Chapter 68: Boyfriend for a Day

Su Ke2Su KeMain Character gripped the phone tightly while his eyes were wide open. He didn’t know when, but his mouth started salivating like Brother Zhu (Zhu Ba Jie). He sighed, “D*amn, this fella! The pictures in the back were actually nude!”

At this time, the screen suddenly showed a selfie of Zheng Mo. However, with the angle, her roommate was also in the picture, and she was naked except for wearing a towel.

“I really couldn’t tell that Zheng Mo’s chest was so big!” The picture was taken from the top, something very trendy these days. Under her delicate features, two white buns were nestled together, giving off a feeling like “Curse of the Golden Flower” (a movie). Once he got an eyeful, he couldn’t pull himself away.

“Oh! How cute!” Zheng Mo was pouting, her cheeks puffed out, something very mainstream.

“My god! Her legs can open that wide!” He was looking another photo. Zheng Mo was doing the splits while wearing a black dance jacket and dance pant bottoms Her butt was tightly squeezed in the middle, perfectly round and plump.

“Eh!” Su Ke’s whole body started heating up unknowingly. These photos were very realistic and hundred percent real since Zhen Mo barely had any makeup on in most of them. Some of the photos were also for personal viewing; including her chest, butt, long legs, and her pretty feet.

“D*amn!” Su Ke realized that his little brother had suddenly risen, so he was lucky because he was wearing shorts rather than jeans or he would have definitely been flattened. When he looked down, his phone rang, scaring him and causing him to throw her phone across the room as if it was a bomb.

“Wei?” Su Ke picked up the phone and saw Zheng Mo’s number. When he made it home, he only called her, so at this time, the only people that knew his number didn’t go past 2.

“Wei, what wei? Su Ke, I forgot to take out my memory card. You aren’t allowed to look through it! Do you hear me!?” Zheng Mo had only remembered just now, but she knew how useless her threat was.

“Eh! Little Mo!” Unknowingly, Su Ke was quite used to that name and she didn’t object to it, making him totally forget that Zheng Mo was older than him by a quite a bit.


“I need to tell you some unfortunate news. I already looked through them before you called!” Su Ke laughed dirtily, then felt that the line suddenly went silent.

Su Ke felt a sense of danger and was about to open his mouth when he heard Zheng Mo explode, “Su Ke, you’re dead!”
Zheng Mo’s voice traveled very distinctly from the phone, causing Su Ke’e ears to shake. He could imagine Zheng Mo’s flustered and exasperated appearance. She might even jump off her bed.

“Eh, don’t be angry. Anger hurts the body and causes your hormones to be uneven, resulting in your menstruation imbalance!” Su Ke blurted this out unconsciously, and only when he finished did he realize that he just poured oil into the fire. He then quickly pulled the phone away from his ear to avoid repeating the mistake.

However, Zheng Mo quietened down and said lowly, “Su Ke, I suggest you buy insurance. I’m afraid you might not see the sun tomorrow!”

He didn’t know what happened, but Su Ke felt a chill. It looks like Zheng Mo really went crazy. It can’t be that there is an even more scandalous photo?

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Since there were too many photos inside, Su Ke had only seen a third of them even after looking for half a day. He was very intrigued by the remaining two thirds for a moment.

After hanging up, Su Ke laid down in bed and continued looking through them. There really was more pictures, even one of Zheng Mo in her pajamas. Su Ke was revitalized in an instant, his eyes bright and hopeful.

When Su Ke woke up early in the morning, he had large bags under his eyes because he was too excited last night. He then yawned as he entered the classroom. He actually passed out and was confused about when he fell asleep.

Even though it was hard, Su Ke just needed to think about shocking people during the exams so he could reenergize himself. He then seriously listened and revised his work until school ended in the afternoon and he rushed out of the classroom while looking at the phone in his hand.

Even though the phone was Zheng Mo’s, every time Su Ke looked at it, he was reminded of Liu Fei Hong. Since he promised her to accompany Liu Qing Qing some more, he had to uphold it. Without a second thought, he followed the crowd to the year 1 classrooms.

He only hesitated after he saw the empty room without a single silhouette. Su Ke just stood there in the corridor, wishing that Liu Qing Qing would appear in front of him again like last time.

Time passed slowly and corridor slowly emptied. Su Ke then let out a deep sigh after realizing that Liu Qing Qing had probably left already. He had complicated feelings of relief and disappointment. Just like that, he bowed his head and walked away.

“Su Ke!”

Suddenly, Su Ke heard a familiar voice from behind, so he turned around and saw that it was Li Fei Fei.

“Hehe, I was wondering why a magpie was calling for me here and there when I left school this morning. So it was School Beauty Li!” Su Ke remembered that he promised Li Fei Fei one request. Even though the task was completed, he actually didn’t really want to help.

“Tch, I see that you’ve become more like a pervert!” During the afternoon, Li Fei Fei would always be the in classroom reading. Only when the canteen wasn’t so crowded would she go eat, and if not, she wouldn’t have met Su Ke.

“Heihei!” Su Ke shook his head. After going through the battle in the canteen, the two of them had inevitably become closer. Even though they don’t meet often, they talked to each other like they were old friends.

“That’s right, I wanted to find you. Bumping into you is fortunate. Have you eaten?” Li Fei Fei’s eyes suddenly lit up. He didn’t know what she’s thinking as she stepped forward. If Su Ke didn’t know that it was an invitation, his brain is broken. He then walked forward and asked, “Not yet. I’ll go with you. Are we going to the canteen or out to eat?”

“Let’s go to the canteen!” Li Fei Fei followed behind him, answering simplistically. Su Ke was actually also interested. According to Li Fei Fei’s family conditions, there was no need to always eat in the canteen. The canteen food wasn’t inedible, but it wasn’t comparable to the restaurants outside.

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However, since Li Fei Fei asked to eat in the canteen, Su Ke wouldn’t object. However, after thinking about being secretly photographed eating the California Beef noodles, he specifically chose a corner seat this time that was comparatively hidden and didn’t have a lot of people around.

“What? You want me to be your boyfriend for a day!?” Su Ke widened his eyes before seeing Li Fei Fei seriously nod her head, which he thought was quite crazy.

“Cough cough, I feel like your request is rather unreasonable. What’s the point of being a boyfriend for a day?” Su Ke then picked up potatoes using his chopsticks. “Can you tell me the benefits of being your boyfriend then? I’ll consider it if the benefits are good!”

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