Chapter 70: The Hands that Helped you Put on your Clothes

Su Ke2Su KeMain Character was momentarily stunned as he blinked and repeated, “The hook of your bra unsnapped and you can’t move?”

Li Fei Fei felt like she was struck dumb. When she first heard the sound, she felt a sense of freedom like she got undid her shackles. However, she reacted a moment later. Her little rabbits were bouncing, coming out of the cups.

Maybe PE class was too strenuous on her chest and loosened the hooks. Her movements must’ve made it worse just now. The two hooks came apart and abruptly sprung outwards, making her too afraid to move a single muscle.

Su Ke tilted his head as he mumbled. Suddenly, it seemed like a light bulb lit up above his head and thunder rolled. What!? Bra? Did he hear her correctly?

Thinking until here, Su Ke immediately straightened his body while his eyes shined like lightbulbs. Li Fei Fei’s pink tennis jacket and the protrusion of her two rabbits were very obviously wrongly-aligned. Although her chest was still standing straight, there wasn’t a single trace of sagging.

“Task: Help Li Fei Fei put on her bra properly. Reward: 1000 RMB.”

Su Ke then suddenly thought about the task he got just now. Just thinking of the word ‘bra’ made his heart started beating faster as he subconsciously clenched his hands that unknowingly started sweating.

Surely the task wasn’t arranged by the Heavens? Looking at Li Fei Fei anxiously looking down, Su Ke took in a deep breath. ‘I don’t care, it’s Heaven’s will!’

“What exactly am I going to do?” Li Fei Fei asked herself incessantly. If there was nobody around, she would just stick her hand under her shirt and solve the problem rather simply. If she did that now though, her shirt would definitely ride up and everyone in the cafeteria will see!

However, if she didn’t fix it, any movement she made would cause her chest to slowly pop out. At that point, it would be even more humiliating. Thinking about people staring at her and her bra popping open, Li Fei Fei’s eyes reddened as her heart felt like a small rabbit jumping around.

“Cough cough!” Su Ke then forced himself to calm down and organize his thoughts. He made himself look very stoic before saying, “Li Fei Fei!”

Li Fei Fei looked up at Su Ke grievously and with a bright red face. Her eyes looked moist and she seemed like she was at a loss about what to do. From being faced with such an expression, Su Ke felt a surge of protectiveness as he gritted his teeth, “Let me help you!”

Li Fei Fei was shocked before her eyebrows furrowed and she quickly understanding Su Ke’s words. Her face then became even redder as she stuttered, “You, you want to help me fasten the hook?”

“En!” Su Ke nodded vigorously as his face held no trace of mockery. “Relax, there aren’t any people around in this area. I’ll help you put it back on from behind, so hold your shirt down in front. No one will see if we do that!”

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Li Fei Fei glanced around. From the start, Su Ke had chosen a corner that didn’t really have anyone close by. Just thinking about Su Ke putting his hands under her shirt and helping her fasten the hook made her tremble in anxiety. She didn’t know what to do.

“Don’t be so anxious. Since we’re in a relationship, what are you afraid of?” Even though Su Ke only slightly intended to take this chance and finish the task, he also couldn’t stand seeing Li Fei Fei’s helpless expression.

Li Fei Fei was unbearably angry because of Su Ke’s words, alleviating her nervous mood. She then thought about the last instances when Su Ke had touched her butt, even though they were slight caresses He was even bolder now. Who dared to touch her butt besides this fella? When this thought passed through her mind, her butt suddenly had an itch like pins and needles.

This was one of many though. When she was drying her bra on the porch, wasn’t it picked up by this fella? The fella picked up her bra before running away in fright after she saw him. Now that she thought about it, the two of them already had such an intimate relationship!

“Hoo!” Li Fei Fei took in a deep breath. Su Ke is like a little kid anyway, so she should just treat him like a girl. For the situation occurring right now, she could only console herself.

“Alright! Li Fei Fei’s voice was very soft while her head was lowered. Luckily, Su Ke was anxiously keeping an eye on her reactions, but he never thought he’d hear those words, so he couldn’t help but become anxious as well.

“Eh!” Su Ke then twisted his hands before wiping off the sweat and slowly standing up. The moment he stood up, he felt like Li Fei Fei trembled again, her two hands tightly holding down onto her shirt.

Su Ke immediately felt like he was a thief. He then apprehensively glanced around as he walked over. Afraid that his movements would attract attention, his footsteps were very light.

“Gudong!” Su Ke’s Adam’s apple bobbed as he swallowed saliva. He had walked behind Li Fei Fei. Because of the area he chose beforehand, Su Ke’s back was facing the wall of the cafeteria. He then used the flat surface to calm his heart and slowly bend down.

Her pink shirt was very elastic and showed off her body. She had smooth shoulders, and her shoulder blades slightly protruded before disappearing downwards. Her waist was awfully slim, causing the hooks to slowly slide down and be very obvious.

Su Ke was already squatting behind Li Fei Fei, his gaze slowly travelling down. Below her pink tennis shirt, there was a short grey cotton skirt. The cloth was repeatedly folded down, reminiscent of pleated skirts.

He suddenly remembered that the moment he touched it, it was tight and flexible. Unknowingly, Su Ke raised his hand.
When he came back, he was almost sitting down on the floor. “What’s wrong with me? Am I becoming a pervert who attacks butts?” He then shook his head as he scolded himself, trying to throw the thought out of his head.

“Su Ke!” Li Fei Fei had pulled her shirt down so tightly that her fingers were becoming white. Feeling that Su Ke had stopped moving for quite a while, she finally opened her mouth and spoke with soft a voice that carried a slight tremble.

“Eh! This is fine!” Su Ke quickly replied, before taking a deep breath and ruthlessly breathing out. His hands then slowly moved up and reached the corner of Li Fei Fei’s clothes.

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