Chapter 69: Are You Wearing Your Bra Properly?

Li Fei Fei smiled radiantly until she closed her eyes.”I don’t know what kind of benefit you’d like?” Her smile made people shudder.

However, Su Ke2Su KeMain Character seemed like he didn’t notice as he tilted his head in thought. “I only request three things; accompany me when I eat, drink, and sleep. How’s that?”

“Beng!” Luckily, Su Ke was already paying attention to her movements, so he quickly dodged her leg. If Li Fei Fei’s leg didn’t directly hit the tables, he would have suffered a calamity.

“Su Ke, you’re too hateful!” Li Fei Fei was so angry she nearly flipped the table, but she then saw that Su Ke was joking.

While her lips were twitching “Someone promised me a favour. If a man doesn’t keep his word, then they should stop being a man! Why don’t you just cut it off and become an eunuch!?” She suddenly slammed her hand on the table before continuing, “Hurry up, do you agree?”

“Just one day?”

“Just one day!”

“You won’t make me do something I don’t want to do?”

“Relax, I won’t ask you to kill someone or commit arson!”

“Alright! I agree!” Su Ke looked like a little lamb that was just coerced.

A moment later, he continued, “Don’t just kick people at the drop of a hat next time, ok?”

“Why? I’ll kick someone when I want to! Why should I care what you think!?” Li Fei Fei pouted and protested.

“You’re easily exposed since you’re wearing a short skirt today! Even though I didn’t see what you were wearing just now, what if other people saw!?” Su Ke was very serious and even looked around as he spoke.

He then suddenly pointed at someone beside him, “I think that man was tying his shoelace on purpose just now!”

“Su Ke, you’ll anger me to death!” Li Fei Fei looked at where Su Ke pointed. The old man in charge of cleaning the canteen was crouching on the ground, cleaning something up. He then looked up and made eye contact with Li Fei Fei because he seemed to have felt something.

Su Ke looked at Li Fei Fei’s scowl and couldn’t hold it in anymore, but she counterattacked him in the next moment.

“Su Ke, I see that your forum is really popular!” Li Fei Fei then put down her chopsticks while her tender tongue swept across her lips. Su Ke knew what she was going to say, so he looked down and pretended he didn’t hear her as he ate.

“Wei! I said that you’re famous on the forums!” Li Fei Fei said even louder.

Li Fei Fei’s voice was really loud, but Su Ke’s reaction was even louder. He looked up with wide eyes before saying, “What did you say? I didn’t hear you Lady Feng!”

Breathe in, breathe out, and breathe in again! Using all of her strength to calm down, she nearly exploded in anger because of what Su Ke said. Even though the cafeteria was really noisy, there could be a wind anywhere. Her chest rose up and down repeatedly, catching Su Ke’s attention.

At this moment, Su Ke was a bit shocked as a beep suddenly sounded from the system. He immediately checked it and saw that a new task had appeared on the screen.

“Task: Help Li Fei Fei wear her bra properly. Reward: 1000 RMB.”

F*ck, isn’t this going against the natural order of things? Su Ke was dumbfounded and thought that he was hallucinating. He kept rereading it, but the screen didn’t change. ‘Wear her bra properly’; these 4 words made Su Ke’s heart beat wildly and make him shiver.

This, he doesn’t need 1000 RMB! Since Su Ke knew that it was just the primary phase for the system and there wouldn’t be much consequences if he failed he decided to ignore the task.

Li Fei Fei was wearing a pink tennis jacket over a crew neck shirt that had a blue stripe across her shoulder and a clover on her chest. Since her neckline was a bit big, it revealed a large expanse of her white chest.

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“What are you looking at? I’ll gouge out your eyes!” Li Fei Fei realized that Su Ke was staring at her chest unblinkingly, so she ruthlessly slammed the table once again.

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“Wei, stop moving. I was analyzing you and noticed that your clothes have a problem!” Su Ke started to look serious again. Even if he wanted to ignore the task and quickly change the topic, he didn’t have a choice because Li Fei Fei will definitely bring up him seeing multiple girls at the same time.

“What is it?” Li Fei Fei really believed him and thought that her clothes had gotten dirty during PE class, so she looked at them for quite a while.

“Your neckline is quite big. I’m worried that if you move too much a small rabbit will jump out!” Su Ke then realized that talking with Li Fei Fei was much more relaxing than talking with other people. Maybe it’s because they watched each other’s backs before. With such a close interaction, their relationship is surely not average.

“Move aside, I specifically bought this tennis jacket since the last class this morning was PE. I’m regretting letting you be my boyfriend for the day since you look like that!” Li Fei Fei was full-on blushing but immediately looked strict again.

“No way, I need to give you a kick!” While saying so, Li Fei Fei’s body was like a bomb as she arched her back and raised her knee. While only focusing on Su Ke, she didn’t care that she was wearing a short skirt.

“Eh! Be careful of flashing!” Su Ke knew that it was bad, so he quickly shifted to a defensive stance and blocked her leg.

He even remembered to remind Li Fei Fei. At this moment, there was a very very light ‘pa!’ sound, so much so that it was very hard to perceive, but Su Ke heard it.

Li Fei Fei suddenly stopped moving, her face completely red as she slowly relaxed her body. In a flash, she transformed from a violent shrew to a virtuous woman as she put down her leg.

He asked as he checked her body. “Hey! Did I hear you correctly just now? What was that sound?” Su Ke felt that the sound came from Li Fei Fei’s side and that her transformation was too abrupt.

Li Fei Fei looked down. Su Ke noticed that after he heard the sound; her body became rigid and her breathing became frantic, completely different from just now.

Su Ke was very curious. While tilting his head, he tried to get a closer look at Li Fei Fei’s face that was nearly planted on the table. While he used one of his hands to prop up his body, he said, “Wei, Miss Li Fei Fei please quickly retract your remarkable ability! If you continue to stay motionless like this you’ll become a fossil!”

Only then did Li Fei Fei lift her head. Su Ke noticed that her cheeks were red, her eyes were hazy, and her breathing started to calm while her nostrils flared. Since so much sweat started forming, her neck and the top of her chest were red like a sunset.

While looking at Su Ke, she opened her supple lips and said something that was almost indiscernible, just like a mosquito buzz. Su Ke could only hear that ‘something’ had ‘opened’.

“What did you say?” Su Ke widened his eyes while he stepped forward, trying to close the distance between them.

Li Fei Fei was so red she was about to combust.  She then bit her lip and said, “I said that my bra unsnapped! Everything will pop out if I move!”

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