.’ (Emperor)

I suddenly felt her weight on the bed increase as she moved over to me.

“You’re a rare individual. To take my greatest burden onto yourself and ask nothing in return. Perhaps, I was hasty in accepting you, but I see that it was still a good choice to make.” (Empress)


On that day, I lost my virginity to the hottest lady I have ever, or will ever put eyes on. Though, how literal I described her as, was revealed to me at a later date.




It’s on this day that the world’s fate was changed. The birth of the world’s most powerful and strangest couple. The unstoppable force that will later become the empress of the subhumans. The unparalleled demon hero of man. There are many myths and legends about this couple’s early years. Some say he’s a demon that made a deal with a slave for unparalleled power, while others say that she tempted him with her voice and body. The most popular myth is that they were both slaves together until their escape. While others say she merely saved him when she began her reign of freedom. The truths and myths about them have been lost in time, even after the reign of a thousand generations of their blood over the dominion came to an end. Even after their descendants began to scatter throughout the stars around them.


Even after great space wars and the battles against other dimensions ensued. The legend of the empires founders became so famous, that it was told for all eternity in some form or verse. What is known is that no feat can be compared to what the two did. From slaves, to the rulers of the greatest empire in their world, no many worlds, will ever know. From fighting demons, to gods, to kings, to tyrants, and even fate itself. But that is far into the future. All that is truly known about the beginning of their relationship, is that their lives together started hard, full of burdens and trials, and he had a gentle smile while he supported her every step of the way

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